Drowda Vas Pirion

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Drowda Vas Pirion
Official Name Drowda Vas Pirion
Common Nicknames Blood Dragons, Nightmare Bats
Classification Mammal
Habitat Drowda
Domesticated No
Current Status Rare

The Drowda Vas Pirion is an incredibly large and dangerous bat native to Drowda, specifically originating from the region closest to Estel's Grave. They feed off of the blood of their prey, and their appearance will shift based on their primary food source. This bat also carries a highly toxic venom, which is injected through its needle-like teeth. The creature's only apparent weakness is its need to sleep for around six hours a day, as it is very difficult to wake a sleeping Vas Pirion during this sleeping cycle.


Due to the inhospitable nature of Estel's Grave, this species of bat wasn't discovered until several decades after the Fifth Void Invasion. Even after its initial discovery, it took a great deal of time before its existence was acknowledged beyond simple rumors and cautionary tales. The eventual evidence was gathered by a team of Drowdar scouts, who reported back with carcasses of the creature. After this, the species was officially named as yet another mutated creature of the Forbidden Continent. Since that time, the mutated bat is most often encountered by the rare group moving in the region around the Grave, though a rare few have flown south and run into Drowdar groups along the southern shores.

Physical Appearance

The Drowda Vas Pirion has a widely varied appearance based off of its age, area, and its prey. It can also change appearance due to the unpredictable nature of Void mutations, which causes no two bats to look the same. The most common mutations include horns in various shapes and sizes, extra eyes, scaly patches across the torso, extra or missing fingers, or even an extra mouth and jaw. The bat’s “normal” appearance, if such a creature can ever be described as that, is a large bat with white fur, purple skin, and protruding, needle-like teeth. The longer one of these bats lives, the larger it continues to get, though it rarely lives long enough for to grow larger than a ten foot wingspan. The fangs of the Vas Pirion are surprisingly fragile for a carnivorous creature. They are more specialized for piercing, as to inject venom and draw blood rather than tearing or biting flesh. Any movement during the feeding process can crack their teeth or even completely pull the fangs from its mouth. Because of this, the bat usually cripples or kills its prey by spraying venom from its mouth, or attacking with its clawed feet before feeding. The venom of the Vas Pirion is highly toxic. A single drop on the skin causes painful blistering, and if left untreated it will ooze pus and spread the infection very easily. If the venom gets into the bloodstream, the only known preventive measure is to amputate whatever limb it has infected to prevent lethal poisoning of the brain or heart.


It's hard to notice any difference between a male and female Vas Pirion, due to the vast differences between individual mutations and the limited encounters scholars have had with the Vas Pirion. By the time anyone could get close enough to notice the small variations defining the sexes, their life would have about a minute left, if they were lucky. For this reason, no one truly knows how to tell them apart. There is a general consensus that the females typically have larger, more round eyes than the males do, along with larger ears, and are heavier to support carrying unborn offspring, however this theory still requires more field tests to be conclusive.

Life Span and Development

At birth, the Vas Pirion is only a quarter of the typical adult size, but it develops rapidly. Within two years, it doubles in size. By the end of the third year, they reach the average adult size, typically in the range of ten feet across and seven feet long. Though it does so slowly, the bat continues to grow for the rest of its life. The largest bat that has been killed and measured had a wingspan of fourteen feet and weighed nearly twice as much as a full grown Drowdar, but many claim to have seen bigger.

Mental Overview

The Drowda Vas Pirion boasts a highly aggressive nature, like most of Drowda's fauna. They have no instinct of self preservation beyond feeding and reproducing. They have no tactics or plan in their hunting, aside from not feeding until their prey has been rendered unable to move to avoid losing teeth. Fortunately for the bat, lost fangs will grow back quickly, but a bat that has lost its fangs usually doesn't live long enough to grow them back.

Territory and Groupings

Drowda Vas Pirion usually hunt and nest in a flock with one leader, the oldest and largest of the flock. This flock leader hangs back while the rest of the flock attacks the prey, and the leader comes in during the aftermath to feed. A flock leader is always the last to join an attack and the first to leave it. Occasionally, a bat with the age and size to rival the flock leader will challenge it for dominance, resulting in a gruesome confrontation that often leaves one bat dead and the other mortally wounded. Vas Pirion flocks will sometimes run across each other during their hunts, though the phenomenon rarely occurs. When confronting another flock, what transpires can only be described as pure, nonstop chaos and brutality. The flock typically finds a small pit or canyon to nest in, and if none can be found, each member will dig a sleeping pit with its claws. Here, they sleep through the brightest hours of the day, doing their best to blend in with the terrain. Once the Drowda Vas Pirion has fallen asleep, nothing short of attacking will wake it up.


  • A common misconception about the Drowda Vas Pirion is that it's a carrier of the Sanguine virus, when in truth there is no association between the two.
  • The venom of the Vas Pirion also acts as a blood thinner, which helps it spread faster throughout the body. For this reason, it can be sought after by alchemists who use droplets of it to make medicine.

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