Crown of the World

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Crown of the World
Name Crown of the World
Origin Allorn Empire
Classification Elven Artifact
Found Yes
Location Regalia

The Crown of the World is a marvelous item with high ceremonial significance, though it is also said to be able to impart great powers and abilities onto its wearer. The Crown of the World was forged millenia ago by Mages and smiths working for the first Empress of the Altalar, Talea Sunvidal, to honor her victory in the World-Crown Wars. At the time, it was seen that she was indeed the ruler of all the known world, but exploration soon proved otherwise. And so the Altalar monarchs who followed after her sought to make the object’s title a reality. This artifact is unobtainable and serves for background lore. It may become obtainable when updated.


The Crown of the World was forged in the twilight of World-Crown Wars, as despite Talea supposedly being assured in her victory, she did not yet seek to wield a crown showing her control of all the Altalar kingdoms. Instead, a group of priests following the Faith of Estel approached the great and ancient Guild of Thwellem to help them produce a crown for the future Empress without her knowledge. For the first eight days, materials were sought after from across the lands within the borders of her Empire. For the next eight days, the fires of the Thwellem forges were stoked. And for another eight days, prayers were delivered to the gods of the Altalar Pantheon and Estel. Finally, another eight days of great and grueling work took place. Arcane icons in the shape of hammers were summoned, metals so rare they would not be seen again for centuries were melted, and effort unheard of in that era continued on for the entire eight day period. Finally, though, the Guild completed their work, and under a blessing for Estel, the Crown of the World was born. Eight weeks later, when Talea sat enthroned in the capital of the last Altalar kingdom to resist her, which she had just conquered, a grand procession of the priesthood approached her with the Guild following after, whereupon she was crowned with an item worthy for her head.


The Crown of the World is a beautiful, elegant piece of Altalar craftsmanship. Nightsilver serves as its base, with a interweaved series of eight strands of the metal forming a circlet, accentuated with a pair of elegant wing-like protrusions arching up to an elegant point over what would be the ear area. The front of the circlet also has a point, the eight strands combining and forming the icon of a star, though with the top point prominent. Then, studded throughout the entire piece, are a series of small Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies held in place with a Silver lining, while a beautiful and mysterious dark blue gemstone serves as the central piece, being carved in the shape of a four-pointed star. This stone is said to be artificially created, an example of pure magical energy condensed into a solid form. The entire object is also accentuated with thin, wire-like strands of an unknown metal most have identified as Starris due to its dark glittering nature.

Uses and Abilities

The Crown of the World carries a great deal of ceremonial value, but also many supposed mystical powers that have yet to be proven in the modern age (considering its absence from the world for three centuries). The Crown declares its wearer as a god among Altalar, untouchable except by those disloyal to the ancient traditions of Altalar society, or by those who seek to challenge and take the Crown for themselves. It gives the wearer the prestige of being attached to the legacy of some of the most powerful Magic wielders and stateswomen Aloria has ever seen, while also giving, in the minds of some Altalar, the authority and power of those same women. Indeed, among the rumored powers of the Crown are the ability for any wearer to grow infinitely powerful in knowledge and in magical use as their mind becomes a sharply tuned machine. Other tales state that it allows the wearer to read the minds of all those who are nearby, and that it can give one insight into the past. Most Ailor and those who desire to scorn the Altalar believe only its uses as a powerful symbol, and as none have worn it in three centuries, any confirmation of these abilities is impossible.

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