Dorinn Rye

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Dorinn Rye
Official Name Dorinn Rye
Classification Grass
Common Use Food and Drink
Origins Dorinn
Habitat Plains, Farms

Dorinn Rye is the trademark grain of the region of Dorinn in the Regalian Archipelago. Used both in baked goods as well as various namesake alcohols, Dorinn Rye has grown in popularity tremendously since it was first harvested back in 50 AC. While it is not as accessible or widely available as Anglian Wheat, Dorinn Rye is grown in both Dorinn and Ithania.


Dorinn Rye existed as a wild grain for decades even before Ailor had settled in the region. It went undiscovered for so long because it blended in very well with a local grass. It was not until closer inspection by newly arrived Anglian farmers that the plant was discovered to be a grain, and in fact not a grass. It was quickly cultivated and became a core crop to the Dorinn people. Due to the high prevalence of Anglian Wheat, Dorinn Rye was not grown much outside of Dorinn itself until 110 AC. It was then that several brewers discovered the grain’s usefulness as a possible ingredient in their drinks such as whiskey. Shooting up in popularity, its cultivation quickly expanded to Ithania and smaller pockets in several other regions. Today, it is almost exclusively refined to Ithania and Dorinn, and is a major export item for the little Lordship.


Though possessing multiple uses, this stout grain owns a rather unassuming appearance. Standing at a maximum of three feet, the plant has two to three stalks rising out of a core stem, giving fields a very thick, grassy appearance at first glance. It possesses flag leaves that sit close to the plant and small heads of the grain at the top of the stalk, whose kernels number twenty to thirty. The Rye’s beard is very short and coarse. The entire plant has a dusty green hue, with minor tinges of brown along the stem and the grain kernels.

Uses and Abilities

Dorinn Rye finds most of its use in the kitchens of famous chefs and housewives alike; creating fragrant and crumbly breads when ground down into flour for easier cooking. Another common application is within the creation of regional alcohols (often whiskey), which makes use of various levels of the rye grain in their production. It is also a key ingredient in the renowned Dorinn Herbal beverage.


  • An old Anglian Frondespael poem about a woman in the rye has been a popular drinking song for years, though most Dorinn farmers find it unamusing as it mocks both the rye and her nearby farmer brother.
  • One of the most popular brands of rye whiskey made in Dorinn uses very little rye in the alcohol's actual distilling.

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