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Death in roleplay for a character can be great development for others, but isn’t always fun for the owner of the Character. MassiveCraft has a set of rules to protect from random deathmatching, and unfair death forced onto others.

Important Terms in use with these rules

  • Intent: Intent means you have decided from an out of character standpoint that you wish to kill another character, or that someone has decided to kill your character.
  • Maim: Maim means to bring permanent physical damage to another character. Examples include a severed arm, severely burned faces, deep wounds that leave large scars or heavy internal damage.
  • Consent: Strictly written permission to kill a character. It has to be so clear that a staff member reading through logs can confirm it, by matter of speaking.

When is it okay to kill someone?

  • When the other person has given you pre-discussed permission out of character to take their character’s life, regardless of the circumstance of the conflict.
  • When you are the victim of a violent instigation by someone else, meaning someone attacks you with the intent of taking your character’s life.

When is it definitely not okay to kill someone?

  • For petty insults like a spilled drink, punch or verbal insult, regardless of whether you have permission.
  • If the murder would happen in broad daylight in the tavern or the street for example.
  • When you do not have consent to perform the kill from the other party.

When should I allow myself to die?

  • When your character is the violent instigator, and attacks someone with the intent of killing or maiming them.
  • When your character commits crimes that are punishable by death in the eyes of the City Guard.
  • When your character has been sentenced to death by a Regalian Court or the City Guard.

When should I consider death as an option?

  • When your character is attacked by a large crowd that severely reduces their chances of getting away.
  • When your character jumps into a lethal situation to help either the victim of the attack or the attacker themselves.

Are there exceptions to these rules?

  • Guards on duty are immune to any death forced on them, due to their position as setting assistants. They help the staff and adhere to a strict ruleset of their own while on duty.
  • Guards on duty may execute individual in whatever location they deem necessary.

Remember these notes

  • You do not have to kill, even if logic would dictate you should. You can always let a character live by inflicting what you think is a fatal blow, but allowing the other party to recover and get away.
  • Sometimes it may be fitting to allow an assassination plot on yourself succeed, if it was well executed and for the right reasons.
  • You must always inform someone if your character intends to kill their character. This is basic courtesy and allows the other party to think about the situation.
  • The Sewers and the mini roleplay worlds are not exceptions to these rules. They are retained through every server official roleplay environment.

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