Chitarra alla Alania

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Chitarra alla Alania
Appearance Thin, square-ended pasta.
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class All Classes
  • 4 eggs
  • 2½ cups of durum wheat semolina

Chitarra alla Alania is a type of egg pasta native to the city of Alania, the seat of the formerly powerful House di Alan. While its exact origins are lost, the creation of this specific type of pasta involves the use of a Chitarra, a cooking tool produced in Alania which allowed the people there to create their unique variety of pasta. The substance is used in multiple regional dishes and given the recent fall of House di Alan, the consumption of this pasta is seen as an expression of distaste for House Lampero by those across the Regalian Archipelago.


The origin of Chitarra alla Alania has two origin stories, both markedly more different than the last. The first comes from the general public and claims that one day, a traveling minstrel fell in love with a daughter of the Noble House di Alan. Blind in his love for her, and knowing how much she loved fine food, he boasted of his skills in the kitchen to try and gain her attention. This succeeded, though not in the way that he hoped, as the di Alans sought him out and hired him as their new chef given that their old one has passed away. Thus, on his first night, the desperate man improvised a pasta dish using his guitar as a tool to cut the pasta in an original way. Surprising himself, the meal was very well received by the nobility, especially the daughter. Within a few years, they were married. The other version of events is much less romantic and is told by the di Alans themselves. They simply claim that after their old chef died, his nephew and apprentice was working in the kitchen on his first night as the official chef. By accident, a guitar fell from a shelf where it was being temporarily stored, and upon removal, the young man noticed how it cut the dough.

Regardless of which origin story is believed, it is certain that someone tied to House di Alan produced the Chitarra pasta cutting tool which allowed for the creation of this type of egg pasta. Ever since then, the pasta is commonly made within the territory of the city of Alania and is considered a regional delicacy, forming an important part in several regional dishes. Unfortunately, its prominence has suffered somewhat with the fall of House di Alan and the rise of Ryker Lampero, which has seen a contraction in its creation in the wider Regalian Empire. However, for those who dislike the Half-Orc’s control over Montania and Vultaro, an easy act of rebellion is the making and consuming of this pasta.


Chitarra alla Alania has several methods of preparation. However, the one from Alania is believed to be one of the oldest and is thus used by a majority of outsiders for authenticity. To create the pasta dough, the eggs and the semolina must be mixed together by hand in a bowl until they are fully combined. It is then covered for half an hour before being removed and rolled flat. The now flattened dough is then placed on the kitchen utensil known as a Chitarra, which literally translates as “guitar”. However, he word is now also used to refer to this specific type of pasta. The dough is then rolled again, which cuts it into strips for preparation as is needed or wanted with a variety of dishes.


  • Chitarra alla Alania has a key characteristic shape, having a square cross section about two to three millimeters thick and a pale yellow color like most egg pasta.
  • Chitarra alla Alania often possesses little to no scent in its normal state, though it can have a vaguely eggy aroma when first made.
  • The foodstuff is commonly used to make a diverse array of dishes, with taste variety based on preparation methods and so forth. In its natural state, it tastes like most egg pasta.


  • Why the two versions of the tale exist, is unknown, but some believe them to both be aspects of the same true story. That the nephew and apprentice of the House’s former chef loved a daughter of the family, and was inspired by his music into creating the dish.

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