Chief of Chiefs Ukharr

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Chief of Chiefs Ukharr
Notable Person
Full Name Chief of Chiefs Ukharr
Race Orc
Date of Birth Assumed 20th of February, 33 BC
Date of Death 8th of May, 10 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Orc Chief of Chiefs, lead the destruction of the Elven Empire

The title of Chief of Chiefs carried an honorable weight to it and is an honorary title only one Orc has ever managed to achieve. The Chief of Chiefs Ukharr was a towering giant both in stature and ambition, and his resolve would lead to the fall of the Elven Empire, but also the end of a unified Orc nation. Not a single Orc has ever reached his immense stature, or come close to being as fierce and powerful as him, and the remains of his immense strength can be seen in the various children he left behind, and their stories. Ukhar would come to shape history more than he would have imagined, all from Altalar history to the formation of the School of Graklak can be traced back to him.

Origins and Early Life

Ukharr was destined to be a mighty ruler from the moment he was born. Born at an unknown time before the Cataclysm (believed to be February 20th, 33 BC) to Warchief Krulan the Fierce and a member of his harem whose name was never recorded. Ukharr was swiftly taken in by his father and raised to be his little servant from a young age. He was subjected to a harsh and cruel work as Krulan’s personal servant from a young age, and he grew to resent his own kin for his treatment. Krulan showed young Ukharr no love or respect, treating him much like his own lap-dog. This harsh treatment came as a result of Krulan’s greatest fear, to be surpassed. He was afraid to lose the title he had worked so hard to gain, and that was why he pushed Ukharr down to keep him from truly flourishing; which Ukharr eventually did. It was a short month after Ukharr had reached his sixteenth year of age, Krulan had beaten Ukharr severely that evening, and Ukharr responded. He killed his father that night and claimed the title of Warchief for himself.


Ukharr’s campaign as a Warchief was one riddled with conquest and glory. Even before the Orcs departed for Daen, he defeated any opponent he faced and absorbed several smaller nearby tribes into his own. When they left for the distant jungle continent, Ukharr stayed remarkably focused and never stopped pushing for the distant landmass of the “Wumu casters” (magic casters). In the first breakaway, lead by Warchief Borgok, Ukharr stood by and did nothing to stop them however he did begin to grow concerned. When the Orc fleet reached the Sunshield Isles, the second break in their population occurred as several groups made plans to live and stay there. Ukharr did his fair share of combat against them as he now understood the danger they faced. He was the first who called for an honor duel among the Warchiefs, able to see how damaging their infighting was to their already fracturing fleet, and he knew exactly what they could accomplish were they to cooperate. The other Warchiefs agreed to fight, and the honor duel was set in motion. The battle is said to have lasted a day and a night, however, the result was a foregone conclusion.

Ukharr, with his impressive might, ferocity, and level of tactical knowledge in battle fought himself to the top, emerging victorious as the Chief of Chiefs. Ukharr then pushed on for Daen, undeterred as he left those lesser, “weaker” tribes behind on the Sunshield Isles because in his mind, they were dead weight. Despite their fleet losing a few ships to storm and the like along the final stretch of their journey, the Orc fleet emerged onto mainland Daen in 2 AC. Within 24 hours of their landing, they had killed Cédrón Médûí, eldest son of the deceased Emperor. With this great opening act complete, the Orcs with their savage weaponry and brutal tactics met little resistance in the remainder of the Elven Empire, especially since the Elven armies that traditionally relied upon magic to fuel their armies suddenly were left without post the Cataclysm. The Orcs tore through the weakened Elven defenses, and lay siege to countless cities during their wave of destruction.

Later Life

Ukharr’s eight-year long conquest led him to the Elven capital of Ríë, where he would eventually overcome the Elven Empire and secure its demise. The capital was massive and largely impenetrable. The Orc’s war machines were not powerful enough to break through the walls but they did scale them resulting in small-scale chaos as teams of Orcs attacked areas of the city. Ukharr then had a seemingly brilliant idea that would be his last. With his men now entering over the wall, he sought to help open the city to his hordes. The process took several days and many died, but the Orcs managed to transport the equivalent of half a megaton of explosives into the catacombs and streets of the city, meeting ultimately at an epicenter point beneath the Ivory Tower at the city’s heart, their ultimate target. The Great Bomba as it was known was then lit and what happened next was anyone’s guess. The Altalar today claim the Orcs in their violent madness purposefully set a short fuse and used highly unstable elements in the bomb. Orcs, meanwhile, angrily insist that the Altalar must have tampered with the fuse or the Great Bomba itself somehow. Regardless of whose fault it was, the gigantic sprawling explosive went off far sooner than anyone had imagined and led to the absolute destruction of Ríë as towers toppled, streets buckled and firestorms roared through the once great capital. In all of this chaos, Ukharr was now dead as was the final surviving son of the deceased Elven Emperor, Cédrál Médûí, and the Elven Empire with him.


Ukharr was known to be a man of great will and aspirations. He saw an opportunity where most saw none, somehow pushing through his Orcish nature to show traits that made him very unique among his kind. He remained devoted to the task at hand and highly focused, giving the Orcs a much-needed strategist and planner for their conquest where they might have spread far and thin instead of concentrated and hard. He led his men as equals and as saw them as his own brothers despite their dog-like admiration for him, this opinion heavily influenced by his scarring youth. He had no fear of death and lived a brazen, arrogant life, feeling nothing but age could harm him.


Chief of Chiefs Ukharr has gone down in history as the first and only Chief of Chiefs that Orcish society has ever held. Uhkarr is still seen as a hero to Orcs, nearly three hundred years after his death with many modern Warchiefs aspiring to reach his level of greatness someday. His battlefield tactics and use of war machines are still largely studied and utilized to this day, by both Orcish mercenary armies, and in foreign armies such as those of the Regalian Empire. However, Ailor scholars criticize his short-sightedness of never appointing a proper successor to his rule as in his absence, the united Orc people broke apart and became a far less effective force (though still powerful in their own right). To the Altalar meanwhile, he is reviled as the ultimate savage, a loveless beast who ate Nelfin infants and shattered idols of Estel with his bare hands. He also brought their beloved Elven Empire to a horrific end and his image is one of the chief rallying cries against the Orcs by Altalar defenders to this day.

Extended Family

Ukharr’s unnamed mother died a few years before Ukharr would slaughter his own father, and take his place as Warchief. During his years of life, starting soon after he became Warchief of his tribe, Ukharr would father dozens of bastard children to many mistresses. Many of these children became important warriors in their own right though few of them ever knew who their true father was. Today, some dozen Orcish clans claim descent from him which they routinely have to defend from naysayers, making them all powerful warriors.


  • One of Ukharr’s most notable bastard children was his great-grandson Moruk gro-Bolagrak, who would come to fund the School of Graklak.
  • Rumor has it Ukharr’s mighty war-axe, Skullsplitter, was so hefty that it could cleave through steel-plated armour with one slice. It’s weight made it practically unwieldy by almost all average warriors.
  • Some have noted the almost perfect arrival time of the Orcs to the fields outside Cédrón Médûí’s citadel when the man was at his most militarily powerful only to be utterly crushed. Some feel Ukharr possibly had his men wait in their boats to see the full force of this Elven army assemble before landing.

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