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Appearance Round waxy chunks with pale blue and grey specks
Application Swallowed whole
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Liu Yenqiuan
Potency A single chunk the size of a marble
Injectable No
  • 7/10 parts Haurmann saliva.
  • 2/4 Vocadine.
  • 3/5 parts Regalian Spriggan blood.
  • 1/3 parts honey.
  • 2 tablespoon of salt.
  • (Optional) ⅖ parts Cloudberry juice.
  1. Makes the voice of the user extremely high pitched. The voice can also be drastically lowered by the optional addition of Cloudberries.
  2. Temporary loss of voice afterwards

Have you ever wanted to sound freakishly high like an over-excited Kleinfolk, or speak with the booming growl of a warhorn? No need to fear, for Choddle is here! Found throughout the major cities and shops all over Aloria, Choddle is one of the few alchemical creations that is loved by people of all ages. In addition to use as a novelty joke, in recent years Choddle has found nefarious use among criminals and mercenaries hoping to disguise their voice from familiar individuals.


The idea for Choddle came about after Liu Yenqiuan, a Ch’ien-ji alchemist, had moved to the Rim Isles in Regalia and first experienced Verfecht. Due to her love of entertainment, Liu wished to leave her own mark on the face of Alchemy by creating an oddity that would bring enjoyment to all, no matter their age or class. Following a similar path that the creator of Verfecht had, she was able to reach her goal after much experimentation and practice with a wide range of ingredients.


Preparation of Choddle in itself is not entirely difficult, but obtaining the ingredients can be. To create Choddle, Vocadine must first be used to preserve the Haurmann saliva, and this ought to be left to cool in a cold, dry place for an hour or two. Following this, blood from a Regalian Spriggan is collected, preferably fresh, and stirred into a bowl of honey over a medium heat until fully integrated. One spoonful of salt is added while the blood and honey are mixed. Once all of this is done, the mixture is to be taken off the heat and added to the initial saliva and Vocadine solution, then whisked for roughly ten minutes until the mixture begins to clump together with a dough-like consistency. At this point, juice from crushed and squeezed cloudberries can be integrated with the final product should the alchemist wish to alter the tone given by Choddle. After doing all of the above, the final product should be left in a cool place for twenty-four hours to completely set.



A single lump or chunk of Choddle must be swallowed whole, with recommended chunks being no larger than a marble. It can be chewed, but given the horrid acrid taste on the tongue, swallowing is preferable.


Whoever decides to eat a piece of Choddle will find their voice raise to incredibly high pitched and squeaky tones, as if they’d sucked helium from a balloon. Depending on how much Choddle was ingested, this odd and quirky change to the voice can last from anywhere between fifteen minutes for a small piece (roughly the size of an Ailor’s thumbnail), to forty minutes for a larger bite. If Cloudberry was mixed into the solution during preparation then the effects are flipped on their head. Those who eat Cloudberry Choddle will speak with a frighteningly low, deep voice that can be described as demonic and dark. Some onlookers have even accused others of being possessed after hearing such strange, monstrous voices.

Although Choddle brings great amusement to many, it comes with a price. After the initial effects wear off, the user will be unable to speak for at least fifteen minutes, regardless of how much they’ve had. The throat will feel somewhat sore and the vocal cords will be restricted. Speech returns soon after this. It must be noted that neither Maiar nor Dakkar are affected by Choddle, for reasons unknown.

Physical Characteristics

Choddle has a waxy appearance and can be best described as akin to fudge in texture. ‘Average’ chunks are about the size of a marble, but after brewing Choddle has been known to settle into lumps of different sizes. If made properly then the Choddle has distinct pale blue and grey speckled colors.


  • Liu was once asked why her enormously successful creation was given such a strange name. In response, Liu clarified that she had intended it to be called Cho Dae Luu, a Tatsugo word meaning ‘falsetto’, but children who’d snatched up the brew to play with couldn’t pronounce it.
  • A popular comedic theatrical production called “Ein Rattennest” tends to circulate amongst street performers who all act after taking Choddle. The production parodies the Lampar and Kleinfolk, with child or even Dwarven actors scurrying about and singing in high-pitch voices.
  • Choddle is in fact very easy to come by as it happens to be in high demand amongst actors, entertainers, and children. It can be found sold cheaply by many marketplaces and alchemists.

Writers 0romir
Artists Bellarmina
Processors Shuikenai, Ryciera
Last Editor Eccetra on 06/18/2018.

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