Domenico Cavalcante

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Domenico Cavalcante
Notable Person
Full Name Domenico Cavalcante
Race Dressolini Ailor
Date of Birth June 26th, 232 AC
Date of Death N/A
Claim to Fame Primae of the Viridian Order

The Viridian Order found its footing in the twilight years of the would-be Heron Yvrize, and enjoyed a prominent place in the spotlight of the Regalian Empire. Despite the shame of the Viridian Coup Attempt, the Order rebuilt itself to greatness once again. It would become clear, however, that the trials of these knights would not be quite over. After harsh beatings during the Anahera Occupation and the Lo Crisis, the Viridians were scattered and few in number. A surviving, elderly Paladin of the Order, Domenico Cavalcante, would be the man chosen to oversee the following years of rebuilding and revitalization. While still living, he has accomplished much in his years, and has become an incredibly revered man of honor and a treasured Primae.

Origins and Early Life

Domenico was born in the bustling metropolis of Lampeport, Vultaro, to a wealthy family of coalmongers. The Calvancante House was in close cahoots with the ruling family of Vultaro, House Lampero, thus earning them relative wealth and importance by sheer relation to the prestigious family. Domenico showed early interest in roughhousing and marital affairs, but his family saw that he would be of good use in the command sector of the Regalian Military. In their eyes, they could become more powerful using their connections to the Lampero family by shoehorning a commander or general into the Vultarin military ranks. This was not something that appealed to the young Domenico, as he was far more interested in the stories of knights told to him by some of his mentors.

His parents conceded, but expected Domenico to go into the School of Pavisa, which grew in popularity and usefulness within the Dressolini culture during his boyhood. The Viridian Order, however, was where Domenico’s interest truly lied, much to his parent’s dismay. Nevertheless, concede they did, and at the age of ten, Domenico was ushered off to Kurtenwald Castle for training.


Kurtenwald Castle had become a bustling, active hub of Viridians during the middle of the 3rd Century. The days of public loathing from the Viridian Coup Attempt had been put firmly behind the Order, and its population had become rather booming. There was a jovial, energetic hope that permeated around the castle, and it seemed most knights looked to the future with bright eyes. It was this early exposure to such a lively Order that perhaps made Domenico the man he is, instilling a certain attachment to a “Golden Ideal” of the Viridian Order. As a page, Domenico was known as enthusiastic, if not somewhat rowdy. The Elders who trained him often referred to him as “Bootstrapper” for his dynamic, go-getter attitude, and the nickname somewhat stuck with him.

As a squire, there was nothing outstanding about Domenico’s martial skill, as he was no better than really and other trainee. However, the young boy possessed such a fire to improve and achieve, that he became something of a favourite at the castle. It would be said in later diaries kept by various Elders that he was a treasure to train, despite being difficult to handle. Upon graduating and becoming a Man-at-Arms, Domenico was a bright pupil of the Order. In fact, Domenico would become one of the youngest Paladins to ever earn the title, as he was proclaimed the victor of a Grand Tournament by the time he was 26 years old. Over the course of his fledgling years as Paladin, Domenico worked closely with his higher ups in participating in missions of honor and charity. He was known as somewhat picky about the work he did, however, being careful to avoid anything that might stain his honor. It wasn’t unknown for the Order to undertake missions that weren’t “clean” during this time, as the Viridian’s relative boom in membership meant needing more work for these young knights to do. Nevertheless, Domenico proved a valuable Paladin.

The quiet decades of the Regalian Empire would come to a close with the onset of the Destruction of Ceardia. While the Viridian Order was not involved per say, Domenico possessed a certain profound sadness for what had occured. He was, in fact, one of the most prominent voices in support of helping refugees and offering Viridian Support. This carried over at the outbreak of the Drachenwald Crisis, and Domenico began to possess something of a resentment of the current stock of Elders and the Primae, who he saw as passive. Thankfully, the Viridian Order was spurred to action during the subsequent Chrysant War and Ranger Crisis. Domenico performed admirably, but his increasing clashes with Viridian High Command did not earn him a seat on the Elder’s Council as time passed.

Later Life

Paladin Calvacante would indeed continue to be a voice of moral authority within the Order, even if he did not possess the rank needed to properly see change. There was a perceived drop in quality in his eyes. Viridians, to Calvacante, seemed to have gotten lazy and content, and the Golden Days of the Order were behind them. In fact, the Paladin was noted to have often commented during the early days of the Anahera Occupation that: “Something bad is bound to happen. We’ve all but invited trouble to our doorstep”. Many began to dismiss Calvacante as an old, stubborn man, who was simply growing irritable in his late years. However, his warning would become truth as the Order was beaten to a pulp by the Deathling forces of Freya Lo.

In the aftermath, he was one of the few remaining Paladins of note left living in the Order. With the Elders and the Primae utterly slaughtered during the Lo Crisis, there were few choices left for a Viridian leader. It was proclaimed by Emperor Cedromar that Calvacante would become Primae of the Viridian Order, marking the first non-Elder to earn the position. Working closely with the Emperor, Primae Calvacante would make it his mission to see a return to the Golden Days of the Order. Massive recruiting efforts were taken, for not only Pages, but Shieldmaidens as well, careful not to leave Kurtenwald so unguarded a second time around. To this day he remains Primae, but grows old and weary by the day. His leadership has proved effective for rebuilding the Order, but many wonder how long he will last in this increasingly dangerous world.


Domenico was known in his younger years as bold, ambitious, and fiery. While troublesome to teach as a boy, many enjoyed his company far into his late years. Coming to grips with the way of the world and his clashes with his beloved Order, Domenico became somewhat stubborn and grouchy as an old man. The last few years since the Lo Crisis have shined some light on Calvacante, however, and he seems to have become a far more lively man again, if not still somewhat stuck in his ways.


Primarily, Domenico is known for his role as the sitting Primae of the Viridian Order. He has played a crucial role in reshaping the Order to survive after the trials it has gone through, and is known to have done a surprisingly good job at it. The amount of new pages that have begun training is higher than most other times historically, and his positive optimism about the Order’s future has inspired countless knights to press on, despite the hardships they have endured. While not dead yet, and has many more years of possible padding to his legacy, Domenico has already left an indelible mark on the world around him.

Extended Family

With the collapse of House Lampero, the power and influence of the Calvacante Family has evaporated. His parents and siblings are mostly long dead, but Domenico has long been known to have a wife and a few children, but keeps his personal life rather quiet. Only a few close friends in the Order know of his family’s location, and the stubborn man talks very little of them, preferring to keep his public and private lives separate entirely.


  • It is often said that Domenico has owned the same pair of dark leather riding boots for over three decades. When asked about its truth, he is known to humorously reply, “Well why else do they call me Bootstrapper?”
  • Domenico is a record-holder in a few ways. He is not only the only Paladin to be instantly promoted to Primae, but also the only Dressolini Primae in history.
  • The Primae has a funny hobby of painting. He is known to get nostalgic for the coasts of Lampeport, and while he never has time to visit, Domenico paints the city ports from childhood memory, often in somewhat surreal, unrealistic ways.

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