Epic of Grakklarmosh

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Epic of Grakklarmosh
Author Gudat Dozon, with assistance from Manuel Bircham
Genre Poetry
Printer Daenshore Masters Limited

Following the success of “Prync Daen and Now”, Manuel Bircham chose to transcribe the “Epic of Grakklarmosh" into Common next, releasing it in 299 AC. Gudat Dozon assisted him again, and advised the junior scholar of how to arrange the story as an Epic is one of the most popular pieces of Eronidas writing in all their oral canon. Several episodes were kept out of this version, though Manuel later wrote a compilation of several of these, releasing it in 306 AC.

Epic of Grakklarmosh


Here transcribed is the Epic of Grakklarmosh, about a legendary Eronidas of the Guldar Home Period who lived perhaps some 700 years ago. This story is one of the most complex to transcribe, and its poetic form has been retained as much as possible when copied into Common by the author and translator. Additionally, there are at least a dozen total episodes attributed to the Epic with different versions of each, but the version of the Epic here is the standard, most widely enjoyed version with the five central stories that defined the warrior’s life.

Malkur joins the Tuerak

In a time before this land, in a time before this world
The world stood in splendor
The Elements and Death overlooked all
But were apart in divided places
Though the arms of bonded warriors remained strong
In Anatokor in squalid nothing did sit Hebash
By the banks of the putrid Targardoc did rest Hebash
Her hands wrung hard, her features grim
Her daughter had been in pains for weeks
And now, she sat in the tent and strained to form new life
At last, the child did emerge, great Malkur
When he emerged, his cry spurned the Spogytor into flight
And awakened the snoring Shoiru with a squeal
He who would surmount Warrior Nikogral
Was born with a warcry into this world
His clan was meager, with a name lost on the tongue
His tribe was feeble, existing in tribute to the Tuerak
And so his birth arrose much shock and surprise,
For his blood was clearly of that tribe
And his mother faced an inquisition of her life
But he, prodigal son, was taught the Eron ways
And became a name known to the Tuerak
They came to fetch him with their weapons,
Only to find them bent and broken through his mastery of Panlomoc
So they found a better way to pull him away
Tashmatash, lady of private life, person of pleasure
She came to him and spoke of what lay beyond the banks of Targardoc
She came to him and spoke of what lay beyond the fringe of Anatokor
She whispered sweet promises and gone was his tie to his tribe
And he followed her exposed legs back to the Tuerak

Grakklarmosh and the Sumu

In Nothos on pleasant furs did lay Nansharg
By the banks of the clear Egargesh did lounge Nansharg
Her hands caressed the wood, her face a kindness
Her daughter had been in pains for weeks
And now, she sat in the tent and strained to form new life
At last, the child did emerge, great Grakklarmosh
When he emerged, his cry spurned the Spogytor into flight
And awakened the snoring Shoiru with a squeal
He who would surmount Warrior Urkadak
Was born with a warcry into this world
At the age of five, he entered training
And toppled his teacher to the dirt on the first day
At the age of seven, he entered the hunters
And toppled a crowing, vile Pakta-Yaz to the earth
And so by the age of ten, he was a master of Panlomoc
He was lauded, groomed, and beloved
Yet he sought out challenges worthy of his skill
Among his tribe, the normal hunt grew boring
Among his clan, the westling grew too simple
And so cunning or fate depending on your mind came to him
The Sumu of Avgar, prized Lug-Fousso of the Tuerak, broke free
It carved through the camp, it flattened the storehouse
It gored those who came against it, and it was unstoppable
It was this sight that first struck Malkur upon his arrival
And he grew disheartened at the sight
“Is this the greatness of Tuerak dirty Nothyto?”
“Is this the glory of Tuerak false Nothyto?”
He angrily stormed to leave, but then he saw him
The Eronidas of equal power, of worthy challenge
Who stepped up to face the rampaging Sumu
Grakklarmosh stepped behind the Sumu of Avgar
And prepared to grasp its haunch
He was joined by Malkur, who stepped behind the Sumu of Avgar
And prepared to grasp its thigh
Grakklarmosh turned and saw the Eronidas of equal power, of worthy challenge
Together, the pre-men each grasped a loin of the beast and flipped it
“I have not seen you before” grunted Grakklarmosh
“I have not seen one like you” strained Malkur
With a thunderous crash, the Sumu of Avgar lay on its back
Compressed beneath the grasp of the two warriors
It struggled mightily with a lowing to shake the air
Mt. Makronoc shook mightily and the battle neared its end
But Grakklarmosh maintained his pin, and his grasp was like iron
At last, the Sumu breathed its last, and all beheld the triumph
Glory was called for Grakklarmosh and his companion Malkur

The Contest of Dominance

Grakklarmosh was celebrated, and Malkur came to know him
They told of their deeds, and while Tashmatash remained near
Her task was finished and she returned to her former role
The men of Tuerak quickly saw who Malkur was, yet rejoiced
For now they had a strong man in their midst
For the remainder of their training, the two were inseparable
For their entire time together, they could never be pried apart
On hunts, in bouts, in eating and in sleeping
They were as close as brothers
And yet they never forgot the spark, the sense of competition
By the age of fourteen, they were mountains and ridges and caves
By the age of fourteen, they were oceans and rivers and lakes
They chose to set their household with the other,
And each claimed ten to serve them
And thus there came the feast
Drink was had in abundance, and Stoor-fish were eaten alongside Sumu
Pleasure flowed like water, and Stoor-swine were eaten alongside Sumu
Yet in this all, talk began, and talk continued
Who was the strongest of the two? Who had won more bouts?
The answer was equal, and then the two began to boast
“I could press ten Sumu with my arms and still lift a ladden cart!”
Grakklarmosh growled with a table slam
“I could press seven adult Pakta-Yaz with my arms, and still lift a ladden cart!”
Malkur snarled with a pole punch
And so the two stared hard at each other
Nansharg becalmed the room as was her role
“We shall settle it like always, in a final, ultimate contest!”
The entire jungle shook at the sound of joy this produced
A grand day again, another show of Grakklarmosh’s power!
A grand day again, another show of Malkur’s strength!
The day came at last, and both arrayed across from the other
Neither had talked to the other since that night
And much simmered in their searing looks
Chief Ebbabgrak sat and gave the command
And so the fight began
On the first day, Grakklarmosh shifted an arm
On the second day, Malkur moved a leg
For three more days, none adjusted
On the sixth day, headbutts were exchanged
But on the seventh day, the Tuerak had enough
“REST!” they moaned, but nothing shifted
“SLEEP!” they groaned, but nothing shifted
At last, Tashmatash was called and she raised her leg
But neither man faltered, and she raised her calf
But this time, kicked the water trough
Water spilled into the pit, and sand became mud
Suddenly, Malkur’s position shifted
Abruptly, Grakklarmosh’s stance changed
The two began to grapple in desperation
And finally, a pin was achieved
Malkur was humiliated, but the clan did not care
Grakklarmosh was victorious, but the tribe did not care
Heads hit earth, leaves, grass and hide in sleep
And the two men spoke long and reconciled in the night
And the two warriors lay long and reconciled under the moon

The Pursuit of Yeratza

Years passed, and both men grew
They faced down much together
And Grakklarmosh rose up to become the chieftain
And Malkur enveloped all his people into the Tuerak
And both men led them to glory for years
But then came warnings and at last, sightings
Of Yeratza, terrible and tall
Of Yeratza, broad and strong
Of Yeratza, impassable and cunning
Who gorged upon the herds and slaughtered all in wonton hate
Gybrak, great scout and tracker in the brush
Followed her to the edge of the Skotondashok
That vast place teemed with vile life, with hating scarlets
And Gybrak was forced to turn back, for he was one
But he soon returned with many
Grakklarmosh called all to him and proclaimed
“Silent Gybrak has found where the beast dwells”
“Stealthy Gybrak has uncovered where she makes her nest”
“Who will join me in her pursuit?”
Seventy men stepped forward, divided four, two and one
They marched twenty lengths, then thirty lengths
They crossed the Nothos, the Targardoc, and surmounted Mt. Makronoc
They traveled far, and came to the threshold of the Skotondashok
It was here a camp was made, and Grakklarmosh dreamed
He woke with a gasp and in nervous tones, told Malkur his dreams
“I found a field of Krytharc growing full under the sun.”
“But then, clouds came, and half the field died.”
“I moved on and beheld a herd of Sumu by the water.”
“But then, the river dried, and the herd moved on.”
“My friend, what does this mean?”
“You’ll suffer loss, you will see the wilting”
“You’ll see the world decay, but you will move on”
He gripped his long-time-friend’s shoulder
“But you’ll have me to help you thrive dear brother”
“And in a group this large, such losses are expected”
The next day they pushed on through the dark wood
They came upon prey rare in all of Guldar, yet focused on their task
The trees bent to form a path straight to Yeratza
And so the seventy and two walked with surety
And at least, came before her
Yeratza reeked of rotted carrion, and sat cloaked in malignant feathers
Yeratza stunk of death and perched on gnarled limbs
Compared to her, the host was glorious
Grakklarmosh gleamed with his oils and his form was that of granite
Malkur shone with his oils and his form was that of obsidian
She came down and bashed
She came down and crashed
She came down and slashed
She came down and mashed
She came down and slew beloved Malkur
He rose up and pushed
He rose up and grasped
He rose up and smashed
He rose up and squeezed
He rose up and slew reviled Yeratza

Grakklarmosh’s Lament

It had been ten years, and all his hair had grayed
It had been so long, and all his hearts had aged
Grakklarmosh never ceased his grieving, his deep sadness
At long last, his son Orbak came and demanded him to change
At long last, his daughter Mesk came and demanded him to change
To both he muttered this soliloquy
“When we are born, we are made with another half”
“If we never find it, we know no sorrow”
“If we do find it, we know great joy”
“If we lose it, we know great sorrow”
“Malkur was my Makkaru and me, his Vakkar”
“Let it never be said a warrior is weak to feel such sorrow”
“Let it never be allowed that men be punished for feeling for one’s deepest brother”
“Go now, and leave me to my grief”
“Go now, and let me ruminate”
But neither child accepted this answer and demanded change
The young men of the tribe were stirred and growled in defiance
The young women of the clan sat and made nothing in protest
The aged came to Grakklarmosh
“A new time comes, and you have been lost to it”
“A new world arrives, and you have been avoided by it”
Gybrak, bald and lean with age, rubbed the place of pain in soothing
“I know your pain my brother...we all have felt it.”
“Your dreams came true...and now it is time to move like you did then”
A weight left Grakklarmosh and he thanked Gybrak
And so at last, Grakklarmosh stepped down
And so at last, Grakklarmosh was laid entombed
Oh greak Grakklarmosh, greatest of the Tuerak
Oh beloved Malkur, inheritor of the Tuerak
Eos has surpassed you both, and knows the sorrow of your bond
He has felt it with each and every warrior to fall in his great conquest
Yet nothing has compared to your bond
Let it be forever known that the last Tuerak, the first Great Anaxon
Honored the Elements and Death you and him and so many have followed
He followed it to the end, and many thousands follow it now
Glory to Grakklarmosh, Malkur, and Eos

Translation Index

  • Anatokor = A jungle in eastern Guldar
  • Targardoc = A river in eastern Guldar
  • Spogytor = A species of small bird from Guldar
  • Shoiru = What is known in Common as the Bathogg
  • Panlomoc = A unique term for war, combat, and fighting together as a concept
  • Nothos = A region of southern Guldar, often enshrined as the birthplace of greatness given it was the purported birthplace of Eos and from where the Great Leaving Period began.
  • Egargesh = A river in southern Guldar
  • Pakta-Yaz = What is known in Common as the Ollivear
  • Sumu = What is known in Common as the Aaltaar Bok
  • Lug-Fousso = A term for a particularly large Aaltaar Bok, essentially, the alpha of a herd
  • Nothyto = The Eronidas term for an individual of entertainment
  • Stoor-fish = Stoor Root is a special plant used in seasoning, the contraction here suggests that the fish were seasoned by the plant
  • Stoor-swine = See above translation. It should be noted that while Sumu lacks the contraction, the meat of Aaltaar Bok is rarely eaten without Stoor Root due to Eronidas digestive patterns today and this was also likely the case centuries ago
  • Yeratza = A bird-like monster, often considered a particularly wild warrior Avarr
  • Skotondashok = An extremely hostile region of central Guldar often claimed to be the homeland of the Avarr
  • Krytharc = A form of grain native to Guldar that was abandoned in the exodus
  • Anaxon = The Eronidas term for King


  • The last portion of the Epic is often considered a later addition, as it makes use of the more modern, three-verse format and features a call to Eos. However, the general structure is often retained in the few alternative versions which lack a mention of Eos, so it is still considered authentic (and also respectful).
  • One of the more interesting episodes left out of this Epic are Grakklarmosh’s travels abroad, where he encounters several exotic things, such as a clan of lazy, fat Eronidas aggressively dominating a horde of small, lesser creatures. Grakklarmosh sets the balance of the situation right, allowing the creatures, called Jorak, to run rampant as punishment for the slothfulness of their masters.

Writers HydraLana
Processors FireFan96, AlphaInsomnia
Last Editor HydraLana on 07/30/2022.

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