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Official Name Cloudberry
Common Name Ice Berry, Mountain Fruit, Cold Berry, Moon Berry
Classification Berry
Common Use Culinary, Medicinal
Origins Daendroque
Habitat Cold and humid areas

Native to the mountain ranges of Daendroc, the Cloudberry is an ingredient commonly used by many Daendroque chefs and culinary specialists. Cloudberry is typically added as a garnish to many meals. While frequently used by those native to the mountain regions of Daendroc, the Cloudberry has begun to be imported by foreign kitchens seeking to add more exotic flavor to their dishes. Due to the Cloudberry’s relatively unknown presence in other areas of Aloria, it makes a delightful surprise to the plates of foreign patrons who visit Daendroque restaurants, especially in the cultural mixing pot of Regalia.


Cloudberries were initially discovered in 130 AC by a hiking group titled “The Caminantes de Sanchiello,” which translates to “Walking the Horizon,” in the Common tongue. This group was led by Alessandro Edriguez who named it “Cloudberry”, due to the berry’s natural habitat. Later, this group struck up a profit from selling the new berries to many foreign encampments. Around 250 AC, the Cloudberry made its way into the Cielothar and Avanthar trading circulations, and eventually to more civilized regions, such as Daenshore. Once Cloudberry seeds became widely distributable, the plant rose in popularity; as of 303 AC, it is a common import and culinary ingredient in Regalia.


The Cloudberry closely resembles the blackberry, with green leafy stems sprouting outward from it. At night-time, the a light blue mist will trail off of the berries. This mist is actually water vapor being released from the Cloudberry; the plant itself stores an excess amount of liquid that is released into the air when it builds up. This vapor is technically always present, but is only visible in the moonlight or at night, where it gives off a glow-like appearance. The vapor also carries a scent that can only be described as a mix between fresh-cut grass and mint. The berry itself is white, with a frosty blue tint on its edges that, like the mist, only become present at night-time.

Uses and Abilities

The Cloudberry is primarily used for its culinary effects. The Cloudberry has a distinctive, almost harsh, minty taste. When ingested raw, the consumer will experience slight shivers and sensitivity to taste. Sensitivity is often used in conjunction to emphasize contrasting flavors in Daendroque dishes. This effect lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to an entire hour, depending on how many berries are consumed. Additionally, vapor will clear the user’s respiratory and lung system of any dirt or toxins when inhaled. The Cloudberry also has many nutritious properties; the user will experience a strengthened immune system and boost in alertness when they ingest Cloudberry. However, misuse and overconsumption of the berry can lead to a prolonged cough that can eventually damage the lungs. This detriment lasts around five minutes, however after it is over, their ability to intake oxygen efficiently will be severely hampered. Any physical exercise will lead to quicker exhaustion. Funnily enough, sometimes, individuals will cough up blue mist in the moonlight.


  • Misuse of the berry is actually common among young Avanthar and Cielothar who have attained the substance; many Nelfin children find it entertaining to exhale blue mist. Unfortunately, they are ignorant of the negative consequences associated with overconsumption of Cloudberry.
  • Cloudberry can be converted into a minty incense, which is used by many Daendroques who practice meditation for it’s effects on their breathing.
  • Cloudberry can be added to the Choddle alchemy mixture in order to ‘flip’ it’s effects and make the consumer’s voice incredibly low. This is in part due to its respiratory tract affecting abilities.

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