Cloudberry Bush

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Cloudberry Bush
Official Name Cloudberry
Common Name Mountain Fruit, Moon Berry
Classification Shrub
Common Use Culinary, Alchemical
Origins High mountainous areas of Daen and Corontium
Habitat High mountainous areas

Native to the mountain ranges of several regions, the Cloudberry Bush produces the unique fruit of Cloudberries, an ingredient in culinary creations from several Cultures. However, the berry can also be used to alter one’s voice, to be either comically high-pitched or low-pitched, distorted, and indistinguishable by tone. The plant also has three varieties of Cloudberry based on location.


Cloudberry Bushes have long been a feature of the mountaintops of Daen and existed independently in many locations before being discovered by the Altalar. The first grouping found was located in the Fyror Mountains, as it was one of the first areas explored and later extensively settled by Altalar. As the Altalar continued to expand outward, the Ovor, Dedess’ya, Bleuetton, Antella, and Alexandros Mountains were all discovered to also hold the plant. Its effect on the voice long held the attention of the Altalar nobility during the era of the Consolidation as a form of entertainment, but afterward, it faded into obscurity. It wasn’t until centuries later that the plant was rediscovered by the Ailor in 130 AC, due to a group of Unionist Daendroque hiking a religious trail in the eastern half of the Alexandros Mountain Chain known as the Caminantes de Sanchiello (“Walking the Horizon” in Common). Later, Cloudberries were also discovered to be populous in the mountains of the Regalian Archipelago, from the peaks of the Dressolini to those of the Velheim. As a result, the plant has also been used as a rare foodstuff by some, with even the Altalar having rediscovered what the strange berry can offer them.


Cloudberries grow up from a bed of lobed leaves, in a circular cluster of five to eight, with five lobes on each dark green leaf. This dense cluster forms the shrub part of the plant, though a small part, at about one foot tall. The plant then has a central stalk, which reaches up a few inches from the top of the short shrub, which ends on a singular flower. Once this flower is pollinated, though, the Cloudberry itself emerges. They appear similar to a singular, giant blackberry though with far less uniformity in the bulging drupelets, and are roughly three inches tall and two inches wide. There are several varieties of Cloudberry, each growing in a different area of Aloria.

  • Titian Cloudberry: This variety grows in most of the Regalian Archipelago, and in most of Corontium as a whole, and is sometimes also called the Coron Cloudberry. It has a nice orange color scheme, maturing from a pale white flower, and appears dark red when unripened.
  • White Cloudberry: White Cloudberries were the variety discovered by the Altalar and exist across the southern half of Daen. They appear pure white and give off a faint blue mist when they are at their peak and ready to be picked. They also develop from a white flower and appear dirty-white when unripened.
  • Blue Cloudberry: Blue Cloudberries grow in the northern half of Daen and are also seen in southern areas of the Regalian Archipelago. They are a deep teal-blue and give off a pronounced hiss of blue mist when perfectly ripe. The berry develops from a pale blue flower and has a green-blue color when unripened. They are also the rarest variety of Cloudberry.

Uses and Abilities

Cloudberry Bushes have only two uses for their byproducts: Alchemy and cuisine. Cloudberries, when properly processed by alchemists, can be used to create potions to raise or lower an individual’s voice to the extreme. These are sometimes used for practical jokes but are more generally used for the entertainment of the masses. The other, far more widespread use of Cloudberries is in the creation of foodstuffs. Cloudberries are most common in alcohol, as several Northland Cultures have made use of them in that field, while others have used them to create an assortment of jams and other toppings. When eaten raw, though, they will make some’s voice sound squeaky for a few moments, their mouth leaking blue mist during that time before the effect dissipates, and its sweet, orange-like taste is fully felt.


  • The most common alchemical form of Cloudberries has been “Choddle,” a type of “candy” made for fairs within the last decade.
  • Some have wondered how the plant is so spread out and in such isolated locations. Most commonly assume titanic mountain birds perhaps spread the seeds and pollen back centuries ago, allowing the three unique varieties to emerge.

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