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Appearance A rustic, pan-fried pork meatball spiced heavily and wrapped in a pig's stomach
Difficulty Rate 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Northwestern Rumvalia
Class Lower and Middle Classes
  • 2/5 Pork Meat
  • 1/6 Bread
  • 1/6 Egg
  • 1/8 Parsley
  • 1/16 Pepper
  • 1/16 Salt
  • 1/20 Garlic
  • Ratios are subject to additional spices based on geography and preference

Chigiri is a rustic pork sausage popular among the commoners of Northwestern Rumvalia, along the Opper Calem border. What began as the adaption of New Regalian simple farm cooking has since been adopted by the nian Ailor to incorporate more complex spices and the usage of their animal of choice, the humble pig, in their dishes. Rich in spice and possessing a crisp, charred shell, Chigiri has since become a staple dish across Rumvalia and certainly all lands where the Ânian work the fields. In the present day, Chigiri has expanded its influence across Baldmark and into Osteiermark, as well as back across the border to the New Regalian lands it was inspired from, fitting nicely within the harder palets of the people who live there.


Very little is known about when Chigiri came to be. Because it is a traditional commoner dish, little has been documented, though historians have been able to trace its origins back to the north of Rumvalia where the local Ânian populations interacted heavily with the more pragmatic New Regalians who bordered them. Being credited as the leaders of sausage and meat-casing, the New Regalian commoners spread their cuisine practices south to the Ânian pig farms who had been making use of their pork products to fill a large part of their diet. At some point, an Ânian farmer began experimenting with meatball production, inspired by the sausages created by his neighbors. He would produce a meatball encased within the stomach of a pig that would give way for a nice fried shell that held everything together, and thus Chigiri was created. The new dish would soon spread from farm to farm until it exploded across Rumvalia, becoming an influential dish to satisfy the hybrid palet of the Ânian people. In time, it would spread across the neighboring realms, hopping from farm to farm becoming a commoner staple across the Baldmark Lordship.


Chigiri is formed in a rather simple fashion. First, bread (that is typically a day old) is soaked in egg to absorb moisture and allow it to become more pliable. As the bread is soaked the pork meat is prepared, diced into chunks with adequate fat to ensure that it can blend properly. This meat is then shredded further and mixed with the bread egg mixture before the spices are added in. The entire mixture is then blended evenly to ensure there are no lumps or large collections of spices that would cause ruin for any self-respecting chef. As the ingredients are combined it starts to form a more solid, albeit loose, form after which it is wrapped tightly with a portion of pigs stomach that is then coated in lard to ensure it will cook properly. The balls formed are around two to three inches in diameter and are then placed in a hot pan that is prepped with lard. The balls are rotated several times over the course of a few minutes until a shell is slowly formed, after which the ball is removed. After the Chigiri is cooked it is served with potato mash and fresh bread, though some who are poorer don’t have many options in bread quality and instead eat it with a pork broth to allow their bread to be softened as they eat.


  • Chigiri has a grainy, charred appearance. Little of the spice is visible, only appearing just below the surface of the shell that surrounds it. The overall coloring is a light, tanned brown.
  • The smell of Chigiri is a very strong pork smell as well as rich with the spices used to make it.
  • Chigiri has a natural pork flavor cut in by the egg and bread blend that help to tone down the heavy usage of spices. Overall it possesses a soft and crisp texture from the inside of the meatball and the outer shell that covers the entirety of the Chigiri.


  • Chigiri is often known as the Ânian sausage to a lot of those outside of the region due to how similar the creation is between the two dishes.
  • One time a Szabadok tried to make Chigiri with horse meat, with mild success. The dish never grew on the population due to how valuable horses are as an animal, though it is rumored some anti-Szabadok nobility pay the price to have such a dish prepared.
  • Some New Regalians make use of Chigiri alongside their other sausage dishes, viewing it as a natural pairing while rejecting it being an Ânian creation, rather stolen from New Regalian farmers decades ago.

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