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The following Earthenwares can exist in canon Aloria. All Earthenwares are divided between three categories: Soft (meaning easily pliable), Medium (meaning average) and Hard (meaning dense and difficult to carve). These categories are largely for flavor, though certain properties may specifically indicate greater or lesser strength than other materials. If any materials are not on the list, it can be assumed that they revert to the standard option, with medium strength and no special properties. The table is loosely divided between stones and other building materials at the top, and clays at the bottom. Earthenwares are used in the Earthenware Craft Pack of the Crafting Point Buy.

Name Class Special Properties Appearance when carved/fired
Limestone Soft None White to gray
Marble Medium None White with swirls of gray and black
Granite Medium None Speckled with pinks, whites, blacks, and grays
Sandstone Medium None Pale yellows, reds, and oranges
Slate Soft None Dull gray
Obsidian Hard Extremely sharp edges Glossy black
Achate Soft None Dull red to orange swirled with white
Ankhesep-Ane Hard Can only be cut with Living Metal Brilliant pale green stone
Seraphalo Soft Causes memory loss Pure white filled with shifting patterns of golden imagery
Earthwind Rock Medium Aesthetically moves on its own once carved/formed Deep green or purple with a blue sheen
Eelt-Stone Soft Capable of being heated and cooled, yet retains shape Pale, marble-like tones with pale blue swirls
Common Clay Soft None Dull red-brown
Voluun Putty Soft None Pale yellow flecked with red dots
Diparu-Zal Earth Soft Emits harmless sparks Beige-yellow with bright yellow streaks
Zisha Clay Heavy Used in Sihai Engineering A dark brown tone with a metallic sheen
Baldden Clay Medium Hums vocalizations it detects in a broad vicinity back to subject Dark gray to pale gray with white lines
Sanrasculpt Medium Can be triggered by owner to appear slick with blood or ooze the substance Dark purple with swirls of black
Morr'esse Shaping Substance Medium Appears like the night sky during the daytime A deep blue with multicolored speckles
Savellani Shaping Substance Hard Can be attuned to have the appearance of one of the 8 core elements of the Altalar conception of Magic Pale gray with translucent glittering lines to shimmer a color tone relate to their attuned element
Sumanikel Clay Hard Can resist extreme heats Black or dark brown with a scale-like pattern over the surface
Ashaiwn Soft None White, tan or black cross-patterned with silver lines

Registered Earthenware

This list will show all Registered Earthenware belonging to player Characters from Custom Kits. These Earthenware never require a pack for the registering person, and can only ever be used by another person with direct supervision and help from the registering person. Even attempting to work with the Earthenware results in destruction of the material.

Character Name Class Special Properties Appearance when carved/fired
Example Char Wax-Stone Soft Emits a soft buzzing sound when placed in the sun. Golden yellow with a faint honeycomb pattern.