Cratos Bloodline

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Cratos Bloodline
Pronunciation Kraa-tos
Origins Meraic Vault, Qadir Hadrityas
Niche Solo or Group Tech Vampire with escape mechanics, supporting utility and world changing utility

The Cratos Bloodline is a relatively old Bloodline that remained very obscure until more recent times. Shortly after the fall of the Dorkarth Princes during the Vampire Wars, a small sub cult of a particularly intelligent Dorkarth prince, Janus, who stumbled into a Meraic tomb. Having spent decades researching the technology there-in, and subsequent expeditions to Qadir Hadrityas, as well as Varran Temples, eventually led to this cult coming into contact with the Mechanic Arken, who conspired with the Dorkarth Prince to mutate their Dorkarth strain of Vampirism into the new Cratos Bloodline. The Cratos Bloodline was officially born 173 AC in the north of Basqlierra, in a dense jungle-covered Meraic ruin. From this place, the Cratos Vampires spread out into the world, seeking both technological bounties and fresh blood to sustain themselves. Cratos Vampire populations exploded around 305 AC when the Ailor officially allied with the Qadir remnant states, the sudden influx of technology to Regalia causing a migration of isolated Cratos Vampires to Regalia to establish so-called Sanguine Technocracies. These Sanguine Technocracies, Vampire covens mostly populated by Cratos Vampires started hoarding technology to enhance their search for victims to drink from, collecting junk and scraps left behind by the Qadir inventors to produce workshops of their own, eventually creating great underground Foundries of Blood.

Cratos Mentality

Cratos Vampires are less focused on the struggle of power between the von Kërle and Dorkarth Vampires, and are often more concerned about establishing technological supremacy. Cratos Vampires can both be solitary idiosyncratic inventors who have extended their life to invent more, or group based syndicates hell-bent on creating larger communities built on their intellectual progress. Still, despite all this tech-focused ideology, Cratos Vampires remain enslaved to their hunger for blood, with many of their inventions being aimed at capturing and subduing their victims faster. Because of the many utilitarian functions of Cratos Vampires, they are an often welcomed member of other covens, albeit very territorial within them, often not accepting other Cratos Vampires to compete for their position of that particular faction’s “main tech mojo”. Cratos Vampires also have a peculiar obsession for collecting junk and left over Clockwork or Dwarven steam/hydraulic-tech, and just storing it up in their home or base, even if it has no use. They tend to be more socially competent and persuasive than some of the other more arrogant and selfish Vampire Bloodlines, but this mostly masks their intent at warming up their superiors, only to use them for their own ends somewhere down the line.

Cratos Niche

Cratos Vampires fill a unique niche in Vampire society because of their immunity to curing, as well as their ability to destroy that hated weapon that affects all Vampires, Puretek. Even while not strictly speaking a combat Vampire, Cratos Vampires bring useful utilities both in and outside of combat that makes them a must-have for any Coven seeking to establish superiority both over other Vampires, and blood cattle. There are even some rumors of the Regalian Government clandestinely working with some Cratos Vampires, exchanging prisoners as blood cattle for the numerous technological inventions the Cratos Vampires bring forth, only to then use these inventions against other Vampires elsewhere. Cratos Vampires are unique in that sense that they can actually be a benefit to the Vampire-hating community, working with them being said to be like fighting fire with fire. This means that Cratos Bloodline Vampires may be one of the few types that can actually work against other Vampires, as while they still love Blood, they also really like technology, and that can sometimes override their brotherly or sisterly bond with other Vampires.

Cratos Common Abilities

Common Abilities are mechanics that all Cratos Vampires have access to, meaning they are implied and it is not necessary to record them on a Character Application, though you may for posterity sake. Important instructions for Character Apps are included in the Vampire Form table row at the bottom.

Standard Ability Ability Category Range Description (Standard Mutations are free but Mandatory, All Cratos Vampires have them, and they can use these Abilities while in their non-Vampiric Form and Vampiric Form (Tech Form))
Blood Collaring Soul Curse Emote Distance The Vampire can Target either a willing or restrained non-Vampire person to attach a Blood-Collar to their neck, colored in crimson blood yet solid and shaped like gears and wires. While the Vampire is in Emote Distance, any command issued must be followed, else the collar will dig its spikes into the neck and cause bleeding. While within range, any number of commands can be issued, but only the last command will remain active when leaving Emote Distance. Blood Collared individuals cannot be infected with Vampirism, and the Collar can only be removed by any type of Exorcism-Like Ability or Abilities that remove Possessions. Any Vampire can only have one person Collared at any time.
Immortal Aging Constant Passive Self The Vampire does not age from the moment of infection. Their aging ceases visually, and they can sustain themselves beyond their natural undeath. This is not true undeath, but a state of suspended unlife. If a Vampire is cured when they have lived a number of years as a Vampire, they will proceed to age rapidly over a period of 2 weeks. Becoming re-infected during these two weeks will restore the Vampire back to the age they were when cured. If they cannot be re-infected before the end of the 2 week period, the aging is permanent, and re-infection causes the character to freeze at the new age. If a character has aged far beyond their natural lifespan, if they are not re-infected before the end of the 2 week period, they will die. (It is not allowed to perma-imprison a character to prevent infection to their death during these two weeks) Vampires require a Backstory Special Permission in order to be older than 100 years old. Vampires who are turned in active roleplay can be older than 100 years without a Backstory Special Permission (Though in all cases, a character older than 150 requires a Backstory Special Permission)
Tech Lasting Trigger Passive Self The Vampire is able to resist Curing and the Curing process by faking the resolution, though this is by choice, as the Vampire can also choose not to specifically trigger this protection, and allow themselves to be cured if that is strategically wise. While this Trigger is active (upon the beginning of Curing), the whole Curing process completes “like normal”, for the dormant infection to return to the Vampire at any point by their will. (There is no OOC obligation to inform the Curing people of this Ability being used, or not used).
Tech Halting Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire can target any one piece of technology in their Emote Distance, whether Machine, Clockwork, Puretek, or other (but not Living Metal) and cause it to continually malfunction upon use. This acts like a Linked Channel, meaning the effect is indefinite for as long as the targeted item is within Emote Distance. The target can be switched to another item, but as long as the previous item is still in Emote Distance, it cannot be switched back.
Tech Feeding Vampire Spell Touch The Vampire, when sinking their teeth into the neck of their victim causes a partial paralysis that makes it impossible for the victim to struggle out of their grip or fight back, but still aware enough to know what is happening, be able to see, hear, and speak. The Vampire can consume as much blood as they want, but can drink no longer than 10 minutes which is their upper fill. Upon releasing their teeth from the victim’s neck, the effect is instantly canceled, but the victim is too weak to immediately turn back and fight for at least half a minute. This Ability may not be used to tie someone up at the same time, and the Vampire cannot fight or use Abilities while drinking.
Tech Body Constant Passive Self
  • The Vampire’s new Physical Stat limit is 20, overriding any Racial Limit as long as it is above this number. If below, then the Racial Limit applies.
  • The Vampire is able to consume food and drinks, however these never give them any sustenance. Alcohol can still be enjoyed though.
  • The Vampire is able to reproduce with both Vampires and non-Vampires, creating Cratos Vampire Broods.
  • The Vampire does not have red eyes, but has darkened eye sockets and somewhat reddened skin around their eyes.
  • The Vampire’s Vampire teeth appear at all times, but are only noticeable when they open their mouths wide.
Tech Power Constant Passive Self
  • Any of the Vampire’s lost body parts (including eyes, limbs, organs) are re-formed with metals, gears and steam/hydralic ducts, but only while the Vampirism Infection is active. If the Vampire is cured, all this mechanical tech rots away, and they are left crippled (and if too much of their body was replaced to remain functional, then they die).
Tech Form Mythic Shift Self In order to use any of their Form Mutations, the Vampire must activate their Tech Form, which is a Mythic Shift that turns them into a so-called Vampiric Form. Vampiric Forms are alternate appearance versions of the Vampire’s normal form that give creative liberty to the player in terms of design, with some noted limitations. All Vampiric Forms (per Bloodline) have some basic rules so that a Bloodline can easily be read from their appearance, however beyond that, many different aesthetic aspects can be modified at will. It is required to produce a “Vampiric Form” section on the Character Application, detailing in a Paragraph what your character’s Vampiric Form looks like. Having a separate skin for Vampiric Form is not required, though strongly recommended for immersion. The following rules apply to the Tech Form for this Bloodline:
  • Tech Form Vampires don’t have hair or a humanoid skull, instead having a cybernetic/robot-like head with glowing red eyes.
  • Tech Form Vampires must have at least half of their body still humanoid flesh. They cannot be completely robotic.
  • Tech Form Vampires can have extra limbs and eyes, but these must only be aesthetic and non-functional unless dictated by Mutation.
  • Tech Form Vampires may not use aesthetics unique to other Vampire Forms, and vice versa. Each Vampire Form must thematically represent their Bloodline.
  • Tech Form Vampires may not too closely resemble other aesthetic Mythic Shifts or Beast Shifts, like Werebeasts or Dragon Warriors.
  • Tech Form Vampires may be designed to be not-recognizable or recognizable, that is up to the player. They may look completely different in Vampire Form.
  • Tech Form Vampires always look the same, and aesthetic changes on the Character App are purely OOC ret-cons and do not confuse identification.
  • Tech Form Vampires can transform in and out of their Vampiric Form instantly and painlessly. This Transformation also cannot be countered in any way.
  • Tech Form Vampires must remain at least somewhat humanoid, retaining a head, torso, arms and legs. They cannot become beast-like or feral.
  • In order to use Tech Form, you must have had your Character app approved, and the description specifically approved by Lore Staff.

Cratos Form Mutations

Form Mutations can only be used while Vampiric Form (Tech Form) is active. Each Player may choose up to 5 Mutations from this list, which must be recorded on a Character Application. Abilities may not be used before the Application is approved. Abilities may only be changed once, repeated changing of Abilities will result in a Character App being revoked.

Form Mutation Ability Category Range Description (Choose up to 5 of these Mutations, they can only be used while in Vampiric form (Tech Form))
Tech Obedient Constant Passive Self The Vampire is able to, from a skull from any creature (though preferably a human) produce a so called Obedient, which is a self-propelled flying mechanical construct usually just a skull with part of a mechanical eye and spine that floats around the Vampire (or can be told to stay at home). This Obedient has a personality of its own (which can be defined by the player) and can provide secondary commentary to ongoing events or conversations, and bump into people. In a pinch, the Obedient can try to latch onto people and bite them (it actually has Vampire canines as well), but this does nothing more than offer a momentary distraction until it is inevitably destroyed. Personalities can be salvaged from destroyed Obedients to another by transferring the Personality chip that is always safely stored in the sturdiest part of the skull. While this Mutation is technically only usable in the Tech Form, Tech Obedients can also be made and interacted with outside of Tech Form. Only one Obedient may be active at any time.
Tech Vileshot Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire is able to manifest a corrupted Puretek-like weapon in their hand from pieces of wrought metal and bolts, that can then fire a Viletek Shot. A Viletek Shot has the exact same function as Puretek Quicksilver Quartershot projectiles, but instead of affecting Aberrants, it affects only those without any form of Aberrancy, while affecting Primal Aberrants and Ordial Aberrants (Archblood, Ordial Mages, Primal Mages) as if they were shot twice. Vileshot obeys the same shooting mechanics as Puretek, but this Ability can only be used to shoot twice, after which the weapon crumbles and can no longer be used. If the second shot is not taken within 5 minutes, the weapon crumbles anyway despite the second shot still being available. The Vileshot weapon can only be made once every 24 hours.
Tech Venting Vampire Spell 3 Block Range The Vampire causes an instant eruption of venting superheated steam that causes a shockwave eruption around themselves. Anyone within 3 blocks of them is knocked back by 3 blocks and knocked to the ground, unless they have at least 35 Physical Stat in which case they remain standing upright, but are still pushed back. The superheated air does not cause any direct harm, but is unpleasant to exposed skin. This Ability can be used once every 15 minutes.
Tech Maintenance Constant Passive Self The Vampire is surrounded by a constant field of microtech that auto-fixes any Clockwork they are wearing if it should be broken. Any Clockwork that breaks or malfunctions is repaired in a matter of seconds while they are wearing it, however they also cannot remove Clockwork from their body unless in the sanctity of their home or base (and if they don’t have one, they cannot remove it at all).
Tech Noxia Vampire Spell 10 Block Range A small nozzle can be extended from the wrist of the Vampire that ejects Alchemical Inversion Toxin like a spray that can spray up to 10 blocks away. Any person hit with this spray who is presently affected by some kind of Alchemy, has the effects of the Alchemy altered. Any positive effect will be turned into its reverse effect as if Controid was applied (unless there is no reverse, in which case it is just undone), and any negative effect is reverted to its positive effect (unless there is none, in which case it is undone). This can also be used on the Vampire themselves, and can be used indefinitely, though the Vampire must not be under attack in order to use this nozzle.
Tech Arachnia Vampire Spell Self The Vampire’s legs (painlessly) crack and split into 6 thinner spider-like mechanical limbs (essentially making the Vampire a mechanical dryder), which grant improved mobility. While this Ability is active, the Vampire is able to avoid rooting, feet grappling or ground-based entrapment Abilities, while also giving them the ability to scale up walls (but not walk upside down on the ceiling). Damage to these legs transfers to the real legs when the Ability is undone, and when normalized, the legs are normal humanoid legs again, not filled with technological remains. If this Vampire Spell is countered, the legs merge back together and normalize. The legs splitting and turning into smaller parts is instantaneous.
Tech Exploitation Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire is able to Tech-hack any Clockwork in Emote Distance. They can indefinitely hack Clockwork Software, usurping control over them and giving them new directives. They can also - once a day - cause any one piece of Hardware Clockwork worn by any target person to explode instantly. This Ability can even be used on other Vampires, even if they have the Tech Maintenance Mutation.
Tech Magi-Pulse Vampire Spell 60 Block Range The Vampire is able to rapidly construct and deploy the Magi-Pulse bomb, a small device that is deployed on the ground, extends its legs and then sends out a massive 60 block far (Announce Emote) blue ghostly pulse with a loud booming sound. Any Mage-wards caught in the radius of the Magi-Pulse are instantly destroyed, and any ongoing Magic Channeling is canceled, while other Magic or Sorcery Spells are unaffected. This leaves no lasting effect on Sorcerers or Mages, and only imparts its effect on the shockwave.
Tech Re-Acquisition Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire’s arm (painlessly) snaps and turns into a grapple hook by chain, which is then shot at any person in Emote Distance, after which the grapple starts dragging the person towards the Vampire at running speed. This Ability cannot miss, and cannot be used on items, or on locations to move the Vampire around. It can be used as many times as the Vampire wants, but while the chain is pulling back, the Vampire is unable to do anything else, including using Abilities or fighting or moving.
Tech Syndicate Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire can produce a Steam Tech Pillar that can have a variety of functions. This pillar will only remain active while they are near it, after which it will turn to a dormant state and collapse into an innocuous pile of random tech garbage and parts that does not arouse any suspicion, re-extending and forming when the Vampire comes near. This Steam-tech-pillar has a number of functions which the Vampire can dictate while in Emote Distance, all of which can seamlessly switch over to one another, but need at least 1 minute between each switch to actually apply their effect (some of which take somewhat longer). Only one such pillar can be created at any given time, and only one pillar can be created per day, meaning that a new deployment must wait at least 24 hours. If a new deployment is made, the old one simply explodes into non-usable garbage, whether the Vampire war near it or not. The pillar is represented as 2 Comparator blocks on top of each other with a sign marking it as a Steam Tech Pillar. If you need World Staff help for example the draining or filling of a large body of water, use a ticket, otherwise, use imagination for smaller areas. Steam Tech Pillars cannot be destroyed in normal ways, having to be destroyed by Corruption area or object cleansing Abilities. When countering this ability it can only be prevented from being deployed, after deployment, it can no longer be countered as a Vampire Spell.
  • The pillar can heat up an area to a sweltering desert heat.
  • The pillar can cool down an area to a freezing arctic cold.
  • The pillar can drain water from adjacent areas like a water-pump.
  • The pillar can fill water into a nearby open area or depression.
  • The pillar can grow plants faster in its direct area through fertilizing.
  • The pillar can kill plants rapidly in its direct area through desiccation.
  • The pillar can broadcast loud noises up to 60 Blocks away (Announce Emote).


  • Cratos Vampires sometimes create so-called "Undercities" below cities with a major technologically inclined population, filtering down their garbage that passes into garbage mounds and the sewage.
  • Cratos Vampires have a tendency to wear cloaks and large robes, largely to hide their mechanical body parts when they do have them. The only thing that usually announces their arrival might be the whirring of gears and the clanking of metal on stonework as their feet drag across the ground.
  • Cratos Vampires are commonly called Junkleeches by other Bloodlines who do not take kindly to their technological meddling, or those Qadir Finecrafters who suddenly notice some of their work missing in their workshop.

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