Dovrinik Viksfjord

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Dovrinik Viksfjord
Appearance A foamed, dark yellow liquid.
Difficulty 8/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Trenne Iskaldsund
Class Upper Class
Ingredients Unknown, save an unknown portion of caraway

Dovrinik Viksfjord is a unique variety of ale brewed at sea by the Iskaldsund Ale Makers of the Kingdom of Nordskag. Highly sought after for its distinct taste, the drink also has a unique creation story tied into why casks of the substance go through a sort of sea trial in the final stage of their creation. The drink’s actual ingredients are unknown; this and other factors make it highly sought after in the nobility of the north, often earning the company that makes it a significant profit.


Dovrinik Viksfjord is a beverage that was made by accident rather than on purpose. In the evacuation of the Velheim from the Skagger Horde out of Drixagh, beer made for the journey was quickly prepared and taken aboard the naval vessels that took the fleeing population elsewhere. However, in the rush and fear, a number of the barrels were prepared incorrectly. While overall, the batches that were incorrect only had one thing wrong or were unpleasant yet drinkable when discovered later, Dovrinik Viksfjord was far different. It was made by a young man known as Trenne Iskaldsund who, upon realizing his good fortune, hid the discovery of the stellar drink and accepted the chastising of his family. However, he was soon thrown overboard in the storm, and clinging to his barrel of “spoiled ale”, he survived, washing ashore on one of Nordskag’s offshore islands. Found by his family, he insisted he keep the barrel as being blessed by the Gods, having allowed for his survival. In reality, he sought to preserve it, and make use of it later on, to help him build his own business.

When he tasted it again a month later, he discovered that the drink was different, and determined that it had been the tossing of the waves that had resulted in the beer’s unique agitation. Thus, his drink soon gained a new name as he moved to the developing community of Viksfjord, founding a dynasty of brewmasters that exists to this day. The ships of the company make trips yearly to the waters around Nordskag and strap their barrels to their hull to let them experience the tossing of the surf. When they enter a storm, the barrels are kept in place, and the sailors aboard always speak of these batches as “Storm-birthed,” making them extra valuable. As a result of this unique process, Dovrinik Viksfjord is very rare and an expensive ale to be drunk by mostly Velheim and other Northland Culture nobility. While the business did suffer during the recent Bone Horror Crisis, and there was a shortage of the premier ale, the current brewmaster of Slangvid Iskaldsund has taken advantage of this in the 309 AC season to make his family a huge profit.


Dovrinik Viksfjord’s ingredients are, unsurprisingly, kept a secret from the larger world.From what is know, the beverage makes use of caraway, the spice shipped to the Iskaldsund Ale Makers in vast quantities each year. However, the remaining substances, from the grain alcohol used to the further spices added are unknown. The company makes other alcohols, and Dovrinik Viksfjord is always a limited-stock beverage, meaning its production is only a tiny part of the overall business of the company. It is also only handled by Trenne’s descendants, the brewmasters and their children, with even their Sols or spouses not allowed to take part. The drink is also known to always be sealed in pinewood casks, set aside for a year, and then set out to experience the aforementioned sea voyages to be “churned and blessed.” Once this is done, the drink can be sold and consumed freely.


  • Dovrinik Viksfjord most commonly has a dark yellow color to it, though can also have a light brown on those casks that are particularly old.
  • Dovrinik Viksfjord has a distinct smell, known as the Dovr Scent, a sharp, slow to develop fragrance that grows with intensity once the cask has been opened or after a drink has been poured.
  • Dovrinik Viksfjord has a distinct flavor, with hints of caraway most clearly sensed. However, in total, it can be described as having a pleasant tang, especially when drunk with the drink’s natural foam.


  • Owning a cask of Dovrinik Viksfjord is seen as a symbol of wealth in the Velheim upper class, and something they often boast of at their celebrations.
  • The sailors hired by the Iskaldsund Ale Makers for their sailing trips with Dovrinik Viksfjord are some of the best paid, and most skilled, in all of Nordskag. Only one has ever stolen a cask of the ale from the company, but he promptly lost the barrel in a fierce storm, shipwrecking nearby, where he promptly received harsh punishment.
  • The stamp produced by the Iskaldsund Ale Makers to mark Dovrinik Viksfjord on their casks is highly distinct. It shows a mirror image of the Union of Water sitting back to back, each holding onto a glass raised in toast away from the other.

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