Dormdir Bulb

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Dormdir Bulb
Official Name Dormdir Bulb
Common Name Lavender’s Junior/Sister, Light Imperial
Classification Flower
Common Use Decoration
Origins Essalonia
Habitat Temperate climate

A plant native to Essalonia with a dense bulb of purple or purple-blue petals, Dormdir Bulb went undiscovered to wider Aloria for centuries. Only recently has it been discovered, and now grows in popularity as a symbol of the continent. It is only valued for its decorative nature, due to its lack of a strong scent or taste to give it other uses.


The Dormdir Bulb has had a limited history with Aloria. For most of time, none were aware of its existence as it grew in the forests and fields of northern Essalonia, and often inland away from the coastlines occasionally traveled by the Velheim Ailor and others. It was only discovered recently, when the Regalian Empire and their colonists expanded outward from the coastline heading inland. There the colonists found the beautiful flowers, and rapidly helped them propagate across their colonies, but also transported them back to the Regalian Archipelago. Their pale blue-lavender color palette was well enjoyed, and it remains a popular decorative flower among the Colonial Ailor who dominate the territory the plant is spread over.


The Dormdir Bulb grows in clumps of up to twenty small, thin stems sprouting from a central point, measuring roughly a foot high if growing straight up. These stems are covered in small oblong leaves and both are the same shade of pale green. The flowers at the top of the stem features a bright yellow center surrounded by a thick layer, sometimes to the point of double-layering, of linear-shapes petals. They are often paler closer to the center, with their darker color along the edges, and usually go from pale blue to purple, or pale purple into dark purple. When they close up, they gain their “Blub” moniker due to the green vegetation at the flower head’s base surrounding and keeping the petals concealed, aside from a small tuft out the top.

Uses and Abilities

Dormdir’s Bulbs are solely useful in a decorative capacity, as their fragrance is light and not enough for perfumes, while its taste is bland and unsuitable for use in any dishes. Beds of the flower are a common sight in settlements of the New Ceardian Colonies


  • Dormdir Blubs are of intense interest to Bees in the springtime, though the exact reason why they are so popular over other flowers is unknown.
  • Dormdir Bulbs gained their name from how, when the plant is dormant at night or without sunlight, it curls up into a bulb-like formation.

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