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Elemental Sorcery
Magic Schools
Origins Unclear

Elemental Sorcery, much like Nature Sorcery, has existed in the world of Aloria for a very long time, perhaps even longer than Nature Sorcery on account of its primal (and sometimes religious) themes. Elemental Sorcery has always found shelter from repression and intolerance in mysticism and spirituality, especially among the more tribal societies, but more recently also among the organized Songaskians and Velheimers. Elemental Sorcery consists of Spells designed to control and conjure the elements for a variety of functions. Elemental Sorcery is also frequently seen on the battlefield due to its inherently dangerous nature when used in certain ways, leading to it being a staple for many nations such as the Altalar Princedoms, the Ithanian Sovereign, as well as the Allar and the Songaskian Masaya. Elemental Sorcery, because of this inherent potential to empower the wielder over the fortunes of others, remains one of the most used and learned Sorcery schools.

Sorcery Rules

  • All Sorcerers may only choose from 2 different Sorcery Schools.
  • All Sorcerers must pay 3 Proficiency Points per Sorcery Level, which is 1 Sorcery Ability and 1 Sorcery Aesthetic or 2 Sorcery Aesthetics (see table below).
  • Sorcery Levels should be considered per School. If you put 1 Level into 2 Schools, take the Level 1 section twice, once for each School. If you put 2 levels into 1, take the Level 2 section once.
  • All Sorcerers must have 2 Sorcery Abilities in a Sorcery School to use the Mage Empower of that school.
  • All Sorcerers are limited to 4 Sorcery Levels total, regardless of the amount of Schools they are split across.
  • Ritualists are limited to 2 Sorcery Levels total, regardless of the amount of Schools they are split across.
  • Mages may also take Sorcery Levels, but only within their Sorcery School.
  • Mages gain a Sorcery Empower as long as 2 Acolyte Sorcerers are nearby, which is on their Mage Doc.
  • Sorcerers can only be the Acolyte of one Mage at a time but can switch or quit at will.
  • Becoming an Acolyte Sorcerer must be done IC and with both parties' OOC consent.
  • Sorcerers unlock the Mage Empower as long as their Mage-Master is within Emote Distance.
  • A Mage who is also a Sorcerer cannot become an Acolyte of another Mage.
  • In the case that a Sorcery references an “Incantation,” this may be any string of words in any language that the character desires, however it must be audible in emote distance and cannot be whispered or muttered unless specified otherwise. If a specific string of words are referenced, any reasonable synonym may be utilized in their place, in any language.
Points Spent Sorcery Level Sorcery Gained
3 1 1 Sorcery Ability + 1 Sorcery Aesthetic OR 2 Sorcery Aesthetics
6 2 2 Sorcery Ability + 2 Sorcery Aesthetic OR 4 Sorcery Aesthetics
9 3 3 Sorcery Ability + 3 Sorcery Aesthetic OR 2 Sorcery Ability + 4 Sorcery Aesthetic
12 4 4 Sorcery Ability + 4 Sorcery Aesthetic

Sorcery Abilities

It is important to note that all Elemental Sorcery Spells are flexible with their Element, meaning that, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the Sorcerers are free to apply a different element to each spell. In simpler terms: If a Sorcery Spell exists that allows a Sorcerer to cast some sort of element at a person, it is up to the Sorcerer to determine whether the element should be made of fire, ice, or lightning. There is, however, a limited list of elements available, those being: Water, Ice, Wind, Storm, Fire, Magma, Earth, and Metal.

Elemental Branding [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can cast Elemental Branding onto a melee weapon to apply an elemental effect to the weapon. In order to cast Elemental Branding, the Sorcerer must speak the Incantation and then touch a melee weapon to apply the effect. This weapon can be wielded by the Sorcerer or another character. Only one Elemental Branding can be active per Sorcerer, and multiple cannot be applied to the same weapon by multiple Sorcerers. When the effect is applied, it lasts until the weapon leaves Emote Distance of the Sorcerer, until they are knocked out, or until they snap their fingers to instantly dispel the effect. Regardless, the spell can only last for up to an hour before it must be re-cast. For reference of elemental effects, consult the list below. If a Reflect Ability is used, the effect can be stolen by the person using the Reflect if they have a weapon in their hands at the time. If the spell is ‘stolen’ in this way, the original caster cannot undo the effect besides being knocked out or leaving Emote Distance of the weapon. This Ability counts as an Object Enhancement.

  • Ice: The weapon becomes covered in ice, so that when it makes contact with another blade or weapon, the other weapon becomes frozen to the ice branded weapon, effectively negating the two weapons from being used for the duration of combat.
  • Water: The weapon can glimmer and glow with any color, or any range of colors and patterns imagined by the wielder. Additionally, the weapon can be drenched in saltwater, causing any wounds it inflicts to gain a delayed healing effect. For the duration of the combat scene, these wounds cannot be rapidly healed by any Abilities mid-combat. This effect will end either when the Spell ends, when the person with the wounds leaves Emote Distance of the Sorcerer, or automatically after 30 minutes.
  • Wind: The weapon can be used to produce a wind funnel stance, in which the wielder has to hold the weapon vertically in front of them and keep it there, making them immune to mundane projectile weapons (excluding Puretek), while Abilities or melee weapons will still harm them.
  • Storm: The weapon, when swung, produces the sound of a gale or strong wind gust while hitting the weapon against any type of object or other weapon produces purely visual lightning sparks, and a loud thunderclap noise that can be heard up to announce emote away.
  • Fire: The weapon is wreathed in magical fire (of any color), which does not harm or negatively affect the blade, but wounds inflicted by the blade additionally sting (akin to a burn from boiling water). This cannot set things alight.
  • Magma: The weapon begins to leak intensely heated sludge which can only be flicked or flung at an opponent. This sludge quickly cools but applies a painful sensation on any person within 3 blocks distance, before cooling permanently and fading into dust. It has no effect on inanimate objects, weapons, and clothes.
  • Earth: Rocky substances grow around the wielder's hands, fortifying their grip and preventing them from being disarmed unwillingly or having their weapon yanked out of their hand with any ability.
  • Metal: The weapon is fortified and cannot be destroyed or dulled by any means, natural or ability wise.

Elemental Orb [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can produce an elemental projectile traveling in a linear fashion from their casting point to their target. In order to cast this spell, the Sorcerer must recite the Incantation, after which they can shoot the projectile from their hand towards their intended target that they can see. Only one projectile per cast can be produced, and all projectiles are the same in terms of their size, appearing about the size of a baseball, speed, and functionality. The orb can be blocked by any wall or other stationary object, and will only travel as far as emote distance. The orb will hit its intended target if the Sorcerer rolls above an 8 on a /dice 20. When making contact with a person or object, it will primarily knock that person or object back by 2 blocks, and create a painful bruise in the location where they were hit. The Element chosen determines the visual aesthetics of the projectile but has no other effect. This spell can only be cast once every 30 seconds.

Elemental Intercept [Sorcery Spell]

When casting this spell, the Sorcerer can Cancel a single projectile-based attack or ability (not Puretek/Soulshot) on either the Sorcerer themselves, another character, or an object. The projectile-based attack must appear as a physical and tangible projectile, and must travel at least within Emote Distance of the Sorcerer. This ability requires eyesight of the projectile, and for the Sorcerer to snap their fingers in the direction of the projectile (or its rough direction). A shield disk will then form in its path, covered in the element of their choice, which will then absorb the impact of the projectile and nullify all its effects should it have any (such as fire spread or poison gas). This can also be used on alchemical concoctions as long as they are thrown in a vial or grenade form. This Spell can only be used once every 5 minutes, and cannot be Canceled by any Counter Mechanic.

Elemental Slide [Sorcery Spell]

Elemental Slide can only be used to disengage from a combat scene, and cannot be cast again for an hour after that. To cast this spell, the Sorcerer must shout the Incantation, which will then shoot them forward or backwards in the blink of an eye up to 10 blocks distance while leaving a linear trail of their element behind them. This trail is not large enough to harm anyone should they walk over it and dissipates after a few minutes. While the movement is almost instant, the Sorcerer still has to travel the distance, and if some object impedes that travel, they will smash into it with the force of an Url hoof to the face, which is not recommended to experience. This spell can only be Cancelled by a Counter Mechanic if the counter or stopper is applied before the spell is used, but if Reflected, will cause the Sorcerer to travel in the opposite direction.

Sorcery Aesthetics

Elemental Bending [Sorcery Spell]

The Sorcerer can magically manifest the elements at will, which they can then use for a variety of visual feats. The Sorcerer must speak the Incantation, after which they may draw a visual version of their chosen element out of their hand. The element can then be moved through the air, and also take shape as the Sorcerer wills, but these shapes can be no larger than an adult person. The elements will appear as if they are real but have no tangible effects; for example, lightning will not arc to metal objects, a fire will not burn, and water will not make anything wet. Should the element come into contact with any person or object, it will simply flow through it without leaving any feeling. This can be maintained for as long as the Sorcerer wants to, or until they drop their hand to their sides which will cause the spell to end.

Elemental Influence [Toggle Passive]

The Sorcerer can complete small tasks utilizing the elements. This ability can be used at will, but does require physical contact with the object affected unless specified otherwise. The exact effects are listed below per element.

  • Ice: The Sorcerer can produce a snowball in their hand at will regardless of the weather. Once thrown, another can be produced (though they have no combat function).
  • Water: The Sorcerer can fill any normal drink-size cup with freshwater, which is drinkable and will satiate thirst, but it cannot be shed into an eternal water cup.
  • Wind: The Sorcerer can cause quick bursts of wind to occur within emote distance which is not strong enough to actually move objects, but can be used to prank others by moving their hair or loose clothing only. They can also be used to dry things over time, with enough applications.
  • Storm: The Sorcerer can give someone a small jolt through skin contact, or after maintaining contact with an individual, they can frizzle up their hair. Neither effect is harmful, and at most can only startle an individual. It has no effect on inanimate objects.
  • Fire: The Sorcerer can light or snuff out small candles and fires no larger than an adult fist. They can cast this from a 3 block distance.
  • Magma: The Sorcerer is capable of crafting a cooled magma substance that can be placed in a glass jar, lantern, or vase. This substance has no tangible effect other than giving off light as a small lantern would, and visibly shifts and moves as if it was lava. The Sorcerer can also choose the color of the light it gives off. This substance lasts indefinitely, but the Sorcerer is only capable of making enough for one container at any given time. Re-Creating the substance allows them to change the color, but destroys whatever they previously made.
  • Earth: The Sorcerer can repair any brick or stone construction that has recently taken damage within the last few days. This is limited to repairing cracks, chips, and dents, not repairing a catastrophic collapse.
  • Metal: The Sorcerer can take any metal item and cleanse the grime and accumulated dust from it. This will not repair the weapon or remove rust or other damage, it will merely cause it to shine brilliantly as if recently polished.

Primal Design [Toggle Passive]

The Sorcerer can materialize (or de-materialize) some sort of visual effect to compliment their appearance. The effect manifested may only be chosen from the list below, but can be visually altered to represent a certain element. A Sorcerer can only have one effect active at any time, but can remove effects at will, and re-apply them once per hour.

  • Clothing: The fraying ends of clothing such as cuffs or seams or the base of a dress will show a representation of the element on the edge. For example, a sorcerer using this ability on their dress with fire will cause the bottom of the dress to fray with a gentle flame illusion, and if they use water, the dress seems to be leaked water, while storm will produce a static spark effect.
  • Wings: The Sorcerer can manifest nonfunctional, unmovable small wings on their back or shoulders which can be covered in the element of their choice. These wings do not grant any functional benefits, and are purely aesthetic.
  • Gauntlets: The Sorcerer is able to form gauntlets made of whatever element they choose which can appear in any shape as long as it fits snug to their skin (or any normal gauntlets they are wearing) anywhere from knuckles to the elbow. These gauntlets have no functional effects besides purely appearing as their elemental form aesthetic, for example, gentle flaming gauntlets, or gauntlets made of stone or magma.

Elemental Carving [Toggle Passive]

The Sorcerer can form tattoos of their chosen element, in the color of their chosen element, which can take any shape but should be generally shaped reminiscent of their chosen element. These tattoos can be changed or removed at will, but cannot be animated. They may also have a faint glow to them, start glowing when the Sorcerer starts casting their other spells, or may remain inert.

Mage Empower

Mage Empower: Atronach [Mythic Shift]

The Sorcerer, while within viewing range (no longer than a street) of their Mage-Master, is able to turn their body into that of an Elemental, based on the element of their Mage-Master. For example, if their Mage-Master’s thematic element is fire, they will appear to be engulfed in fire, and if the Mage-Master’s theme is lightning, they will appear like a humanoid spark. While in this form, the element does not actually affect anything, meaning that if they are made of fire, the fire will not burn anyone. They will, however, be completely immune to any harmful or detrimental effects from all of their Mage-Master’s spells and abilities, and also (if they so choose) hover above the ground by half a foot.

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