Drowdan Dire Wolf

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Drowdan Dire Wolf
Official Name Drowdan Dire Wolf
Common Nicknames Purple Pelts, Demon Wolves, Void Dogs
Classification Mammal
Habitat Drowda
Domesticated No.
Current Status Rare

The Drowdan Dire Wolf has become the subject of many Drowdar bogeyman-like tales, using the wolf’s fierceness to quell young children's curiosity of venturing outside their citadels. Vicious and hyper-aggressive, this beast is a constant threat to the dark-skinned elves that patrol their Void-infested lands and a prime example of how planar essence can change apex predators into something even worse. The beast was an unwanted discovery, found by an elf who’d only just escaped its clutches. These wolves are known for their fierce bite and their infamous overcoats that act almost like a natural armor. To this day, the Drowdar still hunt these creature in an everlasting struggle against the mutant canine ferocity, though more often than not, the Drowdan Dire Wolf is actually hunting them.


The Drowdan Dire Wolf was discovered in 14 AC as one of the first new mutated species found after the Cataclysm. After a rather nasty encounter with the hyper-aggressive, vicious version of the wolf they’d come to know and tolerate, the Drowdar discovered an unwanted new threat. The population of these Dire Wolves then began to increase in the couple of years after its discovery before the Drowdar began to systematically slaughter the wolves after they’d learned more about the species. Yet, as Drowda became more and more corrupted, the wolves have almost seen standstill in population growth as the Drowdar became more occupied with numerous other mutated threats. This is due to the environment the wolves had to survive in became more inhospitable as well. Today, the Drowdan Dire Wolf remains a fascination to Dimenthism and Fauna researchers alike, as well as a dangerous canine foe that still walks the landscape of Drowda, unlikely to die out anytime soon.

Physical Appearance

The Drowdan Dire Wolf is unlike any other canine species due to the corrupting influence of Drowda’s Void-infested lands. Fully grown, this Dire Wolf stands taller than any other Dire Wolf species at an approximate shoulder height of a seven-foot man and has been recorded to weigh anywhere from 186 to 243 pounds. This species, while similar in physique and musculature to the original Dire Wolf, can often be identified by it’s tyrian purple pelt, nearly the same color of a Drowdar’s skin, that sports slightly hardened, bristle-like fur. The natural resilience of this fur is to the point where claws and light slashing blades skate right over, though the underbelly and joints of the beast are covered with soft fur as to allow for mobility.

The Drowdan Dire Wolf has fangs and claws like that of its brethren, though has also mutated to have tusks as long as their canines, longer than any Orc’s, that sit on a double-hinged jaw. The bite of this beast has been known to dent, even bend the Khoptars of Drowdar who try to use their weapons to keep the wolves at bay, so the general consensus when fighting the beast is to just stay away from the mouth. The last peculiar and arguably the most unsettling mutation that sets this wolf apart from other wolves is the completely pitch black iris of the beast, demonic in nature, while the wolf’s sclera takes on a disturbing yet distinguishable dark grey. This makes it difficult to see where these wolves are looking if one is not up close.


This Dire Wolf is exclusively found on Drowda as any wolf brought out of the void-saturated environment will eventually die due to the need for the wolves to have a certain concentration of void planar essence in their habitat. These Dire Wolves all look the same due to the isolation that the species has seen for three centuries, since the Cataclysm. All wolves have the same tyrian colored fur, though females are identified by usually being smaller than the males, having longer claws, and sporting white mask-like markings around the eyes.

Life Span and Development

The wolf has a drastically different and shorter life span compared to other Dire Wolves, known to get as old as 20 years of age, as their usual longevity compared to other canines is shortened due to the void’s influence on their biology. However, Drowdan Dire Wolves have the fastest growth rate among other Dire Wolves and will reach maturity by the third year of their life at the latest.

Mental Overview

The Drowdan Dire Wolf is extremely aggressive and will attack anything on sight, even going out of it’s way to engage in combat if it sees another non-wolf living being. Unlike its brethren, self-preservation seems to be less of a concern as these Dire Wolves will attack larger creatures if sighted, though they do have the awareness to retreat if heavily wounded. In-fighting is more prevalent among this species of Dire Wolf, though it’s only ever between males of the species. These vicious encounters often happen over the spoils of a collective hunt, no longer united by a common enemy, and so they fight over who gets to eat and who must limp away with wounds and hunger. This in-fighting even extends to their young once they’ve reached maturity, as it seems male Drowdan Dire Wolves have only three labels for other living things; their mates and immature children which they do not attack, their brethren competitors that they cooperate yet fight with, and their prey. Females though, have never been witnessed attacking each other, nor has anyone ever seen males attack females.

Territory and Groupings

These wolves are not considered territorial as their hyper aggression seems to be a symptom of their mutations. The species is nomadic across Drowda in small family units consisting of only their mate and their immature offspring, if they have any. Only every three years do the family units gather together near Estel’s Grave and the now matured young pick their mates through aggressive fighting, an event named as “Nojacië della Denoa’anio Aullië’doa” or “Night of the Demon Howling”, from the howling of the victors. After the night, family units then split up and the young that have acquired mates begin their own family units. However, those that are left without mates have a slim chance at survival, wounded from the fights and without a partner to care for them.


  • A common strategy the Esa-Ajo warriors of Drowda employ against Drowdan Dire Wolves is to let the beast charge forward, dart to the side, and slide between the beast’s legs while raising their Khoptar so it slices the soft fur underneath. This works, if they’re fast enough.
  • The pelts of this wolf are often seen as void-touched and corrupted by most of the world, especially by the Drowdar, though would actually serve as decent armor, akin to chainmail but much lighter. That is, if one is skilled and daring enough to acquire one.

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