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Dorkarth Bloodline
Pronunciation Dorr-Karth
Origins The Vampiric Princedom of Dorkarth
Niche Warrior Vampires holding onto the old roots of Vampirism as it was meant once

The Dorkarth Bloodline is a waning yet still powerful Bloodline that hails from the Princedom of Dorkarth, the only Vampire state in the world that still resides somewhere on the north-western coast of Ellador, locked in an eternal war with the Isldar and the Dwarves and Ailor colonists, long after the Vampire Wars ended, and any memory of these secret wars passed into myth and legend for the common Regalian. The Dorkarth are the most resilient of the Vampires, having weathered wars with others and even sabotage from Bloodlines within. The name of the Dorkarth Princes (a term used to describe both female and male Dorkarth leaders) still echo, even among Covens that have long pledged their allegiance to other Bloodlines and other pursuits than the chase after a Vampire Empire. Almost every other Bloodline that exists today once descended from the original Dorkarth Princes, all fourteen of them, that ruled with an iron fist from their Dorkarthi Dreadforts, flying castles held aloft with black magics that terrorized the countryside, captured blood cattle and moved on to their next victims at the height of their power. While many of the modern covens would dismiss the Dorkarth as outdated and too strongly controlled by their worldly designs of megalomania and conquest, they still pose a considerable threat, as the Vampire armies of the Dorkarthi Princedom still exist, and the Moratoriums left behind by the Dorkarthi agents spreading across the world hundreds of years ago still lie hidden, hiding dark arcane secrets of the crimson curse that will only answer to the Dorkarth Vampires. Indeed, hatred among the Dorkarth for the Werebeasts is strongest, once their pets and enslaved warriors, now free to fight them at every turn. Dorkarth are beset by enemies from everywhere, but more than equipped and capable to take them all on. As the stewards of Vampiric culture and history and the dark arts of Vampiric lore, the Dorkarth are begrudgingly acknowledged by the other Bloodlines as indispensable in the fight against those that would eliminate all Vampires.

Dorkarth Mentality

Many Dorkarth mutate to leave behind their weaker humanoid form into something greater

Dorkarth Vampires are unpleasant, even among Vampires. They have a greed, an ego, and a lust for blood and power that is not rivaled by any other Vampire Bloodline. This is largely because the Dorkarth are also the closest related to the First of the Vampires, blessed, or tainted depending on your perspective, by the Archdemon. Dorkarth Vampires have closer ties with those of the Faith of the Dark Ancients and Evolution Cultism, and their affiliations with the Void are more clearly pronounced than other Vampires who might simply skirt around the Void when it suits them. Dorkarth are always ambitious and driven to seek out self-betterment, not content to survive and merely live on by in Crookback or in the Sewers, aiming to live in Estates and Palaces and domains of their own. Dorkarth Vampires have a level of disdain for other Bloodlines as "those who have forgotten the old ways", but are readily willing to subject them to their rule, if it means using the lesser Vampires and devolved Vampires to do their bidding. Within a Coven, Dorkarth Vampires are also merciless when it comes to internal rule. It takes a strong Dorkarth ruler to retain control of their Coven, as other Dorkarth always seek opportunities to challenge their rule and replace them as the new ruler. Dorkarth are cruel and sometimes unusually sadistic, taking pleasure in the anguish and suffering of others, especially Werebeasts.

Dorkarth Niche

Dorkarth Vampires fill a unique niche in Vampire society of the lore keeper of old ways, and the staunch and narrow-minded yet strong-headed traditionalist that looks down on the trivial distractions that other Vampires live through. They seek power, not through standing in the shadows of someone else, but by being part of the wheel that moves power forward, or by being at the very top of it all, commanding legions beneath them and tearing down the rotten boroughs of non-Vampiric authority around the world. Dorkarth Vampires rarely work well with others, but are content to subject other Vampires to their machinations and designs, one daydreaming of sharing in the glory and fame of the Dorkarth Princes, and commanding their own Dreadfort from which to spread their influence from the sky. The Dorkarth frequently work to undermine the Regalian Empire, perhaps not to embroil it in chaos and overthrow it through revolution and rebellion, but by corrupting it from the inside, and subjecting it to their own control and power. They seek to usurp the Empire and declare the Dorkarthi Empire, ruled by the Dorkarth Princes, and perhaps, any Dorkarth capable of realizing this dream might one day also be blessed by the Void and be called a Dorkarth Prince themselves.

Dorkarth Common Abilities

Common Abilities are mechanics that all Dorkarth Vampires have access to, meaning they are implied and it is not necessary to record them on a Character Application, though you may for posterity sake. Important instructions for Character Apps are included in the Vampire Form table row at the bottom.

Standard Ability Ability Category Range Description (Standard Mutations are free but Mandatory, All Dorkarth Vampire have them, and they can use these Abilites while in their non-Vampiric Form and Vampiric Form (Auld Form))
Blood Collaring Soul Curse Emote Distance The Vampire can Target either a willing or restrained non-Vampire person to attach a Blood-Collar to their neck, colored in crimson blood yet solid and shaped like brambles with thorns. While the Vampire is in Emote Distance, any command issued must be followed, else the collar will dig its spikes into the neck and cause bleeding. While within range, any number of commands can be issued, but only the last command will remain active when leaving Emote Distance. Blood Collared individuals cannot be infected with Vampirism, and the Collar can only be removed by any type of Exorcism-Like Ability that removes Possessions. Any Vampire can only have one person Collared at any time.
Immortal Aging Constant Passive Self The Vampire does not age from the moment of infection. Their aging ceases visually, and they can sustain themselves beyond their natural undeath. This is not true undeath, but a state of suspended unlife. If a Vampire is cured when they have lived a number of years as a Vampire, they will proceed to age rapidly over a period of 2 weeks. Becoming re-infected during these two weeks will restore the Vampire back to the age they were when cured. If they cannot be re-infected before the end of the 2 week period, the aging is permanent, and re-infection causes the character to freeze at the new age. If a character has aged far beyond their natural lifespan, if they are not re-infected before the end of the 2 week period, they will die. (It is not allowed to perma-imprison a character to prevent infection to their death during these two weeks) Vampires require an Backstory Special Permission in order to be older than 100 years old. Vampires who are turned through active roleplay can be older than 100 years without a Backstory Special Permission (Though in all cases, a character older than 150 requires a Backstory Special Permission)
Darklord Macabre Constant Passive Emote Distance Dorkarth Vampires can have up to 3 Blood Collared subjects, instead of 1 for every other Vampire Bloodline. Additionally, they can apply Danse Macabre to their Blood Collared subjects within Emote Distance.
Danse Macabre Toggle Passive Self The Vampire is able to change the appearance of their clothing, add, or remove clothing magically and instantly, either with an aesthetic magical transformation, or simply instantly. This change can also alter the fabric, texture, color, or patterns on worn clothing. Clothing that is magically produced dissipates as soon as it leaves the body of the Vampire. A character with 10 Bodycare Proficiency or 10 Perception Proficiency can see through the clothing disguise, identifying the person underneath. They will not understand this clothing is Magical, but see through any disguise attempt.
Auld Feeding Vampire Spell Touch The Vampire, when sinking their teeth into the neck of their victim causes a partial paralysis that makes it impossible for the victim to struggle out of their grip or fight back, but still aware enough to know what is happening, be able to see, hear, and speak. The Vampire can consume as much blood as they want, but can drink no longer than 10 minutes which is their upper fill. Upon releasing their teeth from the victim’s neck, the effect is instantly canceled, but the victim is too weak to immediately turn back and fight for at least half a minute. This Ability may not be used to tie someone up at the same time, and the Vampire cannot fight or use Abilities while drinking.
Auld Body Constant Passive Self
  • The Vampire’s new Physical Stat Limit is 25, overriding any Racial Limit as long as it is above this number. If below, then the Racial Limit applies.
  • The Vampire is able to consume food and drinks, These give them sustenance, but can never replace the feeding qualities of blood.
  • The Vampire is able to reproduce with both Vampires and non-Vampires, and will always have Dorkarth Vampire Broods.
  • The Vampire does have red eyes, and their eye sockets are also noticeably reddened and darkened, and their skin can no longer tan in sunlight.
  • The Vampire’s Vampire teeth appear at all times, and are noticeable when they are speaking with others from within 3 blocks range.
  • The Vampire can see clearly in Mundane Darkness.
Auld Power Constant Passive Self
  • The Vampire is immune to hypothermia or hyperthermia, and is not slowed down by Non-Ability based and Ability based frost on their body or snow on the ground, however when set ablaze they do take damage from the fire.
  • The Vampire can superimpose an unnatural darkness on the area around them, not enough to actually make the area any harder to see, but to draw attention to them, while their eyes start glowing a more bright red, creating an aura of dread around them.
  • The Vampire can apply so-called Severing Glyphs to others once a day. A Glyph of their design is applied to the nape of the target’s neck, which acts like a possession (and can also be purified as one), severing the emotions and conscience of the target. This must be applied by Direct Touch, and the victim will be aware of it being there and its effects when applied.
Auld Form Mythic Shift Self The Vampire can activate their Auld Form, which is a Mythic Shift that turns them into a so-called Vampiric Form. Vampiric Forms are alternate appearance versions of the Vampire’s normal form that give creative liberty to the player in terms of design, with some noted limitations. All Vampiric Forms (per bloodline) have some basic rules so that a Bloodline can easily be read from their appearance, however beyond that, many different aesthetic aspects can be modified at will. It is required to produce a “Vampiric Form” section on the Character Application, detailing in a Paragraph what your character’s Vampiric Form looks like. Having a separate skin for Vampiric Form is not required, strongly recommended for immersion. The following rules apply to the Auld Form for this Bloodline:
  • Auld Form Vampires must have considerable (large or many) parts of their body colored in black or dark gray, whether that be hair or horns or tattoos or other appendages/skin armor etc.
  • Auld Form Vampires must have raven black hair if they have hair in their Vampiric Form, and if not, they must have jet-black large horns, or both.
  • Auld Form Vampires must have solid black eyes with only a thin halo of bright red where their irises would normally be and light white clear skin (but may have other things on their skin like tattoos or glyphs).
  • Auld Form Vampires can have extra limbs and eyes, but these must only be aesthetic and non-functional unless dictated by Mutation.
  • Auld Form Vampires may not use aesthetics unique to other Vampire Forms, and vice versa. Each Vampire Form must thematically represent their Bloodline.
  • Auld Form Vampires may not too closely resemble other aesthetic Mythic Shifts or Beast Shifts, like Werebeasts or Dragon Warriors.
  • Auld Form Vampires may be designed to be not-recognizable or recognizable, that is up to the player. They may look completely different in Vampire Form.
  • Auld Form Vampires always look the same, and aesthetic changes on the Character App are purely OOC ret-cons and do not confuse identification.
  • Auld Form Vampires can transform in and out of their Vampiric Form instantly and painlessly. This Transformation also cannot be countered in any way.
  • In order to use Auld Form, you must have had your Character app approved, and the description specifically approved by Lore Staff.

Dorkarth Form Mutations

Form Mutations can only be used in Vampiric Form (Auld Form). Each Player may choose up to 5 Mutations from this list, which must be recorded on a Character Application. Abilities may not be used before the Application is approved. Abilities may only be changed once, repeated changing of Abilities will result in a Character App being revoked. Some Dorkarth Mutations can apply outside of Vampire Form. Where applicable, this is mentioned in the description.

Form Mutation Ability Category Range Description (Choose up to 5 of these Mutations, they can only be used while in Vampiric form (Auld Form))
Auld Embrace Vampire Spell Self Any leather-tier or above armor worn by the Vampire is automatically as strong as platemail tier armor, however any leather-tier or above armor worn by the Vampire also gains weakness to Archan Lineage Ailor, Dragon Warriors, Archblood, and Sihndar who ignore the armor all together with their attacks, striking straight through. This Mutation can apply outside of Vampire Form.
Auld Sensing Constant Passive Self Any Target Illusion or Object Illusion that is imparting effects on the Vampire is Detected by the Vampire, but not nullified. This means that if an Illusion Ability of any kind affects the Vampire, they will be aware that they are being affected by an Illusion, but still cannot tell what is an illusion and what is not, or the difference between multiple Illusions or a single one. Additionally, while they have no detection or protection against Target Curses, they can sense an Object Curse nearby (the object itself) as long as they are within Emote Distance of it, but they cannot pinpoint the exact location, only that a Cursed item is present near them. This Mutation can be used outside of Vampire Form.
Auld Beastlording Vampire Spell Emote Distance After defeating a Werebeast of any Soul-line, excluding Raprann, Carpedeim, and Enhanced Werebeasts (defeating being classified as knocking them out, or getting them to surrender), the Vampire may activate a Blood-Leash on the Werebeast, which when chained, instantly refreshes and heals any damage the Werebeast sustained in combat against the Vampire. This leash is seen as a see-through red chain from the neck of the Werebeast to the hand of the Vampire. While chained, the Werebeast can choose not to obey the commands of the Vampire who holds the leash, but if they do so, they will feel as if their blood is boiling, the same thing occurring if it tries to attack the Vampire while chained. Additionally, while chained, the Werbeast’s animalistic features become exaggerated as if it devolves, and it gains +10 Physical Stat (which cannot break the Physical Stat Limit), and enlarged claws, also losing the ability to speak beyond growls and snarls. Only two such chains can be active within Viewing Distance of each other, and if a new one enters viewing distance, that chain instantly snaps. The chain can be broken through a number of means: the Vampire letting go of the chain, the Vampire leaving Emote Distance, the Vampire being knocked out, an Enhanced Werebeast being given 5 seconds of uninterrupted time to try and break the chain with both hands grappled onto it, or the maximum of 1 hour time limit on the effects of this Ability expiring. If the Vampire holding the chain threatens harm on the chained Werebeast or attempts to kill or harm it, the chain will also break. After breaking, the Werebeast’s appearance and stats return back to normal, and they become immune to being chained again for 3 days, which applies to all forms of chain breaking. If this Mutation is chosen, Blood Collaring can no longer affect Werebeasts.
Auld Mirrorspeech Vampire Spell Self The Vampire can use any standing mirror found in any building as a communication portal to any other mirror that another Vampire of any Bloodline is standing in front of. A mirror must be reflected as 2 Ice or Packed Ice Blocks on top of each other either inserted in the wall, or standing alone by itself. This communication allows them to see each other and any object or person they are holding, but no more than that. They can hear sounds in the background, and also voices, but only from within Emote Distance of the mirror. The Vampire may also choose to try and communicate with a specific mirror they have seen before, by making a hand gesture on the mirror they are attempting to use to communicate. The mirror that they held in their mind will then have red smokey effects emanating from the edges that only Vampires can see, until one steps in front of the mirror and initiates communication, or until the Vampire calling to that mirror steps away from their mirror. Either Vampire stepping away from the mirror will instantly break the connection. This Mutation can be used outside of Vampire Form.
Auld Moratorium Constant Passive Self Dorkarth Vampires with this Mutation are the only Vampires who can unlock Dorkarth Moratoriums, old sites dating back from the Vampire Wars that hide the corrupted specters of the Dorkarth Morthaal, sages of old Dorkarthi knowledge and Vampiric wisdom. Dorkarth Moratoriums can both act as a temporary safehouse, as well as a place to summon the knowledge of the Vampire Wars and the extended Vampire spy-network across the world. This Mutation can be used outside of Vampire Form.
Auld Echoscream Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire can activate an Echoscream while standing still. This produces a series of red echowaves that reverberate against walls and corridors in Emote Distance around them. This provides them with a snap-snot mental image of the layout of the building or area they are in, in that very second that the Echoscream reverberates. Additionally, they will have a mental image of any heartbeat that is within that Emote Distance, but only from that very snapshot (meaning if the heartbeat moves after the Echoscream, it will no longer be up to date). This Ability can be used once every two hours.
Auld Bloodcry Vampire Spell Emote Distance The Vampire when having inflicted a wound on an opponent or victim that is actively drawing blood, can “rip” this wound from anywhere in Emote Distance to cause additional damage. After landing the hit, the Vampire has up to 5 minutes to trigger the Bloodcry as long as they remain in Emote Distance, and when activated, it causes a slash of blood to rip from the wound, which causes pain to the victim and causes them to stagger to a kneeled position before recovering. This can only be used once per wound, and only one Bloodcry can be used every 5 minutes on the same target. The Bloodcry stagger will cause any charging, Channel Abilities or timed actions or Abilities to cancel or reset where applicable.
Auld Varlord Constant Passive Self This Mutation causes the Vampire’s anatomy to take some changes, incorporating more bat-like anatomical features. This Mutation is active in both Vampiric Form and Non Vampiric Form.Their browbone becomes more distinctly V-shaped, while their chest forms webbed skin with their arms, and their muscularity alters to become alien to those who are used to more humanoid anatomy (see art here and above). Additionally, the Physical Stat limit for this Bloodline is raised by 5 (but no free Physical Stat is given). Finally, they have prehensile feet, giving them the ability to grasp items. This allows their feet to wield weapons at the same proficiency as their hands, for them to hold onto objects or structures with the feet (such as suspending from a beam) or throw objects with their feet, as long as they do not wear any shoes. This Mutation can be used outside of Vampire Form It also remains active even after the person has been cured of Vampirism (though the Physical Stat increase does not).
Auld Bloodwar Vampire spell Self The Vampire can summon blood-sung weapons made out of crystallized blood with the toughness of steel. They can summon one weapon (or two if they dual-wield), but they cannot give these weapons to anyone else, as when they leave their hands, the weapons disintegrate. After disintegration, this Ability goes on a 20-second cooldown. This Ability can summon ranged weapons also, but any and all weapons including ranged obey Proficiency mechanics. Additionally, projectiles shot with a Bloodsung bow will be made out of Bloodsung material also. Finally, Bloodsung weapons can be exploded while in the hands of the Vampire. This causes a shockwave that pushes everyone (excluding the Vampire) within 8 blocks back by 3 blocks, but does not knock them off their feet, yet will interrupt charges or Channel Abilities. If this mechanic is used, this Ability goes on a 1 hour cooldown.
Auld Flocking Toggle Passive Self This Ability can be toggled on and off. While toggled on, the lower half of the Vampire from the waist down becomes obscured by a flock of bats rapidly fluttering and flying around the base of their feet, lifting them up to a foot off the ground, while some bats also fly around them for aesthetic purposes. The bats themselves can't be attacked, but the Vampire's legs are still vulnerable. While this toggle is active, the Vampire cannot take falling damage and will always float downwards, while any Ability that would cause their feet to be restrained or trapped or snared does not affect them (though damage effects still apply if there are any).


  • While Alais Vampires recruit from their own family, Dorkarth Vampires actually have a habit of mercy killing their entire family when turned. This is because they consider familial bonds a weakness and an attachment that gets in their way to power. Dorkarth Vampires are also known to commit infanticide.
  • Dorkarth Vampires have such a seething hatred for Werebeasts that they find the very smell of furred humanoids repugnant. This causes unpleasant responses to Asha and some Sihai also, regardless of whether they are Werebeast or not.
  • The old Dorkarth Legions used to be comprised of Vampire warriors, but many of these legions have long since been replaced with collared slaves, reserving the dwindling Dorkarth numbers for honor-guard and ruling positions to merit their ego, instead of being condemned to being foot soldiers.

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