Confis d'Hollais

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Confis d'Hollais
Appearance Berries covered in a light, somewhat crumbling white or pale yellow coating
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Anthony Escoffier
Class Upper class citizens or nobility
  • One cup of Brissiaud berry
  • One gallon of candied tree sap
  • One Teaspoon of honey

Confis d’Hollais is a simple delicacy that was lifted from the plates of the everyday man to be set on the gilded platters of nobility. The dish was created as a respite for the convoluted recipes often required of the many Brissiaud desserts. It was first served by Anthony Escoffier in 276 AC at the tables of two houses negotiating peace, and was meant to be a sign of new beginnings, or so it was claimed. Following the positive reviews of the dessert, chefs bought out the ingredients to the point of inflating the market. In the current day, the treat is a norm at any Brissiaud table, and has stretched to many other dining tables across Aloria.


Confis d’Hollais was created as a substitute dish for the overly complicated desserts traditionally served at a Brissiaud dining table. The chef accredited to first whipping up the dish would be Anthony Escoffier, who became fed up with his apprentices botching the intricate process required of most Brissiaud desserts. The nobility took to the dish quite well, despite their initial reluctance to indulge in a meal that broke the mold. The desire for Confis d’Hollais spearheaded a sudden demand for Brissiaud berries, a berry that was left to commoners up to this point and generally ignored. The inflating the price of the Brissiaud berries lead to them becoming obscenely overpriced for the everyday man to purchase as they become a delicacy.


The preparation for Confis d’Hollais is simple enough. Before beginning, a vat of candied tree sap must be brought to a simmering temperature of approximately 200°F (93°C) alongside a cup of Brissiaud berries. The Brissiaud berries are to be submerged in the vat until they become candied by the tree sap. After the process the Brissiaud berries are to be left and air dried, until they have reached a point of preservation where they are ready to be served. It is customary to drizzle honey on top as garnish, though this isn’t a requirement.


  • Confis d’Hollais primary ingredients are the Brissiaud berries it is known for, as the essentially make up the appearance of the dish. The berries are traditionally laid out in an ornamental pattern to be pleasant to the eye, oftentimes organised in the shape of a noble house’s crest in the event a family visits, and drizzled over with honey. These decorations are meant to lessen the actual appearance of the berries, which are stripped of their normal red color and replaced with a golden glaze glow. Due to the stripping of color the berries are left almost in a state of complete preservation, resulting from their prolonged exposure to the tree sap they were candied in.
  • The aroma of Confis d’Hollais is a very mild one, hardly distinguishable from any other stray scent in the room. Though, upon a closer sniff of the dessert a tinge of powerful sweetness can be smelled, accompanied by the tartness of the berries beneath their sugary coating.
  • When placed upon the tongue the initial sweetness of the candied tree sap greets the taste buds, however the taste changes sharply when the berry is broken into. When the candied shell is broken, the sweetness of the sugar is then dominated by the bitterness of the berries beneath, maintaining a very different flavor than normal on account of their preservation.


  • Many chefs would attest to the fact that procuring the Brissiaud berries for Confis d’Hollais is ten times harder than preparing it.
  • Confis d’Hollais was feared for a time, as it was the murder weapon for a Brissiaud nobleman who glazed his berries with a toxin used to assassinate his political enemies. He was caught shortly after his first kill, as he accidentally consumed one of his own laced berries.

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