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In an era of times long gone by, the Archon Lineages were the foremost defenders and protectors of the world, chosen by the Dragons to aid in what they called the Immortal War. The Immortal War was a proxy conflict waged between the Dragons and all the Arken both Void and Exist (and later also Ordial forces), in which the Dragons fought back against the corruption of the other Dimensions. Because there were only few Dragons and many forces of evil, the Dragons blessed individuals with powers and control over a piece of their Magic that would later be known as Primal Magic, to aid in the fight. The fate of the Archon Lineages was closely linked with the Dragons, when the Dragons disappeared, so too did the Dragon Lineages falter. Knowledge was no longer passed down, and in many cases, Archon had to hide from a world that would increasingly see them as the magical corruption that invaded the world, a bitter irony for those who fought to protect it for so long. Others yet became corrupt with the vices of the very thing they fought, or simply resentful at the Dragons or the world for abandoning them without hope and at the mercy of the new radical purism movement. In recent years, Archon have come out of the woodwork and into the light, resulting in a revival of their presence on the world, and a slow reconnection with the Dragons in the middle of their revival also.

Archon Lineages

Each Greater Dragon represents a specific Archon Lineage (which in turn is a Primal Affinity), or a specific type of Archon that fills a very specific niche in the greater Dragon design for the world, and the Immortal War. Each Archon Lineage differs in its mechanics and rules, so it is recommended to thoroughly read each before deciding, and also being aware of the limitations of being an Archon. Archon present a different way to play certain things, not necessarily a long lasting or healthy roleplay theme. While Dragon Worship is required to play any Archon (except for the Attendant Archon) and while each Archon Lineage has a preferred Dragon dedication, it is possible to be an Allar Violet Whisper Archon who primarily worships Regulus. Furthermore, Archon status is also inherited, though populations remain stable. For example, if an Archon parent has five children, only one of them will be an Archon of their Lineage (randomly chosen) and if two Archon parents have four children, only two of them will be Archon, one of each parent’s Lineage. All Archon also gain a set of Specials regardless of what Lineage they are (even Attendant):

  • Archon Eyes: All Archon always have purple eyes, though the shades may vary from violet to tyrian purple that they cannot hide, though if they are Slizzar, they can use Afflictedvex to hide their eyes. Eyes may also optionally have a black or gray sclera, and produce a ghostly purple trail as they move, but these are optional.
  • Archon Mount: All Archon by default have a Wyvern as a Mount in Progressions. These cannot be used in Regalia, and are not affected by Husbandry Packs. Additionally, all Archon may also use Draconic aesthetics for their ability styled after their dedicated Greater Dragon, like purple lighting for Regulus, or purple fire for Caius.
  • Archon Speech: All Archon gain Dragonspeech, the language of Dragons, that they can use in Roleplay, as well as understand Dragonspeech when sung into the wind by Dragons, and read Dragonscript when found on Dragon Temples. Archon are less likely to be shut out by Dragon Temples in Progressions, but are not guaranteed special interactions.
  • Archon Design: All Archon, when wearing Armor (or having Summoned Armor) can overlay ghostly colored aesthetics associated with their Patron. These aesthetics are fairly free-form, but if you need inspiration, make a Roleplay Community Discord Ticket to ask. This also applies to weapons, and any Spell Point Buy so long as the Spells are Primal.
  • Archon Wings: All Archon, when not actively in combat, can summon a set of Draconic Wings (Elytra) and use said Wings to travel across Regalia (including the use of rockets). This gives players permission to travel across Regalia using an Elytra in Roleplay. Engaging in Combat instantly disables Dragonflight, and attack emotes or Abilities cannot be used before landing.
  • Archon Afflicted: All Archon, unless rules stated otherwise, are immune to Afflictions, though Afflicted (or those who have Void/Exist powers) also cannot be made Archon. The only exception rests in Silven, who become cleansed of their Silven status when turning Archon. Archon can under no circumstance learn or use Ordial/Void/Exist Powers or Abilities.

Violet Whisper Archon, of Aurora

The Violet Whispers were once the great watchers, the Dragon faithful who perched up on towers in high mountains watching over the landscape and reporting any irregularities and infection in their domain to the other Archon. When the Dragons fell, many of the watching and listening posts fell to ruin, eventually adopted by the Isldar as their towers. The Violet Whispers had to resort more and more to combat to survive, translating their extremely sharp sight to ranged weapons, and traveling the world alone. While the Violet Whisper headquarters among the Life Isldar has been re-established, many of the Violet Whispers still travel the world alone. Violet Whisper Archon have the following Mechanics:

  • Becoming a Violet Whisper: Violet Whispers are very accessible, and anyone can become a Violet Whisper at any age. All that is required is running into another Violet Whisper Archon, and convincing them to take on a pupil. After this, the Violet Whisper will train the pupil for several years, before performing the connection ritual and putting them through a test. If they succeed, they become a full Violet Whisper and depart from their mentor.
  • Violet Whisper Religiosity: All Violet Whispers must always be Dragon Worshipers, preferably Aurora dedicated. It is not permitted to play a Violet Whisper who pretends to be a Dragon Worshiper, as this is considered power-gaming. It is okay to occasionally go through moments of doubt, so long as the long term trajectory is Dragon Worship. Violet Whispers have often also been known to dedicate to Caius, Regulus, or Nox, depending on their personality.
  • Violet Whisper Sharpsight: Violet Whispers are able to use Firearms and Ranged Attack Emotes, as well as Point Buy packs that are specifically firing a projectile with Emote Range as a Range indicator, from Announce Emote instead of regular Emote distance. This Mechanic only works while the Violet Whisper is in a position that a normal person can walk to without having to use Gate Smash or any other Ability to leap up somewhere.
  • Violet Whisper Glassbody: Inversely however, Violet Whispers are so range-trained that they are completely incapable of defending themselves in Melee. They are unable to use Melee Point Buy Packs, and unable to use Attack or Defense emotes in regular melee combat. If someone attacks them in Melee, they cannot fight back.
  • Violet Whisper Bodysung: Violet Whispers, while training their eyes on a person, are able to discern their Proficiency Points as flat values and compare them to others. They don't see actual numbers, but are able to discern comparative data, like one person being "strong" than the other because they have a higher Strength Stat.

Crown Witch Archon, of Regulus

The Crown Witches (sometimes also called Grey Witches, or Anglian Witches), were once the menders or healers of Regulus, who would be sent out into the world not to fight the corruption, but to heal and restore that which the corruption damaged in its wake. Crown Witches would often follow behind Red Apostles and Black Walkers to heal and cure the sick, and provide ailments for the cursed and damned. When the Dragons disappeared, the Crown Witches held onto Dragon Dogma, and kept Dragon Worship alive, while retreating into their hidden coves across the world. Their headquarters in Anglia in the Regalian Archipelago still stands strong to this day. Crown Witch Archon have the following mechanics:

  • Becoming a Crown Witch: Crown Witches are one of the hardest Archon Lineages to be, because one cannot just become a Crown Witch at a later age, Crown Witches are always induced into the order as children, either born to another Crown Witch, or adopted. Adopting is a common habit of Crown Witches, who travel the world to heal it, witness a lot of misery, and adopt orphans of different Races to give them purpose and meaning among the Crown Witches when Demons have taken everything from them.
  • Crown Witch Religiosity: All Crown Witches must always be Dragon Worshipers, preferably Regulus dedicated. It is not permitted to play a Crown Witch who pretends to be a Dragon Worshiper, as this is considered power-gaming. It is okay to occasionally go through moments of doubt, so long as the long term trajectory is Dragon Worship. Because Crown Witches are so intricately linked with Regulus's ideology, it is unlikely to see them dedicating to Caius or Nox.
  • Crown Witch Oathsworn: Crown Witch Archon may not have any Proficiency Points invested into: Melee Weapon Point Buy, Ranged Point Buy, Firearms Point Buy. Crown Witches don’t strictly take an oath of no harm, but these limitations are put in place for fairness sake.
  • Crown Witch Dragonmage: Crown Witches may purchase Spell Point Buy without becoming Void or Exist, instead their Spell Point Buy will be classified as Primal (Dragon magic). Crown Witches may also become Greater Mages, and may also include Specials, though recommendations are made to keep the Specials within the realm of the lightning/purple themed Crown Dragons.
  • Crown Witch Godsooth: Crown Witches are the only entities known on Aloria who are able to create surpressants and other herbal remedies to manage a Marken godcurse. These remedies don't allow someone to control their mindlessness while transformed, but can seriously reduce the amount of times they involuntarily transform, to help them hide it from the public, or tp provide emergency substances to avoid anger based transformations.

White Dreamer Archon, of Severena

The White Dreamers (sometimes also called Divine Dreamers) were the personal attendants of the White Sky Dragons, who through spending time with them attuned to their Magic. The White Dreamers evolved as a balance between the Mundane warrior monks and the Dragons’ Magical power, who lost some specialization in either field but had the opportunity to be skilled in both. As the White Dragons never disappeared, the Divine Dreamer Archon are still created and trained through an ordered structure in the Sihai lands, where the state supports them and they exist in the framework of Sihai society as preachers and trusted warriors. White Dreamer Archon have the following Mechanics:

  • Becoming a White Dreamer: The White Dreamer Archon are very restrictive in how to become one, most White Dreamer Archon are trained in Sihai monasteries during adolescence. Uniquely among Archon, White Dreamer Archon are Race-locked to Sihai and Half-Sihai, because it is impossible for others to gain access to the necessary training, where they are steeped in old knowledge and tradition by Temple seniors and taught Draconic spellcraft.
  • White Dreamer Religiosity: All White Dreamers must always be Dragon Worshipers, preferably Severena dedicated. It is not permitted to play a White Dreamer who pretends to be a Dragon Worshiper, as this is considered power-gaming. It is okay to occasionally go through moments of doubt, so long as the long term trajectory is Dragon Worship. It is very unlikely for White Dreamers to dedicate to other Dragons, as White Dreamers are so strongly linked to Severena's Dreams.
  • White Dreamer Spellcast: White Dreamer Archon may purchase up to 4 Proficiency Points of Spell Point Buy along with Specials without becoming Void or Exist, instead their Spell Point Buy will be classified as Primal (Dragon magic). Recommendations are made to keep themes within the realm of the wind/white themed Sky Dragons.
  • White Dreamer Spellsword: However, they can only invest a maximum of 4 total Proficiency points into the: Melee Weapon, Ranged, and Firearms Point Buy Categories. This is representational of the limitations incurred by the time they put aside to spend on learning Magic.
  • White Dreamer Worldvision: While out on Progressions, White Dreamers are more susceptible to their personal connection with Saaima than normal Sihai or Half Sihai. As a result, White Dreamers, while on entirely unrelated Progressions, may receive Dreams or visions related to other Progressions, or their own, that provide an angle that they had not or could not consider before. These Visions are delivered in Forum Dm's after Progression Processing.

Red Hunter Archon, of Caius

The origins of the Red Hunters are somewhat of a mystery as the order was destroyed when the Avarr died out. Folklore has it however that the Red Hunters were the most fanatical of Occult hunters among the Archon, enraged by the very presence of the Occult, and driven to combat rage when engaged by one. The Red Hunters as a group was revived by the Dragon Worshiping Maquixtl, but unlike other Archon Lineages, it was never truly limited in scope, anyone could become a Red Hunter through a dedication to Caius, and so their numbers quickly exploded. Red Hunter archon have the following Mechanics:

  • Becoming a Red Hunter: Anyone can become a Red Hunter at any time in life, even without needing anything other than a Dragon Temple or Site. If knowing the ritual, a person can simply commit their life to the hunt of the Occult and to Caius, and be granted Archon status, or be born to another Red Hunter Archon. The ritual can be found in a variety of Dragon Archon scriptures and old manuals of folklore.
  • Red Hunter Religiosity: All Red Hunters must always be Dragon Worshipers, preferably Caius dedicated. It is not permitted to play a Red Hunter who pretends to be a Dragon Worshiper, as this is considered power-gaming. It is okay to occasionally go through moments of doubt, so long as the long term trajectory is Dragon Worship. It is impossible for Red Hunters not to be Caius worshipers, because their rage is drawn from him.
  • Red Hunter Apostleform: Red Hunter Archon have the obvious purple eyes, but are more visually unique than the other Archon. Red Hunters have a so called “Red Hunt” Transformation which has the following effects: Red Skin (ranging from dark red to bright red), Draconic Horns, Draconic-claw like fingers, red scales on their arms, and a long prehensile tail with a hook blade at the end. They can either choose to activate this Transformation fully, or partially, or use it as their permanent appearance. At least some part of it must manifest while they are fighting Exist or Void Occult to visualize their powers.
  • Red Hunter Battlerage: Red Hunter Archon gain +2 Strength (that breaks the Proficiency Limit) so long as they are directly fighting someone with Exist or Void Occult status. While fighting such a person, they cannot disengage from the fight, cannot flee, until one of the other is defeated. This does not strictly mean killing, simply defeating a Vampire and then curing them is good enough, but generally, Red Hunters become enraged in a fight by Caius’s hatred flowing through them.
  • Red Hunter Firesoul: Red Hunter Archon have aesthetic control over fire, able to create it from nothing and spontaneously combust items, as well as snuff out fires, or make fires burn brighter and more vigorously. These fires may be entirely red, or purple, or a mixture of both. These aesthetics may also apply to weapons and armor, and their blood may also appear like glowing magma instead of red blood.
  • Red Hunter Carnager: Red Hunter Archon are the ultimate Afflicted enemy, when alone. If a Red Hunter does not have any allies in a fight, and is fighting one or more Cahal or Vampires, they gain +3 Constitution that can break Cap. Additionally, for every wound or harming hit applied on an enemy, they can undo a similar wound or harming hit applied to themselves from the same fight.

Silver Weaver Archon, of Nox

Silver Weaver Archon are perhaps the longest line of uninterrupted Archon that have existed, always serving Nox in their designs, and acting like the spymasters of the Dragon inclined. The Dragons always detested directly interfering with the politics of mortals, instead relying on the Silver Weavers to nudge society in a direction that would favor them towards Dragons, or failing that, make them at least suspicious or look disfavorably upon the Occult. The Silver Weavers have remained active through the centuries despite the disappearance of even Nox, with some believing they were directly responsible for the severe anti-Occult swivel that many societies moved into following the disappearance of Dragons. Silver Weaver Archon have the following Mechanics:

  • Becoming a Silver Weaver: Anyone can become a Silver Weaver, though it is only possible to do so by being made one by another Silver Weaver. Finding a Silver Weaver is usually part of the challenge, though once found, they are more likely to accept pupils who mentor them before finalizing their joining with a ritual. Silver Weavers can generally reliably be found around Dragon Worship sites and old Temples.
  • Silver Weaver Religiosity: All Silver Weavers must always be Dragon Worshipers, preferably Nox dedicated. It is not permitted to play a Silver Weaver who pretends to be a Dragon Worshiper, as this is considered power-gaming. It is okay to occasionally go through moments of doubt, so long as the long term trajectory is Dragon Worship. Some Silver Weavers have also dedicated to Regulus or Aurora, but never the violent ones like Caius.
  • Silver Weaver Skinshifter: When becoming a Silver Weaver, if the Character is a non-Slizzar, their Racial Abilities and Specials change. All Racial Abilities and Specials that the non-Slizzar Silver Weaver had are lost, and instead, the Character gains all full-blood Slizzar Specials, but not their Abilities.
  • Silver Weaver Concordat: When becoming a Silver Weaver, if the Character is already a Slizzar, they gain a different Mechanic. Slizzar Weaver Archon have upgraded versions of Progression related Packs (if they have Point-Bought them) in the Charisma Proficiency Category, meaning they are always better at wielding these packs than non-Slizzar Silver Weavers, and in some cases may even prevent usage of similar Packs on them.
  • Silver Weaver Spellbound: In both cases, (Slizzar and non-Slizzar), Silver Weavers may purchase up to 2 Spell Point Buy without becoming Void/Exist, with these Abilities instead being Primal (Dragon Magic). Additionally, in both cases, Silver Weavers gain a permanent -2 Strength and -2 Dexterity debuff that cannot go into negative.
  • Silver Weaver Mirrorhex: Silver Weaver Archon are able to use imitate the visuals and mechanics of all other Archon Lineages. This does not actually give them these mechanics, but allows them to imitate them with illusions, like appearing like a Red Apostle of a Red Hunter Archon, or imitating an Urlan or Drakkar Physiology Transformation of the Bronze Bulwark Archon. They can essentially pretend to be a different Archon type through illusions and imitations.

Bronze Bulwark Archon, of Valerius

The Bronze Bulwark Archon were perhaps the most numerous of Archon once upon a time, being the rank and file soldier of the Dragon cause, always the first to answer the call of battle, and the first to protect those at risk of Demonic onslaught. The Bronze Bulwarks lost their numerical advantage with the disappearance of Dragons, but have recently seen a revival with the return of Dragons, and the increase of conflicts generated by Arken with the Dragons. The Bronze Bulwarks are the simplest and most elegant warrior Archon, deriving benefits from the blessings of Valerius to aid them in battle. Bronze Bulwark Archon have the following Mechanics:

  • Becoming a Bronze Bulwark: Bronze Bulwark Archon are perhaps the easiest to become with a flexible range of options. Anyone can become a Bronze Bulwark, whether being induced by another Bronze Bulwark, being induced by a Dragon Matron, or directly by a Dragon. This can also be done anywhere in the world, making Bronze Bulwark recruitment versatile, especially given the high number of them and visible presence they have in the streets.
  • Bronze Bulwark Religiosity: All Bronze Bulwarks must always be Dragon Worshipers, though with no overt preference. While related to Valerius, because there are so many Bronze Bulwarks, they have a varied preference for Dragons ranging from Saaima to Caius to Regulus. It is not permitted to play a Bronze Bulwark who pretends to be a Dragon Worshiper, as this is considered power-gaming. It is okay to occasionally go through moments of doubt, so long as the long term trajectory is Dragon Worship.
  • Bronze Bulwark Drakkaris: Bronze Bulwarks are able to apply a Draconic Transformation to themselves called Drakkar Form. This transforms the user into a bipedal non-winged dragon-being styled after their dedicated Dragon. This transformation includes full skin change to dragon scales, dragon horns, a dragon tail, and dragon claws. Weapons can still be wielded, and armor can still be worn. While this Transformation is active, the user gains +1 Constitution +1 Charisma that can break cap, but cannot grant new Point Buy. This Transformation can also be upheld indefinitely, if desired.
  • Bronze Bulwark Urlanis: Bronze Bulwarks are able to apply a temporary Urlan Transformation to themselves called Urlan Formosis. While Urlan Formosis is applied, the Bronze Bulwark’s Racial Abilities and Specials are removed, and replaced by Urlan Racial Abilities and Specials, except the Special Physical Prowess and Wild Training. This Transformation can also be upheld indefinitely, if desired.
  • Bronze Bulwark Earthsong: Bronze Bulwarks are able to shape metal with their hands and control rare earth metals as if they are liquids. While this does not allow fine control like a goldsmith would to create intricate detail, they are able to fix issues with their weapons, or reshape them to be sharper, pointier, or bigger. Additionally, if they are already wearing Armor, they can choose to cause it to melt off of them and pool into a flask (this cannot be used inversely as an Armor Summon).

Dark Scale Archon, of Ruin

Dark Scale Archon (also called Rokhaal in the Kathar language) are in a very complicated situation, as they are technically corrupted Archon, not Archon by design. Dark Scale Archon were created when the first Archon were also made, as Dark Scale Archon was a condition to which any Lineage of Archon can fall if their will is corrupted. What this means is that an Archon may at some point decide that the Dragons while owing their allegiance, do not know what is right for the world, and are too timid in their interactions. A Dark Scale Archon is one who is inclined to say that Archon should commit to more violence, more tyranny, and more cruelty, to cleanse the world of the corruption and infection, and stop preventing collateral damage as much as it makes them meek and slow to act, ironically falling to corruption themselves. Dark Scale Archon are connected to the Dragon Ruin, who although not being a Greater Dragon, is considered a fallen Dragon of a kind, trapped in the Void and infected by it and being considerably more powerful because of it. This makes Dark Scale Archon a unique condition that some other Archon tolerate, and others wish to expel as traitors. The Dragons have never stated an oblique policy on the Dark Scales, sometimes rejecting them, sometimes working with them, meaning that it is up to the individual Archon of other Lineages to decide whether they wish to accept Dark Scale in their fold. Dark Scale Archon have the following Mechanics:

  • Becoming a Dark Scale: Dark Scale Archon can only be created out of other Archon who have lost their way. When an Archon starts feeling doubt about their destiny and the mission of Dragons, this can tip over into cynicism and rejection of the calm and reasoned approach that Dragons prefer, wishing instead for a more final and explosive solution to the corruption problem. The fall from grace can be gradual or very abrupt, and it usually comes paired with the corrupting whispers of Ruin in their minds until they fully change. It is not known if Dark Scale Archon can change back.
  • Dark Scale Rebirth: Dark Scale Archon have a unique exception to Kathar, who usually cannot be Archon, or any Primal Affinity or status due to their inherent reliance on the Void. A Kathar can be turned into a Dark Scale Archon, but only if they are a fervent worshipper of Ruin exclusively. This loyalty to Ruin overtakes their reliance on the Void, and prevents them from utilizing (or becoming) any Void Powers or becoming Void Occult. They otherwise follow all normal Dark Scale Archon rule and mechanics. Kathar Dark Scales are outcasts of Kathar society, and are often equally distrusted by other Archons or Dragon Worshippers.
  • Dark Scale Religiosity: Dark Scale Archon must without exception be Dragon Worshiper, but must also worship Ruin as their Greater Dragon, even if their religion does not formally have him in its pantheon. Ruin as a Dragon stands for violence, revenge, tyranny, destruction, power, and force, and is critical of the slow acting motives of the other Dragons, and worship to him is performed by cleansing and eradicating Vampires in particular. Superficially, Dark Scale Archon are allies of the other Archon Lineages and Draconic Cause, but whether they are accepted is up to the individual, as their beliefs are sometimes too violent and too unpredictable to tolerate. There is an unspoken truce not to be hostile or seek conflict with other Archon (and vice versa) on Dragon Site grounds, but Dark Scale and other Lineage Archon don't necessarily need to be friends outside of that.
  • Dark Scale Bloodcurse: Dark Scale Archon are unique in that they are both Archon and Vampire at the same time. When an Archon becomes a Dark Scale, they are also immediately infected with an incurable version of Vampirism. Unlike normal Vampirism however, they do not become Void Occult, their Vampirism is instead a Primal Vampirism, and instead of being able to feed on the blood of just anyone, Dark Archon can only feed on the blood of non-Dark Scale Vampires, Void Mages, and Void Silven.
  • Dark Scale Vampirism: Dark Scale Archon do not get the whole ruleset of Vampires, rather they have access to the following Mechanics: Dark Scale Archon do get access to commutable Point Buy that they can spend in the same category as regular Vampires, but get only 2 of these points, instead of 4. Additionally, Dark Scale Archon only get some of the Vampire Specials: Vampiric Bloodlust, Vampiric Feeding, Vampiric Influence, Vampiric Visions, Vampiric Physiology, Vampiric Familiar, Vampiric Dressage. All Point Bought Abilities and Mechanics count as Primal instead of Void for Dark Scale Archon. Remember that Dark Scale Archon are not distinguishable from Vampires to the Regalian State, so Dark Scale Archon are treated just like Vampires. If a Dark Scale was once a Crown Witch and already had 7 Spell Point Buy, the 2 commutable Point Buy cannot be spent on more Spell Point Buy.
  • Dark Scale Gothica: Dark Scale Archon look different from normal Archon, while normal Archon usually only have purple irises and maybe dark sclera, Dark Scale Archon always have purple irises and red sclera. Furthermore, they can manifest Ruin type mutations on their body, styled after Ifrit from the Void Worship Page, which may include black scales with glowing red cracks and lines, shattered and corrupted horns, and body discolorations as seen on the art of Ifrit, as well as a long scaled tail. These are all optional aesthetics.

Black Walker Archon, of Marik

Black Walker lore is currently not writeable as it requires the more up to date Ordial lore reconfiguration to be done. When it is done however, Black Walkers will be styled after anti-Ordial with bonuses while fighting Ordial (Undead/Geist) and detriments while fighting the living. Geists and Ordial Mages may be Black Walkers, but only if they are Dragon Worshipers and hate Ordial entities.

Attendant Archon

Attendant Archon are Archon by Lineage, but not strictly tied to the Dragons in such a way that their fate is entwined with them. Attendant Archon are like vanilla Archon without any overt identity, they only have the purple Archon eyes, but have no functional Mechanics and don’t need to be Dragon Worshipers to be Archon Attendant. Attendant Archon are usually made by Dragon Matrons to identify a person as “Pro Dragon”, but not fully committed to the point of Dragon Worship, or participating in the fight against the corruption of the world. Attendant Archon can become other types of Archon at any other time so long as they fulfill the requirements set out in the Mechanics of that particular Lineage.

Curing a Theurgist

Archon conversion is considered a pseudo curing mechanism for those who are affected by Spirit infestation, and use Theurgy. No perfect and 'safe' method exists for cleansing a Hosted or Invaded Spirit, nor would many of the Greater Dragons wish it be done exactly the way some purists might want (which usually involves just killing the person). For example, within the view of Regulus, some subtext implies that his preference for the right to live extends onto Demons, as they are born into conscience in Aloria bereft of free choice, and that they should as such not be destroyed in the process of curing. As such, instead of wiping clean the Spirit entity infesting the target, it is reprogrammed by redesigning its mentality and personality. As such, even while becoming an Archon, a person who had a Spirit prior to becoming an Archon, will never be free of said Spirit, but as the Spirit is converted into a Primal Revenant, they become easier to manage.

As Primal Revenant, the Spirit will have all of their pro-Void, pro-Exist, or pro-Ordial inclinations removed, as well as their hyper focus on the vices and generally being a terror-pest, and instead become their own 'person,' partially reflecting the personality of their Host. A Primal Revenant functions in much the same way as a Hosted or Invaded Spirit, in that they can still take control of the host's body, and can still act independently of the host. When a Spirit is converted, the user automatically is refunded any Packs that rely on Bidden, Vested, or Anchored Spirits. Bidden Spirits are simply dispelled, Vested Spirits go inert, and the 'contract' for Anchored Spirits is nullified. The user maintains any Packs that rely on Hosted or Invaded Spirits, with the Spirit converted to a Primal Revenant. The Spirit is then classified as a Primal Revenant, and should also take more Draconic aesthetics instead of their original aesthetics. Keep in mind that the state does not distinguish between a Primal Revenant and other types of Spirits, and to purists and mundane minded people, they are one and the same. Because of this illegality, Archon who have a Primal Revenant take measures to hide their Revenant, sometimes even from their own allies. Primal Revenants are immune to Exorcisms, as they are Primal and natural to the world.

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