Deep Sea Giant Loptus

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Deep Sea Giant Loptus
Official Name Deep Sea Giant Loptus.
Common Nicknames Giant Squid, Giant Loptus, Deep Sea Squid
Classification Mollusc
Habitat Deep underwater in all oceans
Domesticated No.
Current Status Rare

While the Oceans of Aloria have been barely explored, the Deep Sea Giant Loptus lurks in the depths of all of them. The Deep Sea Giant Loptus is a gigantic squid, using two large tentacles to move swiftly through the water by propelling itself forward in a spiral motion. For many years these leviathans have remained hidden, only shown in folklore throughout many cultures. Many seafarers claim they’ve spotted the creature, though the validity of this is tenuous, as the Deep Sea Giant Loptus are uncommon and few in number. The size of this creature has taken the interest of scholars, and its ferocious mentality has been adapted to folklore in some cultures.


Before the Cataclysm, the Deep Sea Giant Loptus was much smaller than it is now, and thrived near the surface. This soon changed, however, as the effects of the Void mutated and corrupted this squid, turning it into a menacing creature of great stature. Though their existence remained unconfirmed by scholars, many coastal settlements of Ailor started telling tales of giant squids grabbing onto vessels and pulling them into the depths of the ocean. In 271 AC, a group of scholars trained by the School of Husbandry spotted what they believed to be the Deep Sea Giant Loptus. They observed it for a mere few minutes before it disappeared into the murky blue water, marking the first scientific observation of the squid. As time progressed, so too did the myth of the Giant Loptus.

Physical Appearance

While the Giant Loptus has remained out of sight for a good amount of time, scholars who have seen them recorded that they range from bright reds to a murky maroon color. These giant marine creatures aren’t known for their color, but rather their immense size. They range from 22 to 47 feet, though the greater extremity of this is rarely, if ever, truly seen. The Giant Loptus is complemented by two large tentacles which take up around 14’ to 22’ of the squid’s length. These two tentacles allow the squid to propel itself in the water, where it usually moves in a corkscrew maneuver. Another significant feature is the two large eyes upon its mantle, which allows for the easier detection of light in the dark ocean.


In terms of gender, the Deep Sea Giant Loptus have a larger population of females than males. This is mainly due to the fact that male Loptuses tend to be smaller, and more daring, causing them to be prone to being attacked, and perish by the hands of other sea creatures or even Ailor dwelling close to the surface.

Life Span and Development

Despite the hazardous environment the Giant Loptus lives in, they can live up to 40 years. As juveniles, they’re prone to being killed off, given the multitude of predators that dwell in the depth of Aloria’s oceans.

Mental Overview

Many of the common myths about the Giant Loptus ring true, for the most part. While their aggressiveness may be over-exaggerated, they have a tendency to attack anything they see as prey or a threat. From hunting deep-sea fish to attacking large ocean mammals, the Giant Loptus is relentless in its pursuit. Not much is known about the Giant Loptus’ personality except its highly aggressive nature.

Territory and Groupings

The Giant Loptus tend to be solitary animals, and to see two at the same place is an extremely rare occurrence. These formidable sea creatures lurk deep beneath the surface of the oceans of Aloria, only to be really seen by the Maiar who live to tell the tale of their existence. They tend to move around in the same general area, though they will travel far and wide to find a mate when the time comes.


  • As most don’t know if the Deep Sea Giant Loptus actually exists, some sightings and rumors from those believing in the Way of Tides turned this creature into a mythical creature in most folklore.
  • The infamous Giant Squid known in Nordskaggian folklore, Litroe, is said to prowl near the surface during the summer seasons of the year. During this period, Litroe is said to be seen taking down ships and smaller rowing vessels.

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