Emended Unionism

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Emended Unionism
Pronunciation Ee-Men-ded Yoon-yen-is-m
Origins Emperor Theomar the Prophet

Dogmatic Unionism (Default) Evintarian Unionism Schism

Emendded Unionism Schism



Schismatic Belief

Something to do with cynical critical thinking and old style dogartan rejection of wealth and hierarchy in the religious community.

Core Identity



  • Careful: Emended Unionism implores that all Unionists not grow cocky, and remain careful so as not to endanger the cause with heavy-handed action and blind ambition.
  • Calm: Emended Unionism implores that all Unionists remain calm and where possible turn the other cheek because violence is the root of many sinful thoughts.
  • Descendancy: Emended Unionism asks for the happiness that having many children will bring, while making wedlock very optional to achieve this goal.
  • Ambition: Emended Unionism asks all Unionists to be content in life and to not seek to upend the natural order of things or to seek to overcome one's betters.
  • Diligence: Emended Unionism asks that those with merit and skill are rewarded and raised to better positions of power to reward their duty to the Empire.
  • Merciful: Emended Unionism implores not for vengefulness or forgivingness, but rather for mercy in all circumstances, no death-penalty, and criminal rehabilitation.
  • Charity: Emended Unionism requires that all Unionists create equity for the poorest and weakest, so that even the infirm can contribute through charity and help.
  • Honest: Emended Unionism requires honesty and truth, professing the need to never lie to one’s superiors, lords, bosses, or commanders in faith and arms.
  • Humility: Emended Unionism requires believers to never have false fantasies of living up to the Gods and Goddess, that one can live in example of but never aspire to be them.
  • Literalism: Emended Unionism demands that religious dogma should never become blind faith, and that all faithful should seek providence for belief and spirituality.
  • Loyalty: Emended Unionism demands absolute loyalty to the Emperor and obedience to one's feudal or peer lords, while never offending or inflicting violence on nobles.
  • Great Way: Unionism requires all Unionists to constantly strive to contribute to the Great Way, to find opportunities to further advance the Empire and its people.
  • Dragonblood: Emended Unionists believe Dragonblood to be the supreme blessing of the Everwatcher, and that only Dragonblood can be Emperors, thus Cedromar is legitimate.
  • Vessel: Emended Unionists reject the Ivrae lineage, instead believing the true Vessels to have been Kades. The current heir is Augustus Kade, son of Cedromar.


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Ideological Differences

Gods and Goddesses


The Everwatcher

The Everwatcher, is the supreme Divine Being of Unionism, the source of all creation, and the final destiny of all things. The Everwatcher was the first thing that was created in the beginning of times and created all other races, creatures, land, and all that was and will be. The Everwatcher is not traditionally depicted in any way shape or form. The Everwatcher is the same for all Schisms, though the Schisms have internal disagreements about who should be the Vessel of the Everwatcher. Generally speaking, Dogmatic and Evintarian Unionists support the current lineage, while Emended Unionists support the erasure of Ivrae legitimacy. Emended Unionism puts less emphasis on the God Emperors and Empresses and instead refers to individuals with divine powers granted by the Everwatcher as just Gods or Goddesses, indicating that being an Emperor or Empress does not make anyone more likely to become an agent of the Everwatcher's grand design, and by defining most divine beings as such, creates a false perception of specialness.

Worship of the Everwatcher is never done specifically by praying or asking for its blessings, but rather simply by being a good Unionist. There is only ever one direct interaction between a Unionist and the Everwatcher, and that is in the moment of their death, for their soul to be weighed against their role in the Great Way. If they are left wanting, the soul will be returned to Aloria to be re-incarnated, given another chance to prove itself. If they pass, the soul will join the Everwatcher in the Unionist afterlife. Matters regarding the Everwatcher are always the highest forms of heresy if claimed in contradiction to established theological doctrine. While the Everwatcher does grant blessings to individuals who are born all across the Empire, because it has determined some religious purpose for them at birth, the Everwatcher never speaks through anyone except the Vessel.

Theomar and Thedmir, the Founders

Friends who started Unionism - Duo Prophets.

Eotranna, the Mother

Patron of mothers, healers, teachers, nurses.

Allestrain and Alexander, the Soldiers

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Patrons of loyalty, brotherhood, dedication, all that jazz.

Elia and Leona, the Lovers

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Patrons of adoration, admiration, love, silent suffering, together at last.

Sinavaal, the Beacon

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Patron of foresight, humility, calculation, decisiveness and dependability.

Qalnaar, the Shipwright

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Patron of the sailors, naval command, freedom, exploration, birds.

Nicholas, the Architect

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Patron of leaders politicians and nobles, architect of world events and greatness.

Rianne, the Marshal

(New Melissandre Cadar name), Patron of generals and marshals, undefeated champion.

Morgan, the Devil

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Pseudo-evil god who exists to remind people that even flawed people can be really scarily competent, but also patron of wealth and prosperity.

Cedromar, the Dragonfather

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Patron of Dragonblood, reluctant duty, fatherhood, change in life, and happiness.

Caan, the Knight

Patron of Knights and warden of all things magical in the world.

Elen, the Arsenal

Patron of Magic - less "wow this is a curse" (from Dogmatic) more "this is a blessing, but be careful because the devil is in the details".


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