Colorant Capillaire

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Colorant Capillaire
Appearance A brightly colored viscous liquid (color depends on dye used)
Application Direct application to the hair
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Antoine Lefebvre
Potency Enough to cover the hair to be dyed
Injectable No

¼ Vocadine ¼ Slizzar Blood ¼ Lead

¼ Dye variant (Red autumn leaves for red dye, turmeric for orange dye, goldenrod for yellow dye, any bright green plant for green dye, cornflower blooms for blue dye, iris blooms for purple dye, etc.)
  1. Temporarily dyes the hair any color of the rainbow.

Created out of the desire of one eccentric Ithanian noblewoman, Colorant Capillaire is a rapidly-working alchemical product which temporarily changes the shade of the user’s hair into any vibrant color of the rainbow. Due to the rarity of its ingredients, Colorant Capillaire (commonly referred to as Capil) is a highly desired luxury good, especially within Ithanian noble circles. However, its recipe has since been sold and smuggled across the Regalian Archipelago, causing people of all varieties to have access to the product, though only for a high price.


It is no secret that the upper echelon of Ithanian women (and men) are particularly concerned with fashion of all varieties, but one woman by the name of Augustine-Marie de la Fontaine took it to an extremity that no one had anticipated. Having tried natural dyes again and again with little success, de la Fontaine commissioned an alchemist to fabricate a dye that was able to change her hair in order to match a new emerald-colored gown that she had recently purchased.

After experimenting for weeks on end, the alchemist (named Antoine Lefebvre) finally created a working tester in the year 288 AC, using fairly simple ingredients. However, when de La Fontaine tried it out, she was horrified to find that the dye would not wash out. This so called disaster forced the poor woman to wear wigs until her natural hair color grew back in. Meanwhile, Lefebvre was not phased by his shortcomings, and eventually tweaked his product until coming up with a temporary vivid dye which he then sold (around 290 AC) to make a fortune over, gradually becoming wealthier than the noblewoman who he had been commissioned by.

Presently, Capil has been spread across the Archipelago through trade and smuggling, and can be purchased for a costly price in the most prized of luxury good boutiques, and the seediest of black markets.


Capillaire is fairly easy to prepare, as the only restriction in its usage is the difficulty to acquire the ingredients. Firstly, the dye variant (usually some form of plant life) must be ground into a fine paste and diluted with Vocadine to achieve the correct color and a honey-like consistency. This is the only difficult stage, as it can be arduous to find the correct color for a picky client's needs. In a separate container, the Lead and Slizzar blood must be mixed until a homogeneous mixture has been achieved. The Vocadine-dye mixture is then be left to settle for around four hours before it can be mixed with the Slizzar blood and lead, and stirred over an open flame until the dye is vibrant. The resulting liquid is measured out into it's final containers and left to cool before it can be used.



To apply Capil, one must simply massage the dye into the area of the hair which the user would like dyed. However, it’s commonly instructed to wear gloves when applying the dye, as it will stain anything it comes into contact with, including Human skin for a period up to two whole weeks. Capil must be left on for 10-30 minutes (depending on how long the user would like the dye to last) and then rinsed out with warm water.


Capil lasts anywhere in between two weeks and one month, depending on how long the user washes their hair, slowly losing its vibrant quality each time the user’s hair is washed. Prolonged use of Capil (over several years) has been noted to have dangerous qualities given the lead in the mixture, which can lead to side effects including a variety of gastrointestinal issues, neurological defects in children, and, with extreme use, death. Extensive use of Capil also destroys hair texture, causing it to be riddled with split-ends, and feel almost straw-like.

Physical Characteristics

Colorant Capillaire appears as a vividly-colored viscous liquid which can range in between any color of the rainbow. Interestingly enough, Capil is unable to be colored any natural hue aside from black.


  • It is rumored that when Capil was initially released to the public, a group of Ithanian noblewomen used it obsessively, and all subsequently died of “mysterious causes”, which now is assumed to be because of extended use of the product.
  • While natural dyes are considered far safer than Capil, many people forgo the use of plant dyes for the appeal that the vivid colors Capil can provide.

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