Estel's Jewels

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Estel's Jewels
Official Name Estel’s Jewels
Common Name Sacred Beads, Mothervine, Southern Grasp
Classification Vine
Common Use Religious, Decorative, Utility
Origins Daen
Habitat Temperate to tropical plains

Estel’s Jewels are a type of vine native to Daen which commonly grow around the stem and base of many Daen trees. Cielothar settlements typically have a large population of Estel’s Jewels and are primarily valued for religious applications in the Faith of Estel, by which it is named. Estel’s Jewels were discovered only after the events of the Wildering, whereby Ciellonian worshippers treated the vine as a gift from the All-Mother herself. Estel’s Jewels are commonly found in every Ciellonian place of worship which follows the Faith of Estel, and are typically used as natural ‘prayer beads’ or incense bases.


During the world shattering event known to Alorians as the Cataclysm, the Wildering followed thereafter for the peoples of Daen. While a tale of natural destruction is known to the Altalar, to the Cielothar it is said that they were blessed with bountiful harvests and harmony. The luck of the Cielothar did not end here at the grace of the supposed mercy from the All-Mother, but noticeably after the events of the Wildering and the morphism of Daen the vine-like plant known as Estel’s Jewels were soon discovered to grow on the outskirts of many Ciellonian villages at the time. It is not inherently known how the species of vine flourished from a biological standpoint. More devout followers of the faith believe it was given to the Cielothar directly by Estel, while many skeptical scholars believe that the essences of the Exist caused the vine to morph from existing biology into something new entirely.


Estel’s Jewels appear as a typical vine, with a green stem and leaves. Every other leaf has small ‘bundles’ of near circular berries along the stem; typically five or six a bundle, they have a diameter of about three inches. These berries appear as a blend between white, silver, and blue in coloration, with swirls and blobs of each forming along their surface. Sometimes, though it is incredibly rare, a green berry will appear. The berries have a very brief period of ripeness every several months, and when eaten are said to taste similar to blueberries. However, within only a few days, they will rapidly harden and come to taste bitter, entering their “bead” stage. At this point the plant is most commonly used for decorative purposes. The beads eventually fall off and rapidly rot on the ground, spreading the plant's seeds.

Uses and Abilities

The vine has a plethora of uses, though they are almost all religiously based within the Faith of Estel. Estel’s Jewels are primarily used as pseudo-prayer beads by the Cielothar, since they lack any thorns and can be easily held in the palm, while others wear them as temporary necklaces around their necks. Many worshippers enjoy using the plant to decorate their homes as well, while others harvest the berries from the vine to produce a fine incense or to add it to their cooking. Bejeweled Incense as it is known is particularly notable due to its smoke giving off a silvery blue glow.


  • Harming or cutting Estel’s Vine is considered taboo by worshippers, and should only be done by florists and those trained in handling of flora, as to be touched by inexperienced hands is a sign of disrespect to the All-Mother.
  • Trees with Estel’s Jewels present on them are more likely to attract birds, due to how the vines offer a plentiful source of food at least twice a year.

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