Essay Regarding Swamp Ogres

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Essay Regarding Swamp Ogres
Author Frank Hardison
Genre Nonfictional Prose
Accessibility Specialized Knowledge


“Essay Regarding Swamp Ogres” was an essay written by the once famed racial historian Frank Hardison in 203 AC. Hardison was both a man of history and science, using it to discredit other races as weak and feeble for nearly four decades. For this specific essay, he took aspects from the School of Husbandry and his brief experience with Orcs to create one very disparaging essay. Frank Hardison died in 220 AC with his grandson now a noted member of the Court of Scholars in Regalia. This particular work has been buried in the past ten years due to the alliance shift the Regalian Empire made from the Nelfin to the Orcs.

Essay Regarding Swamp Ogres

Author’s Forward: Many have spoken to me about the increased rate of ‘diversification’ within the people residing in Regalia. Many speak of the Orcs and other beast races entering in our city, and coexisting as equals within Ailor society as a positive thing, as if all races are to be treated the same and there is no distinguishable difference between a civilized Ailor and a brutish Orc. I speak to shed light on the reality of these sentiments, and I hope to display the unfortunate reality that the Ailor way of life is under attack, and only through control and heavy watch can we ensure that the Regalian Empire evades a devastating blow to our prosperity and control over Aloria.

It is becoming increasingly worrisome to the Ailor citizenry of Regalia, who have always held the interests of the known world as primary, and who wish for greater intellect and sophistication to thrive, that we as a beacon of enlightened civilization cede more and more toleration towards the Orc-folk that are making an incursion into our holy city; all but accepting this tragedy as inevitable. This incursion bears no army, nor does it besiege our walls. It is much more subtle than that. It is permeating through our society like the stench of spoiled milk as we allow the swamp brutes to interact with our children and our women. There are those within our society who will tell us the Orcs have a purpose, that the creatures can integrate into our society, that they will not spell destruction for Ailor sophistication. There are those who say these beasts do well serving as guards, bruisers, or bouncers. The notion that there are Orcs serving in our guard is appalling. That these deluded individuals would trust a creature that consumes the hearts of their fallen to guard your loved ones, let alone the entire city? We must reject these foolish assertions.

There are many inherent dangers that lie in treating the Orcs as equal to an Ailor. The most blatantly apparent danger is their barbaric nature. Orc culture is strongly based on cruel and brutal practices, things that we would find horrific and deplorable in our own society. In fact, many accurate personal accounts who have visited Orcish tribes claim that the beasts dress themselves in the skins of humans and elves, and consume Ailor flesh whenever they receive the opportunity. Words are not necessary to express why this disgusting and offensive practice is detrimental to the Regalian Empire. Why do we allow these beasts to thrive in our society when in the wild, they maim, kill, and devour their superiors? The Orc religion, a primitive worship of two deities known as Vakgar and Yazgar, are solely based around the notion of a hunter and its prey. They have no sophisticated beliefs, and there is no divine truth that lies in their religion as is seen in our Unionism. These crude and violent practices originate from the instinct that lies within the Orcs. Savagery is bred within them, and as much as we may try to crush these evil thoughts, they cannot be tamed. Simply put, there shall never be such a thing as a safe Orc in our city.

We must accept the reality that while the Orcs may resemble a human more closely than the lesser beast races, they lack intelligence comparable to an Ailor, or any of our closer related counterparts in the Elves, Dwarves, and Chien-Ji. They are violent creatures, not capable of properly integrating into our Empire, and not capable of performing the jobs that we are entrusting them with. We shall not deny that the Orcs have a limited purpose within the Regalian Empire. They make excellent front line soldiers, and their raw strength has been and can continue to be an asset to the state. Furthermore, they can serve us well as laborers and slaves, for the cheap physical work that is not suitable for Ailor men can be more easily accomplished by Orcish brutes. But beware, my fellow men. We must never forget the nature of the creatures that we, as the generous stewards of Aloria, have welcomed into our Empire. The Orcs must be forbidden to hold any intellectual and sophisticated job in Regalia, and we must burn their livelihood and destroy their success in our city, for any Orc that holds a higher place in the holy city has only done so through inherent theft of Ailor society’s prosperity. As the higher race it is our duty to lead all lesser beast races, and the Orcs must be kept on a short leash and in a strong grip. If we allow them to rise up, to claim their own sovereignty as a people and as a race, it will only be devastating both to the Ailor, for we will see our civilized world unhinged, but to the Orcs as well, for they are not advanced enough to survive without Ailor supervision. We must ensure that their interests always align with ours, and that they never forget their superiors, for the sake of preserving Regalia, our society, as we know it.


  • There are urban legends of a half Orc scholar in the Scholar’s Court who is on a personal crusade to destroy every copy of his essay. If he exists, then he oddly hasn’t destroyed the four copies the Scholar’s Court holds in its archives.
  • Frank’s grandson Hardison is oddly the opposite of his grandfather and specifically studies Orc-Avanthar Imprints as well as Orc culture in the vicinity.

Writers Barsi_
Artists None
Processors Ryciera
Last Editor Shayin on 12/31/2017.

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