Dúllci Cane

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Dúllci Cane
Dullci Cane.png
Official Name Dúllci Cane
Common Name Sugar Cane, Rum Reed
Classification Reed
Common Use Culinary
Origins Daendroc
Habitat Humid jungles and plantations

The Dúllci Cane has had a long history as a popular plantation crop. Likely being found in the Far West during the early decades of Altalar expansion, the plant persisted in importance even after the Allorn Empire fell. New nobles, mainly Ailor in origin, desired sweets, and so many took up the reins and continued to farm and process the plant across Daen and Corontium. Primarily grown to be processed into sugar or used to create alcoholic drinks, Dúllci Cane remains an incredibly important crop for the various nations across Aloria as a source of revenue.


Dúllci Cane is commonly thought to have originated on Daen, but there is significant evidence to suggest that it came from the Sundial Isles. While today, the Isles are almost bare of the substance, ancient records suggest that Altalar did not possess the plant until their vessels began their exploration of this corner of the Far West. Despite this, the plant soon found its second home on Daen and was perhaps one of the first crops grown in the Altalar plantation style. It remained popular for the entire lifespan of the Allorn Empire, with only the Solvaan Altalar developing a distaste towards it (though the reason why is not very clear). Thousands of slaves would come to grow, harvest, and make sugar from the canes, the entire process being grueling and often resulting in extreme injuries. When the Allorn Empire finally fell, though, it was now the Ailor nobility that desired sugar, and once the fragmented Altalar states of Daen recovered, they soon returned to desiring the plant’s byproduct. Today, many thousands of slaves and poor laborers, work away on plantations to produce the Dúllci Cane desired by half the world. For many commoners, the only sugar they’ll ever get is in special desserts and confections found at fairs, while the vast majority of the substance is instead utilized by the wealthy.


Dúllci Cane is a tall, thick, brown reed with small dark green shoots protruding from it. It stands at a height of 9 to 13 feet and groups together in the wild, though they are arranged in rows on plantations.

Uses and Abilities

Dúllci Cane has only one use, and that is in the culinary space. While sugar is by far the most well-known usage of the plant, it can also be made into syrups or distilled juices for alcoholic beverages. The cane must be harvested once it has reached full maturity, and from there, it can either be ground down or distilled into sugar, juices, or syrups. Sugar produced from this plant is often white or a slightly off white once distilled. Juices or syrups made with the stalk are off or milky whites; the alcoholic beverages (such as rum) that are made with the former two products are often sweet tasting. Sugar itself is used in various baked goods and beverages, especially in regions of Ithanian Culture, who emphatically embrace the art of baking with sugar.


  • The Humanum Legislation that freed thousands of slaves in Daenshore and other regional Ailor nations in Daendroc severely disrupted the growing and processing of Dúllci Cane. However, most of the slaves then returned to their masters and are now poor laborers, lacking any other skills or knowledge beyond what they learned on the plantation.
  • Oddly, Dúllci Cane does not appear to be grown in the Dread Empire, at least in most reports made in the past few decades.

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