Convar Scribley's Hair Poultice

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Convar Scribley's Hair Poultice
Appearance A pale pink cream, dotted with black spots.
Application Lathering onto skin.
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Convar Scribley
Potency Variable; one handful spread over the scalp is enough to grow 6 inches of hair.
Injectable No. Toxic if injected.
  1. Rapidly increases the rate of hair growth over a short period.
  2. Induces severe dandruff and itching in the area of growth.

Convar Scribley’s Hair Poultice is one of the very few aesthetically-driven and hair-related products in Aloria. Although created accidentally, Scribley’s Poultice enables the user to rapidly grow their hair out by significant amounts in a short period of time, and has become a staple product for use by barbers and aestheticians across Aloria.


A recent invention, Convar Scribley’s Hair Poultice was created by Colonial Ailor entrepreneur and amateur alchemist, Convar Scribley. Seeking his next big break, Scribley set out in the year 295 AC to create something useful as his next venture. Although he didn’t exactly know what he wanted to make, he knew he wanted it to be useful. For the next two years, Scribley dedicated his time and energy to creating an alchemical brew out of whatever he could find, mixing and matching, melting and boiling, all in the pursuit of his next big creation. In 296 AC, he found it. One of many sleepless nights spent at his cauldrons and bottles and jars of substances produced a tiny bowl of soft pink cream, though in his tiredness, Scribley quickly passed out soon after, his face landing half inside the cream.

When he awoke, half of Scribley’s face had sprouted a full foot of hair. At that moment, looking at himself in his mirror, he knew that he’d found it; his magnum opus, his peak, his greatest creation. In spite of his best efforts, Scribley couldn’t reproduce the old formula, though he did create a less potent version for domestic sale. After 296 AC, Convar Scribley’s Hair Poultice went on public sale, raking in hundreds of regals for Scribley and other alchemists who produced it, mostly from body care enthusiasts and barbers.


In order to prepare Scribley’s Poultice, a Ruby Flower paste must first be ground in a mortar and pestle, to which an appropriate quantity of Vocadine is to be poured once the paste is created. While continuing to stir the mixture, the softened, ground up Bitter Spear tip is to be added. It is assumed Bitter Spear has some latent properties which enable the hair to grow, though the Poultice is considered too inconsequential by all reputable alchemists to actually investigate. Following this, the mixture of Ruby Flower paste, Vocadine, and ground Bitter Spear must be gently heated over a dying fire for upwards of an hour, while sprinkling powdered Fireweed onto the mixture once every ten minutes. Once the Fireweed has been completely applied to the mixture, it should be removed from the fire, stirred further, whisked vigorously to create the light texture, and left to stand for an hour. After this point, it is ready for use.



Scribley’s Poultice must be applied as a cream to the chosen area. Depending on the amount of hair desired by the person applying the cream, differing amounts of cream should be applied. For example, a full six inches of growth requires at least a half-inch of cream applied over the whole hand, then spread over the scalp; conversely, a single fingertip covered by cream may be used to grow less than a half-inch of growth. Frequent overuse of the Poultice results in severe slowing of hair growth without the Poultice; at the most extreme end, hair follicles are completely killed, and hair can no longer be grown either naturally or through use of the Poultice.


Scribley’s Poultice works to rapidly increase the rate of hair growth in any part of the body applied. Although most effective on the scalp, the Poultice can be applied to practically any place on the body where hair grows, resulting in varying growth based on quantity used, over a period of between fifteen and thirty minutes. During this period, the hair grows quickly and noticeably, generating a significant amount of heat, as well as severe itching. For some with more sensitive scalps or skins, this itching can become unbearable. After the hair growth has concluded, the area upon which the hair has grown begins to form significant amounts of dandruff for the next three to four days, at its worst in the second day, and subsiding on the last. Normal usage of the Poultice on furred races or animals has very little visual effect, aside from making the fur much thicker. To lengthen the fur of a furred race such as a Varran, twice as much Poultice must be used, increasing the risk of hair loss through using it greatly.

Physical Characteristics

Scribley’s Poultice takes the form of a light pink cream dotted with black spots, similar in consistency to whipped cream. The Poultice carries an acrid smell, similar to strong acetone or ethanol, and tastes overpoweringly, similarly acrid, largely to prevent users from directly consuming the Poultice.


  • In some severely cold weather conditions, the heat generated from the usage of Scribley’s Poultice has been used by some to prevent death from hypothermia, even at the cost of all their hair.
  • Scribley’s Poultice is almost always applied to the head with gloves; one can usually spot an amateur barber by the presence of thick hair on their fingertips.
  • There are some who say that Scribley’s Poultice was actually a stolen formula, diluted from a recipe discovered in ancient Altalar ruins, though evidence of this is scant.

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