Dunbrae Whiskey

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Dunbrae Whiskey
Appearance A clear, yellow liquid.
Difficulty 4/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Belwaths Distilleries
Class All Classes
  • Barley

Dunbrae Whiskey is considered the god of all alcohols among the Dunbrae, and also holding high prestige abroad. Highly potent and aged for three years, the drink was created by a group of brewers from one of the more significant cities in the Highland Territories. Highly popular and made through the use of one type of grain, the drink is set to expand beyond the borders of its home Culture in a big way, if the powers that be don’t have their way of course.


Dunbrae Whiskey was born in the port city of Dunfarrigh and came from the family known as the Belwaths. Their name is an old one, and according to the city’s records, they first rose to prominence after unidentified contact with outsiders granted them knowledge in their craft, where before they had been only successful grain farmers. The story goes that over the course of ten years, the family experimented, perfected, and started selling brews based on each of the grains in their four major fields. The last grain to be used was the barley, and it posed a brief challenge. The eldest son and heir of the enterprise himself, however, ended up perfecting the use of barley and crafted a new drink. This was Dunbrae Whiskey, named such later when more outside traders arrived and corrected the family on the existence of other types of whiskey. Regardless, Dunbrae Whiskey has since grown into a titan in the alcohol world, producing almost half of all alcohol in Dunbrae territory, and shipping a solid amount of product abroad as well. As a result, the drink bears the culture’s entire name and is well enjoyed by Dunbrae abroad, as well as other men and women of refined taste. Even some Caeren drink it, though they would be loathed to admit it. Overall, the drink remains popular and will likely continue to grow in popularity as populations increase in the Highland Territories.


Dunbrae Whiskey is made just like any other whiskey, through the use of malted grains. Malting is the process of wetting one’s grain and then drying it under hot air to create the ingredients key for alcoholic creations. In the case of Dunbrae Whiskey, the substance malted is only barley, which is what makes its creation process distinct. The grain is then mashed and put through a pot still, an older type of distiller, resulting in the base product. However, it is then put into an oak cask for three years in order to age, and is only drank once that period has passed.


  • The drink has a pale amber coloration and is perfectly clear.
  • Dunbrae Whiskey has a woody aroma thanks to its aging process in oak casks, with further scents coming from the type of oak wood used in the container.
  • Sharp to those unfamiliar with it, the drink is also highly potent and is thus enjoyed in small amounts rather than full glasses.


  • Dunbrae Whiskey is sometimes abbreviated as Dundrink.
  • Despite its popularity, other alcohol manufacturers and some trade guilds have worked to collectively regulate the substance, in order to avoid its competition abroad, hence its rarity unless specially ordered.

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