Dieudonné’s Cup of Poison

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Dieudonné’s Cup of Poison
Name Dieudonné’s Cup of Poison
Origin Ithania
Classification Modern
Found Yes
Location Regalian vault

Dieudonné’s Cup of Poison, otherwise referred to as Dieu’s Cup, is not a unique artifact. In fact, several cups are spread across Aloria, each effectively serving their purpose at the banquets of the rich and successful. Dieu’s Cup serves as an easy way to defame another person or family while the culprit remains undiscovered. Originally there were twelve, yet over the past 50 years a mere three of them have been used at courts, predominantly in Ithania. Quite recently in 301 AC, one Cup had somehow found its way into the Regalian Court and after it had served its purpose, it was safely stored away.


Dieu’s Cup, or its first edition, was created in 238 AC at Ithannsia Osibralla, one of the locations of the School of Ïstorei. It was first created by an Ithanian woman, a then seventh-year student at the academy, by the name of Anne-Laure Dieudonné. It was made with a specific purpose; it was the week prior to a significant dinner with a highly esteemed Altalar mage at the time, providing a chance to become an apprentice to this person. Of course, Anne-Laure was not the only student invited to this evening of opportunity and, so to cancel out her competition, she enchanted the first Cup. Not wanting to test her creation on herself, she first very carefully experimented with a handful of students before she was sure and after made another eleven Cups. The origins are so well recorded, because of the spectacular results the Cups brought. What started out as an evening of elegance and civilized chattery quickly turned into one of vile words and even viler deeds after the first half an hour of the dinner. All but two participated in this madness; the mage and Anne-Laure. Intrigued by her plan and surprising skill for an Ailor, the Altalar did appoint her his apprentice, though not through the academy, for Dieudonné was expelled from the School of Ïstorei for her actions. Miraculously, the Cups disappeared from the scene before being confiscated and have now found their ways around Aloria.


Dieudonné’s Cup of Poison, at first glance, looks like any other wine glass. However, it has a particularly longer stem that is gracefully adorned with a woven pattern of glass. Its bowl is slightly smaller than that of a wine glass used for red wine and where the stem meets the foot, a deep purple Amethyst is incorporated into the glasswork. The quality of glass is otherwise clear, displaying the liquid inside perfectly.

Uses and Abilities

Though not outright poisoning its drinker as the name would imply, the Cup does have a ‘poisonous’ effect; whoever may drink from one of Dieudonné’s Cups shall become overly arrogant and venomous to the people they speak with. Insults and malicious lies or truths will come naturally to the victim, ridiculing or otherwise putting themselves in a bad light. The victim won’t notice that it is not their intention to say these things, only realising what came over them after the temporary curse has expired. The duration of the effects are dependent on the amount drunk. If more than half of whatever liquid inside is drunk, the effects will last an hour. If only a quarter is drunk, then it will last for 30 minutes and so on. If however ample roleplay is provided by roleplaying out the effects longer, then this is of course allowed.

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