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Sculpting Art

Sculpting Art involves the creation of sculptures, whether through clay build-up and shaping, or through cutting and carving from a variety of stones and marbles (but never wood). Higher Proficiencies lead to more realistic sculptures with greater detail, technique and a living quality in their expressions and movements.

Pottery Art

Pottery Art involves the creation of ceramics and clayware, either through porcelain or clay. While this does include glazing and mixing of raw materials, it does not include painting, which is a distinct Painting Art Proficiency. Higher Proficiencies lead to more creative and difficult shaped Pottery, and also grants the Character the ability to recognize usable clay from riverbeds.

Wooden Art

Wooden Art involves sculpting and whittling wood, but also wood carvings in wooden beams and structures, as well as the creation of furniture (for potential cloth covering, fabrics need to be gotten from a Fabric maker). Higher Proficiencies lead to more detailed woodwork.

Woods Table

The following Woods exist in canon Aloria. Many of these Woods are located or are tended to by certain Races and Cultures, so please refer to their respective lore pages to see if your Character could or would use them, or who they should approach to acquire them. Any of these Woods can be used by Characters without Wooden Art, but their end-product will always be lesser than those with the investment of points in the proper Proficiency. All Woods are divided between three categories: Light (meaning less durable but lighter) Medium (meaning average) and Heavy (meaning more durable but heavier). These categories are largely for flavor, though certain properties may specifically indicate greater or lesser strength than other materials. If any plants are not on the list, and have the capacity to give lumber, it can be assumed that they revert to the standard of Royal Oak, with medium strength and no special properties.

Name Class Special Properties Appearance when carved
Royal Oak Medium None Range of light to dark browns
Allú'tornë Medium None Pale brown flecked with pale green
Areu’llei-oná Medium Can be manipulated by World Shift 1 Dark brown to dark gray
Juniper Tree Medium None Brown to beige frequently marked with iron stains
Drachenwald Nuttree Light None Shades of beige inlaid with flecks and lines of gold
Lu’on-yan Tree Light Glows when exposed to moonlight Light beige with swirls of pure white
Kashan Dimi Medium None Orange-brown laced with deep red lines
Geolutreo Heavy Turns any breeze running through it warm and pleasant Swirling pattern of yellows and beiges
Wyld Wood Light Aesthetically moves on its own once carved/formed Deep green or purple with a blue sheen
Tee’kratonna Heavy Will bind together with another inert substance naturally, without the need for glue or riveting A pale gray-brown with speckles of pink and pale red
Brass-heart Tree Heavy Highly resistant to fire Black with a sparkling golden gleam under the light
Lightmare Ash Medium Emits pale blue and white glowing particulates White with streaks of pale gray
Flori’nelaya Light Can be manipulated by World Shift 1 Reddish-brown with white speckles
Ironsonia Heavy Has the strength of Iron, highly resistant to damage Dark gray streaks with light gray and black
Moon-Moth Tree Medium Attracts insects at night, when it also faintly gleams blue Pale brown riddled with solid, deep blue lines
Singing Syprelle Light Produces a beautiful tone when moving Swirls of pale yellow and shades of pink

Glass Art

Glass Art involves the creation of art out of glass, as well as stained glass windowmaking and glassblowing. Glass Art includes colored glass making, glassware design and production, and glass-cutting for decorations, but not painting on glass, which requires Painting Art Proficiency.

Gardening Art

Gardening Art involves the beautification of gardens, landscaping design, flower tending, and general gardening skills such as hedge trimming and plant care. This Proficiency differs from Horticulture in that Gardening covers the care of flowers and shrubbery, not vegetables and edible plants and usable herbs. Included in this Proficiency is also knowledge of all flower types, as well as florist skills in composing bouquets of flowers. Higher Proficiencies lead to more beautiful designs and better care for garden plants.

Construction Art

Construction Art involves the creation of Deployables around the countryside of Regalia. Deployables are temporary constructions (that may actually be around for a very long time), that can be used or squatted in by any player. Deployables can be anywhere between a travelling cart and a cabin, all the way up to a Motte and Bailey or mini-fort at the highest point investment. What sets "Deployables" apart from "Clandestine Bases", is that deployables can be raided at any time without Staff oversight, and can also be destroyed permanently by burning or explosion or other damage (often leaving behind a ruin). They are also not region claimed, meaning that all doors and buttons can be pressed by any player wandering around them. If you wish to initiate a Deployable Construction, please send a ticket to the Rp Com Discord Ticket Bot. We may delay a construction request pending World Staff availability. Construction complexity and beauty can also be influenced by the amount of people helping out, anyone else with Proficiencies in Wooden Art, Glass Art, Sculpting Art, Fabric Art, Gardening Art, Horticulture art, or Strength Training (for heavy lifting and wood cutting), including Noble/Clandestine funding. Each of these need to be different characters and cannot be the Constructor themselves. Add their names and Character Applications to the ticket for your staff deployable request. Note, there will be no fast-travel to any Deployable. As such, you are recommended not to make your deployable a 2 hour walk away from the nearest teleport point.

Points Invested Uses
5 Points Invested Your Character can create a small deployable somewhere in the wilderness. Think of for example a small cabin, a lean-to tent, or a traveling cart.
10 Points Invested Your Character can create a medium deployable somewhere in the wilderness. Think of for example a house, a watchtower, or a storage barn.
15 Points Invested Your Character can create a large deployable somewhere in the wilderness. Think of for example a mini-fort, a motte and bailey, or a fortified outpost. Fortifications are not unique to the 15 point investment only (meaning lower investments can also have some degree of fortification), but anything with walls is.

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