Clicker Crisis

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Event Name
Historical Event
Event Name Event Name
Dates and Times November 11, 307 AC - May 30, 308 AC
Location City of Regalia, Regalian Archipelago
People Involved Regalian Empire

The Clicker Crisis was a supernatural event which saw the City of Regalia, and later the rest of the Regalian Archipelago, occupied by mysterious creatures of the Void. Within days of the Dread War’s conclusion, strange occurrences began to occur around the City of Regalia, resulting in massive panic as citizens attempted to combat invisible entities. Over time, these creatures began to infiltrate all corners of the Regalian Archipelago, causing havoc wherever they went. Eventually, after these creatures became visible, a coordinated effort was made to eradicate the threat, leading to various groups coming together to beat back the threat. Today, the Clicker Crisis is seen as one of the most impactful events of modern history, as not only did it affect every single citizen living in the Regalian Archipelago, but also saw the first real utilization of occult individuals in a public light which led to a drastic shifting of opinions regarding them.

Background Information

A few days before the Clicker Crisis began, Regalian forces and the Altalar Principalities had defeated the Dread Empire in the final battle of the Dread War. Not only were the Kathar driven back to their territories following the battle, but the Long Elven War had finally concluded after several years of stalemates, quagmires, and logistical nightmares. To the Regalians, the ending of this military campaign was a time of celebration and relief, with many looking forward to the peacetime ahead. Unfortunately, the Empire would only have a few short days to rejoice, before yet another calamity came crashing down upon the Regalians, this time in the most literal of senses.


The Meteor

As warships returned from the home front on November 11th, 307 AC, Regalian citizens began their transition to peacetime functions. Tenpenny soldiers were deployed back to their training camps or returned to post-war trades, families reunited with children and parents after spending months if not years apart, and commanders and key officers were awarded medals for their actions during the campaign. However, during these post-war celebrations, a strange object was sighted in the sky. Before long, a large meteor appearing from the southwest crashed into the outskirts of the City of Regalia, the impact setting a few neighboring houses on fire. While the city guard took control of the situation, dousing the fires and barricading off the site, most citizens considered the whole affair a force of nature and returned to their day-to-day business. However, some claimed to have heard a faint clicking noise coming from the crater. While initially dismissed as being baseless, these clicks grew more obvious and frequent in the coming days, with some reports of strange attacks being committed against Regalia’s people. While the city guard investigated and did indeed find some citizens wounded from such attacks, no perpetrators were ever discovered which led many to suggest something unnatural was at play. Despite attempts to declare a curfew on the city with these findings, much of the initial panic dissipated within a few days, and once again everyone returned to their daily lives for several months unbeknownst to the situation unfolding beneath them.

The Opening of the Rift

Around the end of February in 308 AC, strange rumblings began to be heard from the beggars and soothsayers within the Regalian Slums. With warnings of a great calamity that would affect the city, these soothsayers attempted to notify the public of this approaching threat, though were often dismissed as madmen attempting to disturb the peace, with some being detained by the city guard or being sent back to the slums with warnings. Even so, graffiti began to appear in parts of the city, with these same soothsayers warning of impending doom. One notable beggar took things a step further and managed to draw a large crowd in front of the Arch-Temple of the All-Beacon of Unionism. As he was ranting about the end times, soft rumblings could faintly be heard around him. Before he could finish his warnings, the grounds beneath him opened up to reveal a Rift of hellscape, along with many hundreds of clicking noises spreading out around the vicinity. Soon afterward, reports began to come in of statues and objects being thrown around the city, with many claiming that the source of these strange occurrences were invisible creatures. In addition, several notable occult individuals were seen flailing about in the air, before being sent into the Rift. After a winter of relative peace, a new crisis had entered the capital.

Into the Pit

Soon being dubbed “Clickers” from the noise they made as they moved about, these invisible creatures became a top priority for all members of the capital to eradicate. With hundreds of Regalian killed during the opening of the Rift, and several individuals kidnapped, a risky attempt was made by members of the Regalian Guard to enter and rescue some of these individuals, and attempt to figure out the source of this unnatural event. Using a rudimentary mining elevator, a token force of guards entered into the rift where they were met with horrifying sights. According to witness accounts, the Rift was a strange tunnel complex of flesh, bone, and black stones, with the ground writhing about like a living organism with slain Regalian citizens lining the walls. Some of these individuals became strange flesh-like creatures (not too dissimilar from non-sentient Undead) that assaulted the guards, who were forced to cut down the very citizens they failed to defend. Ultimately, the guard managed to free the kidnapped individuals from the central heart of the tunnel complex, and in doing so made several discoveries. First, the entire complex did appear to be a living creature with a central “eye” being found in the central heart where the prisoners were kept. Secondly, the tunnels were the home of these Clickers, which were visible to the naked eye. After the guards escaped the Rift and shared their findings, the following description was made about the Clickers:

They appeared to be an emaciated, floating creature, fifteen feet tall, with two long and slender arms with several clawed fingers at the end. A single strike from these sharpened digits allowed the Clicker to slice through plate armor as if it were fabric, or to puncture through said armor as if a spear was thrust through. Resting on top of this body was a ghoulish head with a pair of reddened eyes atop a wide mouth, with rows of sharp fangs lining the great jaw. Finally, its prehensile tail featured a small stinger on the end of it, which if impaled into a person caused a limb to suffer a searing pain followed by temporary paralysis. With this information gathered, and the creatures unable to be seen outside of the Rift, Regalia entered into crisis mode with groups setting out together yet knowing that even they stood little chance to overcome a threat they could not see.

The Invisible Assaults

Following the rescue from the Rift, the Clickers began to set out after large groups of people, causing immense panic around the city. Taverns celebrating the end of a workday would suddenly grow quiet at the faint sound of clicking, before windows and doors were torn off the walls, leading to heavy damage and injury to any who were nearby. Warriors training in the public arenas suddenly found themselves working together to fight these invisible creatures, swinging aimlessly into the air as friends and opponents alike were slashed, paralyzed, and tormented by these creatures. Even those who attempted to use various languages to communicate in code-speak found that the Clickers could understand what they were saying, even to the point where they could imitate individuals they came across. These revelations about the Clickers were soon spread around the capital, but even with new information being gathered from the attacks, there was still no way to make the enemy visible.

Revelations and Expansion

During the attacks on the city, multiple parties ventured into the Rift to try and figure out what the Clickers were, where they came from, and how to defeat them. Each group was able to bring back some aspect of the tunnel networks, allowing scholars to research the mysterious events. Eventually, it was speculated that the meteor that had fallen months earlier was the source of the Clickers and was believed to be a Void-based construct from the Dread Empire in retaliation for their defeat during the Dread War. While this information helped explain how the crisis occurred, it still did not reveal how to make the creatures visible again. This issue would soon be solved by a mysterious arcane event that showed the Regalians the exact scope of the Clicker damage. First, the clickers outside the Rift became visible, creating both a sudden panic by the Regalian citizens, but also hope that these creatures could now be fought against. Secondly, it was revealed that the Clickers had moved outside of the Crown Isle, infiltrating all provinces in the Regalian Archipelago. From Solleria to Calemberg, and from Drixagh to Vultaro, Clickers were assailing the many urban and rural centers of the Empire’s core. With these two revelations, the Regalians now had to act quickly and decisively to see the threat eliminated.

Pushing Back the Tide

With the Clickers becoming visible to everyone, local lords began to communicate with one another to produce enough supplies to combat the Clickers in various regions, with the nobility in the capital orchestrating the best supply lines to help their subjects defend the homeland. In the city meanwhile, warriors from all walks of life became first responders when a clicker sighting was made, using overwhelming numbers to defeat these creatures. This strategy of mass assaults on a single target proved to be effective, and one by one the Clickers began to be defeated, with each killing blow turning the demonic entities into clouds of ash, carried by the wind back into nothingness.

The Multi-Front Assault

As the Clickers began to be pushed back, Emperor Alexander I sent out a call to all Regalians to set out and defeat the Clickers, irrespective of social status, Race, Religion, Affliction, or otherwise. Everyone was required to do their part fending off the attacks, and only by working together was the Empire going to be saved. With the Emperor’s call, various groups set off to play their role in saving the capital. One group moved to a fortified castle in the countryside, where multiple units of warriors fended off a siege by the Clickers to finish off the inhabitants who could not defend themselves. Another group moved to an ancient Dragon Site, where they utilized mysterious technology to attack nearby the Clickers. Others claimed to have entered an alternate world, coordinating with a strike team on the other side to move through the Rift and take out the central core. Through all the various trials and tribulations, each group was able to accomplish their objective, causing the Rift to collapse in on itself, revealing the true source of the Clickers: a strange crystal which caused nearby Mages to become supercharged with magical essence. Using their newfound powers, these occult individuals managed to destroy the crystal, destroying all the Clickers in the process, and causing the end of the Clicker Crisis.


The Clicker Crisis was one of the most damaging events of the 4th century AC, with many areas of the Regalian Archipelago damaged by the demonic attacks. In the Regalian capital, the western tower of the Arch-Temple of the All-Beacon of Unionism had collapsed, destroying rows of nearby houses in its destruction, alongside a gaping crater out front where the rift originated from. Tens of thousands of Regalian citizens lost their lives during the multiple months of constant hiding and fighting, with few events in Modern History coming close to the number of casualties. Finally, the necessity of using all citizens, regardless of background, led to greater discussions regarding the arcane within the capital, with each side using the events of the past half-year to speak in favor of, or against, the freedoms of magic.


  • Following excavations of the crystal site, an ancient Meraic complex was unearthed. Further expeditions revealed that this complex was the entryway to an even more ancient ruin from the Third Civilization. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the first excursion into these ruins led to catastrophic results, prompting the Regalian State to seal the complex permanently, with any information from the expedition only known by those who participated.

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