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Official Name Dirtmoss
Common Name Forest Moss
Classification Moss
Common Use Utility
Origins Unknown
Habitat Temperate and cool coastal forests

Dirtmoss is an extremely common species of moss well known among the cruder Cultures and peoples of Aloria for its variety of uses to those lacking the sophisticated materials and supplies of others. It most often grows in forests in temperate regions like Essalonia, but cool, coastal forests in areas of The North Belt and beyond also allow it to grow well. It has been decreasing in some areas due to logging, but its vast spread means that many foresters, hikers, and more will continue seeing this plant for centuries to follow this one.


Dirtmoss has been a constant on the forest floors of many temperate regions likely since the dawn of civilization due to its ubiquity. It was first directly identified before the Cataclysm by Ailor on Ceardia, who appeared to make use of it as bedding due to a Ceardian-based term for the moss roughly translated to “sleep plant” in Common. Later, the proto-Velheim and ultimately Velheim were the next Ailor to make certain use of the substance for bedding, but also for a variety of medical and utility uses. In the cruder areas of Aloria and in particular, the Regalian Archipelago, these practices have been retained when quick fixes are required and more fitting treatments or materials are lacking. As a result, the substance has seen a decrease in its use, and in certain areas of Aloria, a decrease overall as forests are chopped down for lumber by the Regalian Empire and other nations. Still, Dirtmoss is prosperous elsewhere, and in recent years has been noted to be creeping into the structure walls of rural settlements in The North Belt, Essalonia and Corontium.


Dirtmoss is a fairly plain species of moss, which are often barely a quarter of an inch tall as they carpet the forest floor, with a mixed coloration of greens and dark browns to its tiny leaves known as gametophytes. They are also known for possessing inch-tall small stalk structures known as sporophytes; these are often pale brown or an off yellow, and exist as a method of spore dispersal.

Uses and Abilities

Dirtmoss has several uses, though largely among the cruder societies of Aloria as more sophisticated peoples. It can be used as an insulator in clothing items (with dried samples of the substance capable of serving as building insulation), as an absorbent pad for bandages and wound dressing, and as a cleaning implement for caught fish, though this last practice is the most sparsely engaged with.


  • Dirtmoss-packed boots make a common appearance in Tarkkin Culture.
  • Dirtmoss largely went extinct in Ellador as a result of the icy blast that froze the region centuries ago. However, Velheim Ailor then re-introduced the substance and it clings to the coastal forests of the continent.

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