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Chaos Sorcery
Magic Schools
Origins Altalar

The first rumblings of Chaos Sorcery began in the Blossoming Era of the Allorn Empire. As the Altalar began to look toward more hedonistic and self-serving pleasures, Chaos Sorcery began to spread as a way to fit, and encompass the ever-changing and sinful practices. Chaos Sorcery has kept a consistent but underground following by the likes of cultists, stage performers, and tricksters alike. For its disruptive and often cruel qualities, it is generally reviled and treated with great disdain. Sorcerers who utilize it have, since its creation, found themselves at odds with those who adhere to the Order School of Sorcery, as the two forces have been diametrically opposed since their inception.

Sorcery Rules

  • All Sorcerers may only choose from 2 different Sorcery Schools.
  • All Sorcerers must pay 3 Proficiency Points per Sorcery Level, which is 1 Sorcery Ability and 1 Sorcery Aesthetic or 2 Sorcery Aesthetics (see table below).
  • Sorcery Levels should be considered per School. If you put 1 Level into 2 Schools, take the Level 1 section twice, once for each School. If you put 2 levels into 1, take the Level 2 section once.
  • All Sorcerers must have 2 Sorcery Abilities in a Sorcery School to use the Mage Empower of that school.
  • All Sorcerers are limited to 4 Sorcery Levels total, regardless of the amount of Schools they are split across.
  • Ritualists are limited to 2 Sorcery Levels total, regardless of the amount of Schools they are split across.
  • Mages may also take Sorcery Levels, but only within their Sorcery School.
  • Mages gain a Sorcery Empower as long as 2 Acolyte Sorcerers are nearby, which is on their Mage Doc.
  • Sorcerers can only be the Acolyte of one Mage at a time but can switch or quit at will.
  • Becoming an Acolyte Sorcerer must be done IC and with both parties' OOC consent.
  • Sorcerers unlock the Mage Empower as long as their Mage-Master is within Emote Distance.
  • A Mage who is also a Sorcerer cannot become an Acolyte of another Mage.
  • In the case that a Sorcery references an “Incantation,” this may be any string of words in any language that the character desires, however it must be audible in emote distance and cannot be whispered or muttered unless specified otherwise. If a specific string of words are referenced, any reasonable synonym may be utilized in their place, in any language.
Points Spent Sorcery Level Sorcery Gained
3 1 1 Sorcery Ability + 1 Sorcery Aesthetic OR 2 Sorcery Aesthetics
6 2 2 Sorcery Ability + 2 Sorcery Aesthetic OR 4 Sorcery Aesthetics
9 3 3 Sorcery Ability + 3 Sorcery Aesthetic OR 2 Sorcery Ability + 4 Sorcery Aesthetic
12 4 4 Sorcery Ability + 4 Sorcery Aesthetic

Sorcery Abilities

Tongues [Target Curse]

Sorcerer can apply Tongues to an individual by pressing their fingers to their own lips and making eye contact with the individual. The Sorcerer then rolls a /dice 15 based on the table below, re-rolling for any languages the individual already knows. For the next 24 hours, any attempts to speak by the Individual will be heard as the language rolled. Those who speak that language will understand them, but otherwise they will be unintelligible. Once applied to a person, this Curse cannot be re-applied to anyone for 48 hours.

  • Roll 1 = Faraddi
  • Roll 2 = Leutz-Vixe
  • Roll 3 = Dressolini
  • Roll 4 = Daendroquin
  • Roll 5 = Anglian
  • Roll 6 = Wa’an
  • Roll 7 = Modern Altalar
  • Roll 8 = Zasta
  • Roll 9 = New Regalian
  • Roll 10 = Zcorr
  • Roll 11= Dwarven Dialect
  • Roll 12 = Ithanian
  • Roll 13 = Skodje
  • Roll 14 = Sulvaley Elven
  • Roll 15 = Kathar Elven

Stay Put/Can’t Hold Me Down [Sorcery Spell]

When casting this spell, the Sorcerer can choose between one of two options. This spell can only be cast once every 2 minutes.

  • By speaking the Incantation, the Sorcerer may extend a whip like projectile from their hand, with any visual aesthetics they desire, towards an individual within 10 blocks of them. The projectile will snake around the individual and bind to the floor, preventing them from moving for 10 seconds and hindering the movement of their arms. If Reflected, the spell will turn back and restrict the Sorcerer.
  • By speaking the Incantation in reverse, the Sorcerer may touch one Ability, or person affected by an Ability that restricts movement and cancel it for 1 minute, allowing them to move freely for that minute. Should the Ability last longer than a minute, they will be restrained again when the minute has passed. The Sorcerer can use this effect if they are already imprisoned. This spell can only be cast once every 2 minutes.

Who Needs Skill [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can infuse their weapon with chaotic energy through this spell. In order to cast this spell, the Sorcerer must target a melee weapon they are holding and speak the Incantation. The Sorcerer then rolls a /dice 5, applying the appropriate effect based on the roll for the next 30 minutes. Should the Sorcerer be disarmed, the effect will apply for anyone who utilizes the weapon for the next 30 minutes. Once cast, the Sorcerer cannot cast the spell again for 30 minutes, to prevent re-rolling for the desired effect. If the Sorcerer is in the presence of their Mage-Master, the dice will automatically roll whichever option is most thematically appropriate to their Mage-Master (chosen by the player who is the Mage-Master). This Ability counts as an Object Enhancement.

  • Roll 1: “Gravity”, the weapon gains an extra weight to it, knocking back the target 5 blocks.
  • Roll 2: “Vile”, the weapon becomes fleshy and rotten in appearance for the duration of the spell. Any nonlethal wound inflicted by the weapon takes twice as long to heal naturally.
  • Roll 3: “Reversed”, any non lethal wound that would be inflicted by the weapon will appear in the opposite place of where it would have originally hit, provided this would not make it a lethal strike. Damage is not applied in both areas. For example, punching someone in the left arm would instead cause the bruise to appear on their right arm.
  • Roll 4: “Accelerated”, any wound that would be inflicted by the weapon will, over the course of 8 seconds, rapidly stitch itself back together. This will not cause fatigue or additional pain to the victim, however, they will feel a dulled pain there for the amount of time it would take for the wound to heal without the effect.
  • Roll 5: “Swapped”, when the Sorcerer wounds someone with the weapon, they will immediately swap places with them in a puff of smoke that dissipates immediately.

Yoink [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can use this spell to steal a single Sorcery Ability from another Sorcerer, regardless of what Category it belongs to. The Sorcerer must look at another Sorcerer in Emote Distance, and snap their fingers. This causes a small tether effect to appear, before snapping to the Sorcerer casting the spell. After the tether, the player must look up the Character Application of the Sorcerer targeted, tally the amount of abilities, then do a /dice based on this number, and take the ability that corresponds to the number rolled (This does not include the Mage-Empower). This ability is theirs to use with all its mechanical functions and effects for the duration of the combat or roleplay scene. If this results in a useless spell or passive aesthetic or ability that can only be used over longer periods of time, then the Sorcerer may not re-roll as this is an intended effect of the spells chaotic nature.

Sorcery Aesthetics

Rearrange [Sorcery Spell]

By speaking the Incantation and forming a frame with their hands that encompasses an area, the Sorcerer can instantly randomize the placement and organization of the items in that area. For example, books on a shelf would be placed suddenly in different slots, a collection of glasses would find them stacked in odd and precarious ways against each other, or other similar effects. Some furniture may end up upside down or sideways, while a sheet might be under the mattress instead of on top of it. Objects in containers or cabinets may be swapped with objects in other containers or cabinets, without any damage done to them. This spell can at most apply to an entire room, but it cannot be an extremely large room such as a prayer hall: it can only apply to a normal Regalian House floor sized area. This spell can only be cast once every 10 minutes.

Look at Me [Toggle Passive]

The Sorcerer can manifest a mark on their skin similar to a tattoo. It can appear however the Sorcerer can imagine, but it must be collectively no larger than an Adult sized hand. Once applied, this mark can move and shift on their skin at will. It can also subtly change is appearance or cycle through a number of “presets” (up to 3.) It cannot express any legible language or words, nor can it emit light. For example, the Sorcerer could manifest a mark that looks like an apple, and move it from their face to their hand. The Sorcerer could also make the apple appear to have a bite taken out of it, or a worm, or make it appear rotten. Once applied, the Sorcerer cannot re-apply a new or different version of the tattoo (outside of the presets chosen) for a week.

Don’t Like Thing [Object Curse]

The Sorcerer can, by touching a small object or article of clothing for an uninterrupted minute, apply one of three different effects.The effects will fade from the object or article after one hour. However, if the Sorcerer applies this spell to an object or article of clothing every day for a week, its effects will become permanent. Stacking different effects does not work for this permanence, only the repeated same effect will work.

  • The Sorcerer may change the color and pattern of the object or article to whatever they so desire.
  • The Sorcerer may turn the object or article into a fleshy chaotic mess.
  • The Sorcerer may turn the object or article into a purple and red swirling shadowy substance (yet retaining shape).

This spell may only be cast once per hour.

Useless [Object Curse]

The Sorcerer may apply this curse to one functional but inanimate object by touching it for one uninterrupted minute. The object can be no larger than an adult in dimensions. For the next hour, this object cannot fulfill its intended purpose. For example, a cup affected by this ability will always somehow spill any liquid poured into it, any sharp weapon will dull (though may still be used as a bludgeoning weapon), and any bludgeoning weapon will soften. A candle affected cannot be lit, and any cleaning cloth will fail to mop up even the smallest of smudges. This ability can only be applied to one object at a time, and once applied, cannot be re-applied for 24 hours. This can also be used to render Artifacts inert for the time duration.

Mage Empower

Mage Empower: Hahaha, No [Trigger Passive]

While within Emote Distance range of their Mage-Master, the Sorcerer becomes a passive beacon for Mage Empowerment and Sorcery Empowerment denial. That is to say, any Mage or Sorcerer within emote distance of the Chaos Sorcerer who has their Mage-Master in emote distance has the effects of their Mage Empowerment and Sorcery Empowerment entirely disabled. If, however, an Order Sorcerer is present with the same Mage Empowerment active, this creates a reality loop. The moment such a reality loop takes place, within 30 blocks range between the Order Sorcerer and the Chaos Sorcerer, a loop-field is created. Inside this loop-field constant vibrations and shaking can be felt. Vision is distorted and sound is horribly warped to the point that nothing seems functional anymore and nobody can use any abilities whether they be Void, Exist or even Binral Planar. This loop field affects everyone, including the Order and Chaos Sorcerers, their Mage-Masters and anyone caught inside of it, until they flee the radius. This effect remains in place on the same location for about twenty seconds before it dissipates.

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