Dansey's Stride

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Dansey's Stride
Appearance A brown murky liquid
Application Consumption
Proficiency Requires 10 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Warlord Dansey
Potency A small vials worth
Injectable Yes, produces localized effect
  1. Numbs physical pain to all parts of the body
  2. Significant slowing of reflexes as a result

Dansey’s Stride is a concoction used by heavy armor-using warriors and medical practitioners alike. The potion will numb all physical pain the recipient feels for about five minutes with each sip, leaving the user combat-ready, yet susceptible to unknown injuries. Originally made by a Warlord known only as Dansey “Longstride,” this man and his personal alchemist perfected the potion for combative use. The concoction has since become a staple of both medical personnel in warfare, and the tank-like warriors who protect them.


Warlord Dansey “Longstride” was known for using heavy armors to battle everyone from Blackmarks to Orcish clans. However, after being cut open by a fierce Orcish skirmisher’s knives, Dansey was forced to retreat in dishonour. The smaller cuts the orc had inflicted upon him pained him that while his armour deflected the deadliest blows, his low pain tolerance made it so he was reduced to fleeing. The lone raiding warlord hired a small group of alchemists to make him a potion that would make him impervious to such pain. The alchemists were hired from the scant towns they conquered, forced to labour tirelessly in their creation of Dansey’s Stride. A calender year went by, with Dansey too fearful to engage in combat for the pain he dreaded. But after much research, the alchemists succeeded in creating the potion and Dansey went on to conquer not only the Orcish settlement that had scorned him a year ago, but many others within the area around 150 AC.


Although mainly used as an anesthetic to numb pain in the patients of healers, Dansey’s Stride is also used by fighters clad in heavy armor in preparation for immediate battles. However, only an alchemist working in tandem with such warriors can make use of the potion, as it must be used within 12 hours of brewing. All the dry ingredients must be chopped and ground in a steel bowl, before adding boiling water to the mix in small increments over the course of an hour. The exception to this is the Avant Leaf, which must be placed in a pot of boiling water separately. Over a further twelve hours, the herb must be left to sit in the water and kept at a generous heat, adding flecks of Salpeter occasionally to prevent a boil. By the end of the time, the Dagruhn's Clove—along with the resulting liquids—can be added to the inert ingredients to complete the potion. Due to the short expiration of the concoction, this final step is often reserved until Dansey's Stride is required on the battlefield.



A would-be warrior or patient must consume the vial with a few sips for the effect to take place. Application to the skin directly will result in a numbing sensation, but it will only target whatever limb it is used on, and is not as strong as drinking the potion directly.


A single vial of Dansey’s Stride will numb the user’s body for 5 minutes, making its combative use difficult, but highly effective in the right circumstances. After those five minutes have expired, feeling will quite rapidly flood through the body, along with the collective pain of any injuries sustained in this time. After the effects leave the individual, they will not be able to take the potion again lest they suffer serious heart problems. These problems are doubly potent in the orcish people. For those taking the potion while moving, they will experience a significant drop in reflexes from the concoction, making it only practical for heavy armor-toting thugs in combat, who would otherwise be slow.

Physical Characteristics

Dansey’s Stride is a viscous substance which appears brown and murky; hardly more appetizing than a handful of goop that one most consume. It will reek of not just the Achin Root used in it's making, but of an Achin Root that has been pulled from the most vile of dirt. The taste is quite the same. It will often form into small chunks if the vial is left for too long without consumption, ultimately drying itself out within 12 hours. At this point the potion smells so vile it usually must be disposed of.


  • The potion has been made illegal to use in combat by the Regalian Army, due to the complexity of its consumption and effects.
  • Dansey’s potion was named by the warlord himself, who died a week after proclaiming the potion to be his greatest gift to the world. His children were not amused.

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