Chicken Pecks

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Chicken Pecks
Affected Races All except Gorr and Yanar
Contraction Miasma spread through the air or physical contact with other infected individuals
Mortality Rate 2%
Origins Unknown
  • Nausea and loss of appetite
  • Aching muscles
  • Headaches
Treatment Bedrest, water, and isolation

Chicken Pecks is a widespread but easily handled disease in Aloria which has existed for centuries. Children usually get it at least once in their life to varying degrees of severity, while adults rarely get it themselves, especially if they had it in childhood. Still, should they be afflicted, the symptoms are far worse than what happens to the youth. Chicken Pecks are rarely fatal, save for the rare occasion that an infant or senior person acquires it, or if treatment for individuals is poorly managed. One statement is always repeated to anyone afflicted with the illness: Don’t scratch!


Chicken Pecks have been known to Alorians perhaps since the dawn of time, though such a thing is only assumed given its ancient and widespread nature. The Altalar encountered it first out of the oldest Races in Aloria, eventually followed by the Qadir of Farah’deen. How or where they got it from is unknown, but once it was introduced to their population, it set about imprinting itself into their lives. Altalar slaves soon came to possess it as well, but due to their terrible conditions, they developed the related disease known as Chicken Scratches. This far worse variety of Chicken Pecks was soon discovered to cause an individual to be a carrier of the harmful miasma that contained Chicken Pecks, and such slaves were often culled if or when they were found. As for the Qadir, they simply treated those who came to contract Chicken Scratches. In the modern age, the disease is largely seen as an occasional gentle chapter in a child’s life, or for an adult, a rather brutal chapter. Children contract the disease far quicker than adults, but it appears that once infected, second or even tertiary infections are rather rare. Adults are the real ones at risk. Should they contract it, Chicken Scratches are likely to appear soon after. Despite this, on the whole, the disease is kept well contained, and there have been no major outbreaks in over seven decades.

Disease Cycle


Chicken Pecks is believed to be caused by miasmatic contagions spread by either Chicken Scratched individuals or those already infected with the illness. The illness itself is thought to come from the normal sources of miasma, dirty water, dank and musty underground areas, and so forth.


Chicken Pecks has no cure, beyond bedrest and isolation. Individuals should be cleaned as often as possible, and their fingernails trimmed in order to reduce the likelihood that scratching at their Pecks will cause them to burst. Adults suffer other minor ailments when infected with Chicken Pecks, and so water for dehydration and other simple remedies will work to combat their problems, in addition to the bedrest and cleanliness advocated.


  • Chicken Scratches is actually IRL shingles.
  • Chicken Pecks do not affect the Gorr Races due to a mix of fur and scales, while Yanar are immune because they lack true flesh.

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