Cortez' Ruin

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Cortéz’ Ruin
Name Cortéz’ Ruin
Origin Daendroc
Classification Modern Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

Cortéz’ Ruin is a rounded-out cuirass of weathered Steel riddled with dents, scrapes, and spots of rust. It bears a large and glaring tear in the Steel on the back, indicating its key weakness. Dating back to the slave uprisings of the Allorn Empire’s end, the breastplate has bloody origins despite the near-imperviousness it grants its wearer.This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


When the Fifth Void Invasion began, scores of slaves were sent marching northward to fight alongside their Altalar masters against the imminent threat of the Void. One such Altalar was a warrior named Illius Tarum. Known for his prowess with a spear and his unbridled cruelty, Illius commanded a horde of Ailor slaves that he persistently and rather violently honed into an overwhelming fighting force. While they were formidable on the battlefield, the soldiers under his command naturally grew extremely resentful of his verbally and physically abusive leadership strategies, and unrest stirred within the army.

The unrest came to a rather bloody climax while they campaigned in the north. Having established camp, a Kathar infiltrated the force and made his way to the tent of a particularly angry slave. There, he found it easy to convince them to kill their hateful commander, and imparted a weapon of choice with the slave: a wicked dagger, black as night and filled with destructive Void energies. The very next morning, as Illius made the rounds through the camps and barked obscenities at the slaves, the rebel plunged the dagger right through his back. It pierced through Illius’ breastplate and sank into his flesh, withering him away agonizingly. Chaos broke out through the camp, and it was soon after run over by Void forces, leaving a bloody swath of destruction. Illius’ body rotted away into nothing within his breastplate, leaving the piece of armor behind, but thoroughly and permanently accursed.

It is entirely unknown how the cuirass found its way back to Daen, but it next appears in the record being worn by the famed swashbuckling mercenary Ernesto Contación de Cortéz. Cortéz claimed to be completely unbeatable in battle, always charging forth. Tales told of arrows simply missing him or bouncing off of him entirely. One such story even claimed he had taken a ship’s cannonball right to the chest and emerged from the smoke and rubble completely unscathed. Cortéz’ perceived invulnerability made him infamous for his time, and rather rich at that. Though of course with fame and riches comes jealousy, and jealousy came in the form of Cortéz’ second-in-command, Fernando de la Orticia.

One night, while Cortéz slept among women from the brothel his company had stopped at, Fernando was overcome with violent rage and snuck into his room. His knife found its way into Cortéz’ back ten times, and left him in a pool of his own blood on the soaked bed. Fernando took control of the company and Cortéz’ breastplate, discovering it was the source of his near-immortality on the battlefield. Fernando died a week after, a spear run through his back by accident by one of his soldiers, and so the breastplate’s curse continued to unfold.


Cortéz’ Ruin is a weathered and visibly old Steel cuirass. It curves forward on the front, leaving some space between the wearer’s chest and the metal, with the front side of it being smattered with old dents and scrapes and patches of rust from all the years. Despite all this, there are no true damages to the metal’s integrity on the front. Leather straps fit it to the wearer’s torso, and a backplate presses against their spine, where a large and un-repairable gash in the steel lines up with the spine. The hole in the metal is permanently stained red with old blood and some odd black hairline fractures.

Uses and Abilities

Cortéz’ Ruin imparts an immunity from projectiles of all kinds onto the wearer: so long as they strike them from the front. Anything physical or magical, so long as it is a projectile, will either harmlessly deflect off of the cuirass or rather luckily simply miss them, as if their fortune were supernatural in origin. That being said, the bloodily cursed piece exposes the wearer to a glaring weakness in their back. A weapon or magical attack of any kind, centered through the hole in the breastplate’s back, will severely subdue the wearer. The cuirass becomes debilitatingly heavy and the wearer is overwhelmed with exhaustion upon being struck there.

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