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The Draconic Point buy is part of the bigger Proficiency System. Please read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Draconic Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in the hyper specific Archon Abilities. These Abilities are not publicly accessible, and can only be learned by Characters with the Archon Affliction.

Dragonbeing Point Buy

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Drakkar Physiology Morph Power Self

Grants the user Drakkar Physiology

Special Name Special Description
Drakkar Elements This Special depends on which Matron the user is subject to. If Central (Rhaakhr), the user can use lightning aesthetics either as sparks on their body or as glowing tattoos, and can prevent rain from falling on them and another person near them (does not prevent Ability Mechanics that rely on weather). If West (Qaarn), the user can use fire aesthetics like flaming hair or fire in their steps. If East (Saaima), the user can use air aesthetics like gravity defying clothes and hair, hovering a foot off the ground, etc. If South (Anlon), the user can use fish/aquatic aesthetics like fins and webbed fingers and toes and gills. If Core (Masrafaal), the user’s can detect from any person they meet, which specific god they worship/follow the most, this cannot be used to reveal someone lying about their worship (it will show the lie as truth), and they may sometimes receive visions of these Gods while interacting with these people.
Drakkar Manifest The user may manifest any of the visual aesthetics of the Draconic Transformation on their body, partially, but never wholly. What differentiates the Ability from the Special is the Dragon head, which is required for Drakkar Physiology, but not included in Drakkar Manifest. So any Draconic appearance traits may be adopted, save for the Dragon head. Dragon wings are never included, but tails/additional non-combat limbs, skin scales, slitted pupils etc. are all fair-game (for the Dragons that have multiple limbs).
Drakkar Marken The user is capable of Transforming into a Marken, but only the Draken Marken, and only with scale-colors similar to the Dragon belonging to the Matron that they are subject to (for example, White scales for Saaima of the East). While Marken, the user is unable to speak, but unlike proper Marken, remains in control of their body. While in Marken form, the user becomes unable to use Weapons, Armor, or Abilities, but gains +2 Strength and +2 Constitution which cannot break the Proficiency Limit or give new Point Buy, and has to use Unarmed Combat. Finally, while not Transformed into a Marken, the user is able to calm down rampaging proper Marken who have become feral, and force them back into their humanoid form (however, not if the user does not give consent, this Special cannot be used to force-reveal a Marken). If the user does not consent, this Special instead forces them to flee.

Dragonkin Point Buy

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Dragonkin Defense Instant Power Self

Grants the user Dragonkin Defense

Primal Modifier

Special Name Special Description
Dragonkin Aiding The user can summon their Wyvern familiar in Progressions to count as a +1 fighter on the field, however this Wyvern can never count as a Mount. Keep in mind that some groups or entities respond more hostile to a Wyvern, and that Wyverns can be killed in Progressions. This does not affect the Ability (new ones appear instantly), though the Player is encouraged to roleplay out the loss of a Wyvern familiar.
Dragonkin Assist The user can summon small Drakkarlings, which are small domestic-dog sized wingless drakelings that have more in common with domestic pets than fierce Dragon beings. They can perform simple tasks like carrying things around, closing curtains, ringing bells and perching on the shoulders of the user. The user can summon up to 7 of them, but they should all be styled after the Dragon belonging to the Matron they are subject to. These Drakkarlings also cannot engage in combat, will immediately flee when attacked, and are generally skittish, but give the user a form of pseudo telekinesis, except that the Drakkarlings do the tasks.
Mount Exchange If the user has access to an Advanced Mount that is not the Wyvern, they may choose to change out their Advanced Racial Mount for a Wyvern instead. If the user already has a Wyvern because they are of the Races that have access to an Advanced Racial Mount Wyvern, then their Wyvern becomes bigger, older, and cooler than other Wyverns instead, and can speak to them for lore-story writing.

Dragonsoul Point Buy

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description Modifiers
Construct Bulwark Summon Power Self

Grants the user Construct Bulwark

Archon Modifier

Special Name Special Description
Archon Challenge The user can challenge any person in Emote Distance to a Fate Duel, which if they accept, teleports both (and anyone willing to be spectator) to the Fate Arena (at /tp fatearenarp). Death and wounds do not transfer back to the real world (for the duellists, or spectators), but both can only return when one is defeated (guests can leave whenever they like). The user can add any Abilities from the Ability List on the Wiki to their own arsenal, but any Abilities added are also granted to the enemy. This Special cannot be used to free someone from prison, or to pull individuals out of a mid-combat situation to protect them. This can only be used on everyone out of Combat.
Archon Hands The user can manifest the hands of the Archon, which are a set of leystone armor gloves that only cover their hands. While they have these gloves on, they can transform normal steel into Leystone, and mold it with their hands. Leystone can best be compared to the real-life crystal Labradorite, but instead of the lines being black, they are glowing purple. The user can craft weapons and armor for themselves (not mid-combat) in this manner, but they can never hand it off to others. They can hand off little hand-made trinkets like dragon statuettes, spoons, or jewelry. The Archon gloves cannot be used as armor in Combat.
Archon Aging The user ceases to age. Instead, their youth-sustaining power is drawn from the Leylines. If the Character is older than 300 years old (roughly when the Leylines were shut down when the Dragons went extinct), the Character should have notably felt physically weaker and started aging again, albeit slowly, until the time when Dragons were reborn (roughly in 305 AC), when their aging suddenly reversed and they felt invigorated again. Being old does not grant the Character any deep knowledge about Dragon plans, their extinction would have been just as sudden for old Archon as it would have been for anyone else.