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Combat Schools are a collection of Martial Arts techniques, the Schools of combat knowledge that are shared between warriors all across Aloria. For hundreds of years, physical fighters from races and nations all over the world have trained together and developed new ways to perfect killing one another with a sword, spear or bow or even with just their fists and many more unique weapons. The Military is a glorious pursuit for many races and peoples, universally praised in Regalia for its virtue to the Unionist faith as well as patriotism and loyalty to the Empire. Elsewhere combat skills are a survival necessity, for example among the Drow and Dwarves, or central to their being like among the Orcs. Included below is information on various combat techniques and styles that exist in Aloria and how to use them in roleplay to enhance your roleplay experience. The information is categorized in a similar way that all skill based lore is, with skill levels from trainee to expert.

For an out-of-character guide on roleplaying as Warriors, see our Military Guide.

A list of all known historical and present Grandmasters can be found on the Grandmasters page.

Combat Schools


Offense Schools

Offense based Combat Schools are aimed at front line combat, martial techniques intended to teach the user aggressive attacks with less regard for defense. These schools are always based on using no shields, and using a variety of weapons either in one or both hands. Offense based schools are often used by the Regalian military, or private bodyguards in the Regalian Empire.

| School of Feer-Drakken | School of Lancyon | School of Siegwald | School of Skagger | School of Tenpenny | School of Vasara | School of Haaken | School of Ularenn | School of Yazgak | School of Grun | School of Beorl |


Hybrid Schools

Hybrid based Combat Schools are often aimed at combining for example Offense and Defense into one school. This means that a Hybrid school is often the lesser in comparison to either, but superior to both in combination. Hybrid Schools often combine only two aspects, and are used by more free ranging warriors such as explorers, martial artists and professional warriors who prefer to fight with a flexible style.

| School of Viridian | School of Bloodcast | School of Wallla | School of Atraves | School of Falketrag | School of Alrra-Alhis | School of Stealthmark | School of Tuskbinder | School of Jeannarc |


Agility Schools

Agility based Combat Schools are all about speed, both the means to avoid, as well as the means to strike an opponent. Agility based warriors often stay away from the front lines and often are placed in the reserve lines to clean up what the front lines leave behind. Agility based Combat Schools are often not very physically intensive either, meaning they tend to be a bit more forgiving in lifestyle choices.

| School of Griffer | School of Mariposa | School of Ha'kix | School of Esa-Ajo | School of Turall |


Cavalry Schools

Cavalry based Combat Schools are exactly as the name implies, based entirely on the use of any form of mount during combat. This is not exclusive to the use of a horse, as there are many types of mounts used throughout Aloria. Cavalry based Combat Schools don't always only have mounted applications; most of them will also feature some on-foot combat techniques that make them similar to an Agility based Combat School.

| School of Drixon |


Unarmed Schools

Unarmed based Combat Schools are exactly also what the name implies, entirely based on the use of only one's hands feet or other parts of the body. No weapons are used for Unarmed Schools, and as such these combat techniques are often reserved for outside of battlefield combat and recreational sparring. That being said, these Combat Schools are hugely popular among the Regalian underground due to the weapons ban and laws.

| School of Lecgaen | School of Graklak |


Ranged Schools

Ranged based Combat Schools are entirely focused on the use of Ranged weapons which can include bows but also throwing weapons like knives or javelins. Ranged warriors often form the skirmishing parties on the battlefield and use weapons that can strike from a distance. However, they are not always fully focused on ranged weapon usage; some also have close ranged or Unarmed applications.

| School of Wapnbog | School of Avant | School of Rangers |


Defense Schools

Defense based Combat Schools are all about creating an unbreakable defense and then striking out of one to defeat a foe. Defense based Combat Schools often rely on large shields and heavy armor, or skill in parrying and dodging incoming attacks to avoid taking damage. Defense based warriors often form the shield walls in the front line, or work as bodyguards and mercenaries in the Regalian Empire.

| School of Blackmark | School of Breer | School of Himmlisch | School of Hitlok |