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The Combat Proficiency Category summarizes all the Proficiency Skills which are related to Character Combat, both for in-game Combat Roleplay as well as Progression Report Skills, which may be relevant to some combat-related performance rolls. These Skills are fairly broad, for example, Blades Combat Skill covers a wide range of sword styles and sizes, so it is up to the player to specialize the character with a specific weapon in these broader categories. Players are given the freedom to decide within their Skill group on which weapon to use, or when to alternate between them, in the spirit of creative freedom.

Unarmed Combat Skill

Unarmed Combat Skill covers the wide range of combat techniques that do not require any weapons, for example, boxing, fist-fighting, and wrestling. Proficiency Points invested in this skill allow the character to be more proficient at restraining other characters but also helps in knocking them out, disarming them, or in fights in which no weapons are being used.

Light Bow Combat Skill

Light Bow Combat Skill covers the wide range of smaller and lighter ranged weapons that are quick to draw with smaller projectiles. This covers the Arcol Recurve Bow, but also generally any ranged weapon used on horseback, Qadir shard bows, and very simple hunting bows. Light Bow Combat Skill dictates the shooting speed of these weapons, as well as their accuracy while being on the move.

Heavy Bow Combat Skill

Heavy Bow Combat Skill covers the smaller range of heavier ranged weapons that are slow to draw but pack a heavy punch, can sometimes pierce armor and are used to attack larger foes. This covers the Anglian Longbow, Crossbows, and even Siege Crossbows, but also the use of stationary ranged weapons like scorpions. Proficiency points invested in this skill dictate the long-range accuracy, of a shot, as well as the draw weight a character is capable of, and the resultant power of the shot.

Blunt Combat Skill

Blunt Combat Skill covers the range of blunted melee weapons such as maces, morning stars, flails and warpicks. These weapons are used to hammer a foe without too much technique, so the Proficiency points invested in this skill dictate the power of the strikes, as well as knowing where to strike. Blunt weapons are after all intended to shred armor or break right through it.

Shielding Combat Skill

Shielding Combat Skill covers the usage of any kind of shield, ranging from the smaller wrist buckler to the heater shield, to the round shield, to the kite shield, and even the tower shield. Points invested in Shielding allow a character to know how best to use a shield in combat to provide extra protection, or how to protect themselves from ranged attacks, or even use the shield to bash foes.

Pole Combat Skill

Pole Combat Skill covers the usage of so called Pole Weapons, which are for example spears, halberds or hook staves. The definition here that sets Pole Combat Skill apart from Stave Combat Skill, is that Pole Combat Skill weapons have a striking or slashing weapon on only one end of the weapon, while Stave Combat Skill weapons use both ends of the pole to strike, or even the pole itself. Points invested in Pole Combat Skills translate to swinging and thrusting efficiency of Pole Combat weapons, as well as their wielding.

Stave Combat Skill

Stave Combat Skill is very similar to the Pole Combat Skill but covers the usage of weapons of which both ends are used to strike or deflect, as opposed to having only the head of the weapon be used. Stave Combat Skill dictates the use of the Atraves Stave, or other improvised stave weapons like walking canes, sticks, and staves. Points invested in this Proficiency allow for greater dexterity in wielding Stave weapons and for more powerful blows with seemingly frail wooden weapons.

Extra Heavy Combat Skill

Extra Heavy Combat Skill dictates the usage of extra heavy weapons or oversized versions of some of the other Combat Proficiencies. This covers weapons like poleswords, warhammers, war clubs and other weapons that require considerable strength to even wield. Points invested in this Proficiency dictate a character’s capacity to wield such weapons, and to wield them in such a way that they know when to sacrifice speed for heavy damage.

Throwing Combat Skill

Throwing Combat Skill dictates the usage of throwing weapons like knives, daggers, throwing axes, javelins, and other throwable items. Points invested in this proficiency dictate the capacity of a character to accurately judge the distance and measure the power of their throw to ensure the sharp end lands on their foe, while also dictating accuracy and throwing speed.

Blades Combat Skill

Blades Combat Skill covers the usage of any normal-and-up sized blade-like weapons. This includes regular swords, falxes, longswords, scimitars, falchions, broadswords, claymores and two-handed blades. Points invested into this skill allows the more proficient wielding of such weapons, both for their slashing techniques and piercing techniques, but also their means to deflect incoming attacks with the blade.

Fast Blade Combat Skill

Fast Blade Combat Skill covers the usage of blades that are typical for their speed over damage. This includes weapons such as daggers, arming swords and stilettos, weapons that are all too small and fast to be put under the Blades Combat Skill grouping. Points invested in this skill dictates the striking speed and balance of such weapons, and the ability to pinpoint exact locations where to strike and quickly land a blow.

Thin Blade Combat Skill

Thin Blade Combat Skill covers the usage of blades that are typically too thin for either the fast or regular blade category. These include weapons such as rapiers, fencing blades, cutlasses and cavalry sabres. Points invested in this skill dictate the pinpoint accurate wielding of such weapons, the concentration to avoid other weapons (which are obviously all much heavier than fast blades) and to know when to strike during an opening and when to wait.

Axes Combat Skill

Axes Combat Skill covers the usage of weapons such as the Skagger Axe, the Dwarven Axe, the two-headed Axe, but also improvised weapons such as logging axes and cutting axes, though they must all be large enough not to be throwing Axes. Points invested in this skill dictate the wielding proficiency as well as the striking power of such weapons wielded.

Siege Combat Skill

Siege Combat Skill covers a wider range of siege weapons including but not limited to: artillery such as cannons, trebuchets and onagers, but also the usage of black powder in bombs and grenades, and also the construction of any of these weapons. Points invested in this skill allows the fabrication of gunpowder-related bombs, knowing when and where to use them, how to set up old-age wooden artillery but also how to aim said artillery and cannons, and how much gunpowder to use in cannons without blowing them up.

Cavalry Combat Skill

Cavalry Combat Skill covers the use of any weapon from horseback, which is why it is largely an additional skill that benefits from other Combat Skills. Investing points only in Cavalry Combat will allow the character to wield a cavalry lance (unique to Cavalry Combat) with high proficiency, but any other points put into Pole Combat Skill and Thin Blades Combat Skill add onto the Cavalry Combat Skill effectiveness by allowing for a greater range of weapons, as well as dismounted combat skill.

Lashing Combat Skill

Lashing Combat Skill covers the use of any weapons that are flexible, like a lasso, whip, or Maraya Stirrin. Investing points in this Proficiency allows the wielder to be more dextrous with a whip or lasso in combat, allowing them to hit foes with the backlash as well as snatch small items or attach their weapon to a grab-able surface for support. Perception Proficiency also enhances this latter part, allowing for greater precision and control over grabbing things and holding onto them.

Eastern Martial Combat Skill

Eastern Martial Combat Skill covers the use of Eastern Blades, weapons wielded by the Sihai of the Far East, as well as Eastern hand-to-hand combat, popular among the Loong-Monks who defend their homes and temples without the use of weapons. Eastern Martial Combat Skill is comparable to Blades Combat Skill, but Eastern hand-to-hand combat derived from this Proficiency is always considered less effective than Unarmed Combat Skill, when at the same Proficiency numbers.

  • For more information specific to the use and wielding of Eastern Blades, click here

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