Miko Missa

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Miko Missa
Notable Person
Full Name Miko Missa
Race Slizzar
Date of Birth 16th of August 224 AC
Date of Death 3rd of September 291 AC
Real or Mythical Real
Claim to Fame Empress of the Essa Empire

Miko Missa, known by the Regalian populace as the “Serpent Witch of Essa,” is one of the most prominent figures in Slizzar history. A powerful empress until her defeat in the Chrysant War and beheading, a figurehead of the Nessrassian faith, and a powerful practitioner of ancient and mysterious magics, many Slizzar think of Miko Missa when they think of the former greatness of their race. In current Regalian society, she is demonized as a cruel and savage enemy of the Empire.

Origins and Early Life

The early life of Miko Missa is shrouded in uncertainty, and it is likely that her cult and spokespeople mystified the stories of her early age to make her seem more powerful. The line of Missa heralded the birth of Miko, as a great blessing upon the Slizzar. They claimed that Isskarno himself had gifted Miko to his subjects. Miko Missa was treated with honor and respect by her family and the cult that her family oversaw, even at a very young age, and she was raised to believe that all the lands of the Naylar were rightfully hers as the descendant of Isskarno. One of her aides recounted later in life that even at a young age, she carried herself with a demeanor comparable to that of divinity. In fact, as she grew older she successfully convinced many Slizzar that she enforced the will of Isskarno on the surface world, and she began to reform her family’s cult into both a religious sect of Nessrassian, as well as a fanatical private military full of Slizzar who followed Miko Missa with utter devotion.


Within fourteen years from 250 AC, the adult Miko Missa became one of the most well known and popular figures in the whole of Hadaria, hailing as the most prominent of the Nessrassian prophets at the time. Thousands of devout followers joined her military and religious ranks, and there were even more Naylar who supported her endeavors, yet did not actively participate in her forces. Ultimately, this led her to her first conflict which blossomed into a romance with the most powerful Digmaan in Hadaria at the time. Her seduction of him resulted in his forces joining hers and ending their tension, which formed the largest army Hadaria had seen since the Elven Empire occupied the region over 500 years ago. With this, Miko Missa extorted and used bully diplomacy to add lesser Chrysant Kingdoms to her realm. By the year 264 AC, when she declared that Isskarno had demanded that all of Hadaria unify under her glorious rule, what few states were left complied. The prophet claimed that under her rule she would bring glory to the Naylar in conquest, and though she did not yet publicly declare a target, it is believed that this is when Miko Missa first began planning her invasion of Sendras.

Miko Missa quickly began traveling to kingdoms across Hadaria, demanding the loyalty of the local rulers and their lands directly in a Council of Digmaan. The powerful Digmaans of Vorrokhar and Arrastra were among the first to pledge their allegiance to their new Empress, and other kingdoms were quick to follow. It is said that behind closed doors, Miko Missa began voicing her intent to conquer Sendras to the local rulers, who eagerly offered Missa all of their military and economic might to the prophet to use as she saw fit. Unchallenged and with popular support, Miko Missa rose to power as the ruler of a unified Hadaria, ruling with brute force and a religious mandate to lead. Miko Missa founded the Essa Empire and declared herself the Empress with absolute authority. As Regalian military and political advisors watched on with slight concern, Miko Missa constructed a political system that granted her absolute control of every facet of life in the region, becoming one of the most powerful and efficient rulers in Aloria at the time. Simultaneously, she began constructing a large military force to prepare for her invasion of Sendras, setting into place the catalyst for her downfall in the Chrysant War.

Later Life

In the April of 286 AC, mere weeks before Miko Missa planned to launch her invasion; she received news of a large Ailor fleet pillaging and razing small towns and temples after having already devastated Osstissa. Miko Missa made a famous speech before thousands of her subjects, claiming that she had been bestowed power by the gods and that the Regalian Empire would tremble before the wrath of the Empress. Many in Hadaria were sure of what she meant at the time, for her and her cult were the keepers of an ancient form of magic known to summon Deep Sea Serpents. This speech came following brief negotiations between Regalia and the Essa Empire, in which the Ailor were angered by Miko Missa’s refusal to agree to an unconditional surrender but the Regalian Senate still forbade the attack on any major cities while further negotiations continued. This ultimately fell through in the spring of 287 AC, and full war resumed as the Imperial Fleet headed west to the largest territories in Hadaria where the greatest threat was also brewing.

Slowly, the notable Chrysant Kingdoms of Uesston, Allossa, and Ssesollosa were all defeated by Regalian forces. Some groups of local Naylar in these areas renounced Miko Missa as a false prophet, though Miko Missa did her best to control and suppress the news of these denouncements in the lands of Hadaria that she still controlled. The final battle took place at Fessa Huallo, where Miko Missa herself had mobilized the last of her fleet to evacuate her citizens. The Regalians believed this to be a military fleet, and fired openly, utterly destroying the Naylar civilian fleet which met the navy with little resistance. Before the end of the battle, Miko Missa decided to display the awesome power that she controlled. She summoned four Deep Sea Serpents, rumored to be the deities of the Slizzar, which ravaged the Regalian fleet and destroyed many ships before they were brought down. The act herself caused her to collapse in weakness, which is where Regalians sacking the city ultimately found her. Miko Missa was beheaded before her subjects at the front of the most prominent temple in the city, no final words to be spoken, no escape attempted. Many of her people were subsequently slaughtered, and the reign of the prophet Empress Miko Missa was brought to a dramatic end, with her empire and people utterly destroyed.


Miko Missa built a cult of personality around her reign, portraying herself as fearless, a Slizzar supremacist, and the ideal practitioner of the Nessrassian faith. She rarely showed emotion, speaking calmly in public yet always using powerful and provocative language that was effective and creating fierce nationalism and religious fervor in Hadaria. Despite rising to power through mild force, she truly was popular among her subjects, and there was virtually no resistance to her reign. Her religious devotion classified her rule, and she ensured that all of her subjects were as devout as she. She wished to have new Slizzar temples, several in each city, constructed during her rule, and though this project was started, it was never completed to the degree that she wished due to the destruction of her Empire at the hands of Regalia.

It is entirely unknown how Miko Missa summoned the Deep Sea Serpents to her aid at Fessa Huallo. However, it is believed that she spent up to six hours praying at temples on an average day, remaining unmoving in a meditative posture for long stretches of time. She had a remarkably high opinion of herself, as she believed that she was the direct descendent of Isskarno and that with his blessing she was destined to rule all of Hadaria, and someday, all of the world.


Empress Missa will be remembered as possibly the most powerful Slizzar to have ever lived. A true warmonger, she represents the inherent drive in the Slizzar mentality to constantly seek perfection and domination. Were it not for the Regalian Empire’s swift surprise invasion, she likely would have succeeded in conquering Sendras, which would have created an entirely different timeline in Aloria with the Essa Empire emerging as the most powerful political force in the land. She is also known as a great religious prophet, a historical figure in the Nessrassian faith, and a figurehead for Slizzar solidarity as their race is endangered and suffering. Contrastly, she is remembered as an evil murderer in Regalia, who summoned savage beasts to destroy honorable soldiers in the Chrysant War, which is classified as a great holy war. Her rule ended as swiftly as it had begun, but she is notable as one of the most charismatic and powerful leaders of her time.

Extended Family

Miko Missa had several consorts and a few children that had not yet reached maturity when the Chrysant War began. Her family was scarcely known by the public, and she shielded them from fame and scrutiny. It is believed that her immediate family was destroyed in entirety with the invasion of Fessa Huallo, and a survivor is incredibly implausible, though not impossible as there was effectively no record of her children, including how many she had, and where they lived. She was also romantically involved with a Cro-Allar known simply as Llsszz-arossa, or “Sun Eater,” who was the most powerful Digmaan in Hadaria at the time. He ultimately died at sea when his fleet was destroyed thanks to Maiar saboteurs beneath the waves, his large armies destroyed shortly afterward by Regalian bombardment while waiting for him in his home Kingdom.


  • An eyewitness reported during the land invasion of Fessa Huallo stated that Miko Missa was speaking to an unknown Slizzar in great detail, and handing him several texts and scrolls. It is unknown what became of this Slizzar, yet some have speculated that she was desperately passing on the secrets of the magics that summoned the great sea serpents. Others speculate that this may have been an heir of Empress Missa that managed to escape destruction at the hands of Regalian forces. Others, however, discount these speculations as the outlandish ravings of attention-mongers.
  • There are virtually no Slizzar in the present day that do not know the story of Miko Missa. She is greatly respected within their vanishing society and culture and is remembered as the epitome of Slizzar perfection.
  • During her reign in Hadaria, there was a societal phase in which all Slizzar subjects attempted to act like Empress Missa to try and replicate her demeanor. It became very commonplace to compare someone’s posture, decorum, character, and skills to that of Missa until 284 AC.

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