Dorinn Herbal

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Dorinn Herbal
Dorinn Herbal.png
Appearance A brown-colored liquor that appears much like rum.
Application Casual consumption; potion brewing.
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Halnick Mosenhof, of Dorinn.
Potency Variable; 10 straight sips for intoxication.
Injectable No
  1. Reliable potion base.
  2. Intoxication when ingested.

The Dorinn Herbal is a powerful and heavily scented alcohol created from alchemically significant vocadine and a series of strong-smelling herbs and seeds. It is most recognizable as a strong and mildly expensive drink, though apothecaries often utilize the alcohol for potion creation. As a beverage, it is highly popular among the wealthy, and the spirit connoisseurs who praise its complex taste and soothing smell. The alcohol can also be found adorning the shelves of clinics and apothecaries as a staple base for concoctions and decoctions.


The Dorinn Herbal is an antiquated Regalian invention named for its creation in the province of Dorinn. The brewster and entrepreneur known as Halnick Mosenhof is reputed to have created the first recipe for the Dorinn Herbal in the year 75 AC, and is also credited to have finalized the modern formula for its production decades after. Various alchemists had continued to innovate its uses past Mosenhof’s death, and had established its uses in potion creation by the 2nd century AC. As part of his infamous tome ‘The Modern Apothecarium’, Alestaire Middencroft recorded a vast list of possible concoctions derived from the Dorinn Herbal, some of which included poisons or violently powerful potions.


The Dorinn Herbal is reasonably easy to create in comparison to other alcohols, as the difficulties mostly lie in obtaining the ingredients. Wormwood, liquorice seeds, and cinnamon must be infused in a spotless container full of vocadine for five days to give it its complex flavoring. After this, the alcohol is treated with the fumes of a burning cropping of Lanarra’s Hand, which is transferred in an alembic. The herbal must rest for a few days before it is ready for use.



The Dorinn Herbal has two main uses, one of which is simple consumption. Although drinking the alcohol ‘straight’ and without any other additives is popular, some have taken to mixing it with milk or apple cider to dilute the alcohol content and add to its already complex taste. Mixing the drink is frowned upon, as most Dorinn Herbal enthusiasts imbibe the drink for its aftertaste above anything else.

Much like the Vocadine it was brewed from, the Dorinn Herbal can be used as a base for many potions. Ingredients can be decocted, distilled, infused, or boiled to add its effects to the foundation that the Dorinn Herbal provides. Potions made from the Dorinn Herbal retain the alcohol’s signature scent, often making the imbibing of the liquid much more bearable than others. It also holds its scent when in oil or dust form, giving away its nature when smelled from poisons and other products made from the herbal.


Suggested by its name, the Dorinn Herbal has a complex series of herbal tastes when drank without any additions. It is imbibed with a smooth and painless finish, leaving behind a woody and sweet aftertaste that lingers on the tongue for hours. Many claim that it goes well with cheese and sweetmeats, adding to its popularity among the wealthy. Most average Ailor tend to become tipsy by the herbal within ten or so sips taken straight from the bottle.

Alchemically, the Dorinn Herbal mainly functions as a base and binder for the effects of various ingredients. It has the capacity to combine many other ingredients without fear of dilution, and is therefore used in the sphere of advanced potion-brewing to create increasingly complex concoctions. Its only drawback is its lack of subtlety, as the signature smell of the herbal permeates throughout any additions made to the potion’s contents. This makes it an eccentric, easily discernable base for poisons or other potions of questionable purpose.

Physical Characteristics

The Dorinn Herbal takes the same consistency and color as rum, in that the liquid has a red-tinged brown coloration. Perhaps more recognizable its smell, as the combination of heavily scented ingredients makes a powerful impression on the nose. When examined closely, one can see the various sediments and smoky mist created from the creation process.


  • During times of prolonged war in the Regalian Empire, the ability to obtain Dorinn Herbal for recreational use became exceedingly difficult, as the alcohol is often requisitioned and sent to field hospitals on the warfront. It is therefore a sign of prestige to be in possession of a Dorinn Herbal brewed in a season of conflict.
  • Many people claim that the taste of Dorinn Herbals suffer when brewed outside of its respective province. The explanation behind such a belief revolves around the specific climate needed to achieve the balance of flavors in the liquor.
  • Housewives and grizzled men across the west Regalian archipelago claim that the Dorinn Herbal provides a boon of haste to the mind when imbibed. There is no scientific or alchemical proof behind this, though it has become tradition for Regalian marines to drink a toast of the Herbal before battle.

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