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Crime Roleplay when interacting with Guard Roleplay and vice versa can become extremely complicated and tense, because at the end of the day, with Conflict Roleplay, someone always has to lose, and nobody likes losing. The Conflict Rules exist to facilitate a fair and flexible roleplay for any sides, while entrenching the rights of the individual players to minimize OOC salt, and maximize roleplay entertainment.

Guard Rules

  • For any and all of these rules, they only apply when the Guard is in their Guard Armor skin. Guards who are not in their Guard Skin are vigilantes, and follow normal rules.
  • Guards are not immune to Kill or Maim perms. However, when a guard is enforcing the Regalian Law (legally, not corruptly), attacking a criminal does not surrender consent of Maim or Kill perms, ever.
  • Guards are only ever allowed to patrol over predefined Guard patrol routes. The Guard patrol routes are defined on a drawn map by the Lord Commander, which can be stolen IC, but can also be re-written by the Lord Commander at will to make old maps outdated. Only one route may ever go through Old Town, but the Imperial Isle and New Town may have any amount of patrol routes. Patrol routes never go into the sewers.
  • Guards may however deviate from their Patrol Route if a particular person is being hunted who they know is outside of the Patrol Routes, and may also choose to do a city-wide search if a crime has been committed that is grave enough. Guards may never officially raid into the sewers however.
  • Guards are inherently not allowed to play additional criminal characters besides their guard character. However, if a Guard player has obtained a Silven, Mage or Special Item Permission, they are allowed to play a criminal character besides their guard character.
  • The Guards possess a so called Guard Whistle. A Guard Whistle allows a guard to summon other Guards from the Guard Discord after it is emoted in the Imperial District only. This is the island in the middle of the river that cuts through Regalia, with the Imperial Cathedral and the Prison. The Guard Whistle may not be used in New Town (to the left of spawn) or Old Town (to the right of spawn) and obviously does not work in the Sewers.
  • Guards frequently do not use kill or maim perms on your character unless you break the Capital State Laws. The reason why these perms are usually not taken is out of fairness considerations, but that should not be a reason to push the limits. Repeat offenders will be punished, and warnings may be given IC and OOC, but that is not a requirement. Players are always required to read up on Regalian Law and know when they surrender consent, and when they do not when they play criminals. To ensure fairness, execution verdicts are always checked by Lore Staff overseeing the Guards.
  • Guards are allowed to block off only one street (or bridge) at a time with a Barricade. In extreme circumstances (like a mass rebellion) an entire district may be blocked off, but these always have to be signed off by Lore Staff leading/overseeing the Guard. Individual Barricades that block only one street at a time may be made by World Staff on request by Guards.

General Behavior Rules

  • The General Behavior Rules are applicable to all organizations, including the City Guard but also Criminals and Vigilantes and Militia and even regular citizens.
  • Reinforcements of either guards or criminals entering a situation (or stumbling upon it during a patrol) must emote their entry, either individually or as a group under one emote. After this emote, it is necessary that the both sides are given a reasonable amount of time to emote their response to the reinforcements. Reasonable here means if they are able to. For example someone who is already on the floor and cuffed cannot reasonably respond. This emote requirement does not apply for sneaking or arriving from an angle from which the opposing side could not see those arriving.
  • It is forbidden to accuse any party of metagaming their presence through DynMap, Radars or Minecraft names through walls either directly or indirectly particularly during a roleplay scene or otherwise. If you suspect foul play on part of whoever found your base or combat rp scene, make a ticket and have staff investigate it. If no staff can help immediately, continue roleplaying out the scene as you would. You can make a report later, and have the roleplay voided by staff if foul play is proven. No good has ever come from a meta accusation in OOC chat. If any of such accusations are made, the guilty party should immediately be reported for harassment.
  • As a crime group or guard group, you may not leave roleplay for 30 minutes following a raid or base attack. In order to avoid convenient logging after an attack to prevent a counter-attack, you must remain in-roleplay for 30 minutes after returning to your base of operations or a safe area, to allow the party you’ve attacked to attempt a counter-attack. Logging out after a raid or base attack without a reasonable amount of time to allow for a counter-attack is counted as god-rp and should be reported as such if it occurs.

Categories of Crimes

  • Crimes are categorized based on Safe (meaning generally no maim or kill perms even in repeat offences), Low (meaning maim or kill perms given in repeat offences), and High (meaning maim or kill perms may be granted immediately or on repeat offence).
  • Regalian Common Law
    • Safe: 1,2,9,12,13,14,16
    • Low: 3,4,5,11,15
    • High: 6,7,8,10
  • Regalian Property Law
    • Safe: 1,2,5,7
    • Low: 3,4,6,8,9,10
  • Regalian Marriage Law
    • Safe: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12
    • Low: 10
  • All Regalian Holy Law fall under a mixture of Low and High, because of overlap.
  • All Regalian Insult Law falls under Low.
  • All Regalian Noble Law falls under Safe.
  • All Synod Law fall under a mixture of Low and High, because of overlap.
  • All Capital Law exceed these limitations, being instant-execution for nearly all.

Guard Reprieve

There are some roleplay scenarios where you as a criminal might feel that in order for you to have had a good experience with the people you are in the scene with, that you need a bit more time to complete the roleplay before competing with the guards about the crime. A good example would be an abduction roleplay. In order to have a good exchange of dialogue and actions between the prisoner and the abductor, it may be necessary to request respite. Normally, an abduction is really fast and over quickly, but because not everyone emotes with the same speed, an abduction may take hours, and before that time is over the guards might accidentally stumble into the scene and essentially halt the roleplay from taking place. This is exactly what the Guard Reprieve is, a way for players to legally ask the Guards a bit of leeway to engage in set-up roleplay before the actual competing starts, to allow for the opening moves to be made without the guard presence, so that there’s enough of a build-up to when the guards start getting involved.

  • This system has a couple of requirements. The first requirement, is that the crime that is being engaged in absolutely does not result in the maiming or killing of anyone involved. The second requirement, is that the crime should be something that can be done over several days, an abduction for example, not a theft or burglary. The third requirement is that the guards don’t already know where you are committing the crime, or where your base is and can easily reach it.
  • If the above requirements are met, you should contact the Lord Commander over Discord or Forum or In-game PM (this is currently BillyTheScroofy) and communicate that you are asking for a temporary reprieve on guard crackdown for preliminary roleplay. This request cannot be denied, but you should agree to an acceptable amount of days for the duration of this reprieve (anywhere between 1 to 7 days at the discretion of the Lord Commander). You don’t have to tell the Lord Commander exactly what you’re doing OOC just make sure you’re known to be responsible for the crime when it occurs on an OOC level. In this period, the Guards will not actively chase after your crime or aides (unless they throw themselves into the public eye) and will not search for the location of the crime or your hide-out. For the sake of lore continuity, the Guards are using this time to search other houses that are not present on the world map.
  • This system is entirely optional. You don’t have to request a Guard Reprieve, but if you do not, guards may chase after your crime if they receive a tip or information the same day which it is performed. After all, their job is to curb crime, and it is an unfair proposition to demand the guards give leeway without even making the first step to inform the guards of such a request. Just because your abduction scene was slow because the person you’re abducting types their emotes really slowly, doesn’t mean the guards didn’t already scout out the city for 2 hours looking for you. This reprieve allows for the first stages of crime to take place when they are planned, so that the solving and conclusion roleplay is more rewarding and feels less like a fun-stopper.