Common Rat

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Common Rat
Official Name Common Rat
Common Nicknames Rat, Rattus, Little Alchemists
Classification Mammal
Habitat No Definite Habitat
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

One of the most resilient species in all of Aloria, the Common Rat is prevalent everywhere from the frigid forests of Ellador, to the sweltering jungles of Hyarroc. The Common Rat is seen to some as a pest, though it is likely one of the most important creatures in all of Aloria. They live alongside people of any and all cultures and have proven time and time again to be resilient. Also one of the most diverse and intelligence species of mammals, they are used by every aspect of science and Magic to solve complex problems and act as test subjects.


The origin of the Common Rat is unknown, and the only chronology that can be assigned to it is the spreading out of larger species. Some scholars theorize that the Common Rat is an evolutionary cousin to the Field Mouse due to its larger size and how commonplace it is on farms and plantations. The Common Rat has survived throughout the history of Aloria because of their short gestation period and how often they can reproduce. They are present in almost every iteration of recorded history for every species because of their dual role in being both a pest and a loyal companion. Featured most prominently in alchemical textbooks, they were one of the first recorded animals to be dissected and used to understand organs and humors. Their close proximity to more intelligent and seafaring species has been an integral part in their worldwide habitation. The Allar were the first people to recognize the uses of the Common Rat, though the Chien-ji were the first to integrate them into their folklore. While the origin of the Common Rat as a whole is unknown, it is possible to trace certain regional variants to people that brought them there. Today the Common Rat is present in almost every top medical, magical, or alchemical building in all of Aloria because of their usefulness and the superstition of luck surrounding them.

Physical Appearance

Despite their small size, the Common Rat is a complex creature. All rats have thin white whiskers, beady black eyes, and small ears that stand out on top of their heads. Fur thickness and color has many regional variants with thicker, lighter furs correlating to colder climates and thinner, darker furs the opposite. They usually have deceptively robust bodies and are almost always fit. Their legs are small, but powerful and end in feet with five toes that resemble human hands, although they do not function as such because they lack a sufficient number of joints. The Common Rat is usually 10 - 20 inches depending on gender and region, and can weigh anywhere from four to sixteen ounces.


The only difference between the male and female Common Rat is their reproductive organs and slight differences in size favoring male Common Rats. The largest diversity comes in their regional variations, the most notable being the Elladorian Common Rat and the Regalian Common Rat who have thick white fur and thin black or grey fur, respectively.

Life Span and Development

The Common Rat has a gestation period of twelve to fifteen days with litters of four to eight. Females are capable of having multiple litters during the period of one year, as they are not limited to a single breeding season. It takes a Common Rat roughly three and a half months to completely mature. The Common rat usually lives in small communities called mischiefs, though they are capable of living on their own.

Mental Overview

The Common Rat is sought after by physicians, magi, and alchemists alike because they make great pets and can be exposed to all kinds of different experiments. The Common Rat has a naturally high intelligence level, and is capable of understand some basic aspects of character-heavy language and being conditioned to develop problem solving skills. They are also one of the smallest mammals to use and understand body language. Despite this, they are not intelligent enough to communicate in a way that sentient races can understand.

Territory and Groupings

The Common Rat has no specific territory, though can often be found living in buildings. Though they are not necessarily deterred by humans living nearby, The Common Rat prefers to occupy areas of low foot traffic. They are perfectly capable of living in streets as well, and can be found abundant in slum and sewer areas. They are not overly territorial, and have no problem sharing space with others friendly species.


  • The Common Rat is revered by the scientific and magical communities because of how useful they are for experimentation. They react in very similar ways to humans, and have been a part of some of the greatest medical and magical revelations in the history of Aloria.
  • A common superstition held by the Ch’ien-ji medical and magical community is that keeping a rat as a pet in your home or place of work brings good luck. They make great pets, as they can be incredibly affectionate.
  • Unlike their cousin, the Regalian Sewer Rat, the Common Rat is very susceptible to disease. To combat this they have incredible immune systems capable of rooting out even the most resilient illnesses.

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