Elladorian Mountain Trodder

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Elladorian Mountain Trodder
Official Name Elladorian Mountain Trodder
Classification Mammal
Habitat The North Belt, Northern Regalian Archipelago
Domesticated Yes
Current Status Common

The Elladorian Mountain Trodder is a sturdy goat that originated in Ellador. They nearly went extinct when Ellador was transformed into the colder continent it is today, but Isldar and Dwarves helped to keep them safe as they adapted to the frostier climate. Nearly a century later, Velheim Ailor domesticated and helped spread the Trodder across The North Belt and into northern regions of the Regalian Archipelago. They are well known for their thick coats and nutritious milk, with Northern families sometimes forced to make the difficult choice in harsh winters of whether to kill their animal for its warm coat or keep it alive for its milk.


Elladorian Mountain Trodders came into being on Ellador more than five centuries ago. They were brought there by unknown parties with many claiming the Dwarves to be their carriers while the stout race, ever deniers of their proto-human roots, state this is not so. This breed of goat developed a surefooted build and came to live in the multiple mountain ranges across the continent and prospered. But when the Great Ice Dragon was born, and Ellador became a flash-frozen hell of ice and snow, the Trodder nearly went extinct. The animal only survived thanks to the intervention of the Dwarves and early Isldar. Both protected what small herds of the animal they could with some myths claiming the Isldar gifted the creatures with the snow-colored coat it possesses today.

By 100 BC, the animal population had recovered and soon spread to Ailor settlements. Velheim Ailor in the region slowly transplanted them across the North Belt. They retained their white coat and briefly spread to more southern regions where they remained popular for a number of years. Eventually, other goat populations from areas like the Regalian Archipelago and Old Ceardia began to outperform them, and they became a Northern-only animal. They can now be found both domesticated and wild in many regions with the largest population of wild Elladorian Mountain Trodders still existing in Ellador.

Physical Appearance

The Elladorian Mountain Trodder is an average sized goat, standing at a height of three feet tall and with a length both between two and a half to three feet long. Their weights fluctuate wildly depending on the season, but they are, on average, between 100 and 150 lbs. Their head has a set of blue or brown horizontal eyes with two curved horns at the top of their head that are angled backward and curve forwards and outwards. The rest of the head keeps standard goat features with a short neck attaching the head to the remainder of the body. The rest of the body is covered with a thick layer of hair. This dense coat begins at the head where it protects parts of the face and neck, and forms a barely visible goatee before moving back to blanket the rest of the body. The Trodder has a very short tail that is hidden within this dense layer of wool. The animal is quadrupedal, and each leg has a strong cloven hoof well adapted to the mountains on it. In domesticated Trodders, these hooves are less durable and more suited to the flat terrain of the lower prairies they graze.


The Elladorian Mountain Trodder has a slanted gender divide with a predisposition towards females. There are several major physical differences between the two genders. To start, males are larger than females, and their horns grow out to incredible lengths. To contrast, females are on the smaller side, and their own horns rarely grow longer than one inch. They also possess udders which is used to extract their milk.

Life Span and Development

Elladorian Mountain Trodders are born in groups of two or three, the kids depending on their mother for her milk. They appear at first to be soft weak but quickly turn into miniature versions of adults. They mature very quickly, reaching adult sizes within a year and mentally mature after another year. They can live as old as 18, but most never get there due to eventual slaughter or the natural dangers of nature.

Mental Overview

The Elladorian Mountain Trodder is a docile creature to most but are aggressive to members of their own species during the breeding season, as well as when taking part in practice fights as they are growing up. During such times, males fight with other males over females, females fight with other females for the best grazing spots to feed their pregnant bodies, and kids fight other kids over a mother’s milk and just because they are young. At all other periods, they work together with a herd instinct. This allows them to be easily controlled, but taming them is another matter altogether. They are second only to domesticated cats in their ability to adapt back into the wild which can only be curbed by a high level of love and care. They are not territorial and freely graze and move across the landscape being led on by the herd leader. This herd instinct also unites them against predators such as wolves, which has the largest of the herd grouping up to face an oncoming threat.

Territory and Groupings

The Elladorian Mountain Trodder is a herd animal, and so follows a herd leader. This leader is the largest Trodder in the herd and leads the group around throughout the year. In domesticated scenarios, the leader is always kept alive to keep the herd in check unless he starts acting out in which the herdsmen edges another male to supplant him before slaughtering him. Wild herds are small, reaching only twelve Trodders at the most while domestic herds are often range in the thirties to forties.


  • Due to the recent conflict in Ellador, old rumors about the Trodders origins are more heavily propagated among the Velheim people in recent months. One of the most popular claims that the goat are descendants of an Isldar skin-changer who became trapped in his animal form and so vowed to help the Isldar spy on the world.
  • The Elladorian Mountain Trodder meat is commonly eaten at the Old Gods wedding ceremony of the Elleadagr.
  • The people of Drixagh once believed a Frosthorn was terrifying the Drazj Wastes as rumors of a large white haired figure with horns being sighted across the region. It was dispelled when a group of Skaggers found the culprit, an Orc wearing Trodder-skin clothing with a Trodder skull on his head.

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