Et Liv Med Eventyr

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Et Liv Med Eventyr
Author Markus Haagenvig
Genre Poetry
Printer Griestwalzt Publishing Company of Narlas
Accessibility Common Knowledge

“Et Liv Med Eventyr" is a collection of Velheim bardic poetry written by Ser Markus Ossvaldsson Haagenvig, Swordkin Knight of the Great Oak Order, based on some of his many adventures from the northern banks of Drixagh to the warm deserts of the Songaskian Masaya. They are all written in the traditional Velheim style of Skaldic work, Skalds being a form of bard found in Velheim society. There exists two versions of each poem, one written in Common and the original verses in Skodje. ((For sake of easy reading, the Wiki does not have the Skodje verses)).

Et Liv Med Eventyr

Frozen Demons of the North Wind

Half a league across the sea, on the gale through the pale our banners flew.
Across the Ice to show our might in the beyond.
On the field we staked our claim.
Boots to ground, steel unsheathed, ready the columns and off to march we go.
The demons poured, as the fog formed. Man and beast collided underneath the blanket of frost.
Man and beast, collided underneath the blanket of frost.
Clashing and thrashing their maneg ways.
Advance the colors, swing your axe, let no man fall as we are brothers sworn to each other's side.
Sing the serpents oh send the perpents off to the frosty fight.
For magic and binds may end the times but steel cuts through all.

Sands of Foreigh Lands

We entered the mouth of the fire, boots marching to the drums and roar of beasts.
A shining city sparkled a new under fire and toil.
Thrice of men began to descend under a hail of bright storms, with the bird of prey resting overhead to see it all.
The Crowned Dragon led the front, with the kinsman and hawke commanding the sides.
We opened the door and they toiled, a rain of steel for the thrice.
A Velheimer took the call and the serpent cut them all, ending their rain.
The pearl was pierced and torn asunder as the fighting drew its final breath.
A city of Pearls left no more.
Its polish faded and its endings crisp.
A tomb for those it bore.

The Sky's Light

The gilded fields and rolling hills shined out from the city in distance,
The man at arms, sword and arrow took to the line as the bird of prey’s spite loomed overhead.
Out galloped the horsemen as the riders cut down each other, triumph of the Consortium.
The pride of the men boomed with the roar of glory,
But the Panther turned it’s tail and hunted its companions.
The Northmen riled with pain as the panther's claws cut into the flesh and wounded with their betrayal,
But the panther soon learned the huntsman’s call as the roar of fire displayed the sky.
A bright flash rippled from the pond, as the alliance replied in steel, arrows and swords alike cut down the Panther, Wolf, and Eagle.
The day was won with the kine defeated, the rolling hills and rivers now draped with the essences of what was once theirs.


  • This is the first published work of Markus Haagenvig. While he is accredited with many more poems, he has only chosen to publish these few found in the books.
  • Despite being written by a Great Oak, the poems find themselves in several Skagger Lodges dotting Drixagh.
  • “Et Liv Med Eventyr" means “A Life of Adventure”, and the working title for the literature was simply “Eventyr” (which is “Adventure”).

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