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Leader The Primus Evokar
Headquarters Unknown
Affiliation Unknown/Regalia

There exists such a thing so evil to the eyes of the Alorian people that it is only performed in only the most concealed corners of the night and darkness. This method is referred to as the Evocarorum, the art of evoking essences of other plains of existence for experimentation. Originally starting out as a relatively harmless field of scholarly pursuit, Evocarorum quickly gained a reputation for evil and vile experiments involving forced mutations of prisoners, worthless in the eyes of the state, by channeling unquantifiable amounts of Void Essence into them, followed by an analysis of results. As an entirely unethical field of research, the Evocarorum quickly retreated underground, and is only rumored to still function presently within the deepest bowels of the Regalian research institutes. Occasionally, Evocarorum subjects escape confinement, whilst some whole flocks of horrendously deformed Humans live deep in the sewers, providing a lasting reminder of the depravity Humans are capable of, all justified in the name of science and the pursuit of knowledge.


Possession and infestation have tailed and mingled with Humanity ever since the rediscovery of magic. The vast majority of the population has always seen it as evil and heresy, thus straying far from involving themselves with the Void and Exist essences. Yet there were those who would endeavor to study, harness and otherwise misuse the powers of the other planes of existence to their own goals. The Evocarorum was born relatively innocently by the mind of Charles of Monterryberg, a Baron of a northern Kade land which had a serious infestation of possessions due to a local conduit. The Baron himself was a scholarly man who wished to research the effects of possession, longterm exposure and how to best help the people affected by the physical manifestations. In 187 AC he founded the Scholarum Evocarorum, gathering a number of scholars to his cause for research. In the following years, they would discover means of artificially injecting Void Essences into harmless animals to deform them through the magical mutations. The goal of the research had always been to aid those badly affected by the sweeping amount of possessions, though unbeknownst to the Baron, his own fellow researchers had become infested with various possessions through careless experimentation. When the Baron objected to Human trials and tried to shut down the order, he was captured by his own scholars who had gone mad, and violently experimented upon. Eventually the Azure Order was called down on the Order to destroy it, purging any record of its existence from recorded history.

Nearly a hundred years later in 279 AC, a farmer boy stumbled on a local stash of equipment that had once been used, various artifacts had been irreparably damaged, but the lingering soul essences corrupted the boy and the Evocarorum found its way back into the world. The boy would eventually go by the name of Primus Evokar, his old name was forgotten as much of his old physique also changed to the point where he could barely even resemble a Human being anymore. He and his newfound or created servants would capture unwilling test subjects from the countryside, subjecting them to cruel experiments which often resulted in death, and if that wasn’t the case, an existence much worse than death. Most of his test subjects went mad, with some escaping, only to ravage the countryside for great lengths of time before being mobbed and slain. Eventually the Azure Order caught wind of his acts and raided various installations the Evocarorum had built up over the span of a few years. When the Order was all but destroyed and only the Primus and some of his close allies remained, the unthinkable occurred.

The Regalian State offered the Primus a deal, which he instantly accepted. The Evocarorum once more scurried underground and the Regalian State suppressed all information or records of anything they had performed in the past years. Rumors spread that the Order had a new base under the Azure Order tower, seizing upon rejected mages and unfortunate prisoners as a steady tribute of test subjects. In return, the Evocarorum published its findings to the Imperial Palace Scholars above. This uneasy cooperation between such an evil organization and the inherently holy Imperial Government did result in practical findings that benefitted the populace of Aloria. It was the Evocarorum that developed the means to exorcise possessed individuals. They also cooperated with the Artificarorum to create various methods to create possession suppression fields and other means to alleviate the mental stress possession had on those individuals who were exorcised. To many even in the government though, this is not in equal value to the depravity this organization engaged in. Large numbers of failed test subjects that somehow survived were dumped into the sewers, ejected into the bowels of the city to wallow in excrement and darkness. Others are still captured inside the headquarters of the Evocarorum, none but the members knowing where these dark halls are. Occasionally mages just disappeared without a trace in Regalia, snatched up during the night to be experimented upon underground. Tales are appearing present day of chapters of Evocarorum beginning to spring up in other countries and states, though none yet so large and successful as the one in Regalia which is still governed by the Primus Evokar.


Evokars are the members of the Evocarorum, but more generally they are referred to as “Black Mages”. They aren’t actually mages at all, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Black Mages practice the ability to funnel unstable Void or Exist essence from themselves into a target with little regard of the effect. In ways, they don’t train in a specific form of magic, using the fuel to power their spell. They simply push the fuel into another person or object, then recording their findings and observations. This art of Black Magic is as such never considered a true form of magic. In most cases, mages can become Black Mages easily, though most Black Mages are actually just mundane people who made the choice to join the Evocarorum. Joining the Evocarorum is very difficult, in fact the only real way to get in is to be born in a family that has a long history of contributing Evocarorum black magic practitioners. The art of being a Black Mage is often seen as hereditary, knowledge passing down from father to son or mother to daughter. Evoking Black Magic can only be done on a stationary target for several hours. This makes Black Magic essentially useless anywhere else but at the Evocarorum institute. The Evokars also have various instruments to prevent the patient from dying or otherwise just exploding from magical essence.

Artifacts of the Evocarorum

  • Vocation Inhibitor: The Vocation Inhibitor is a machine that works very similarly to the Artificaurorum Artobellum, though uses a corrupted Extruder to invert the Void Foci. This allows the Black Mages to bleed excess unstable Void Essence out of a test subject and into a Void Foci to prevent an event called “The Void Bleeding”. Void Bleeding usually occurs when so much unstable essence has been poured into a subject that their body simply cannot handle it and starts destroying itself. Shedding off the excess essences and sucking it into a Void Foci will stabilize this experiment and prevent the patient from dying.
  • Vocati Imprus: Vocati Imprus is not necessarily a device, but more so a potion made from various difficult to find ingredients. The potion itself is vile and causes severe vomiting for the unlucky test subject, though generally prepares their body to be more susceptible to essence being injected into them. A diet of purely Vocati Imprus for several weeks is often required to prepare a test subject before experimentation.
  • Vocatei Tempor: The Vocatei Tempor is a device that strongly resembles a clock, though it functions more as a meter. It is used to measure the intake of essences in the room, the speed at which the bell rings often indicates the quantity of Void Essence present. The machine works based on Witch Hunter equipment, using the same technology as the device used to detect mages.
  • Vocatei Holotar: The Vocatei Holotar is a special device developed to experiment with the relatively unknown Exist Essences. Void Essences have always taken the foreground within the Evocarorum, though modern day members campaign for a more broad spectrum research that also involves the Exist. The Exist works differently in that the essence doesn’t just freely allow itself to be injected into a host and has yet unforeseen results. The Vocatei Holotar is like a coffin, though laced with dusts of various Voci and charged with electricity, used to contain the Exist Essences which are much harder to control than Void Essences, often refusing to latch onto a subject unless forced onto them with this coffin.

Present day

In present day, the Evokars are mostly occupied with researching ways to revert the physical manifestations. After nearly twenty years however, they have yet to find a proper means to suppressing physical mutations, even if they have succeeded in making suppression fields for the mental effects. Black mages sometimes wander about Regalia looking for unsuspecting mage test subjects, or spend time finalizing their written paperwork to record all their findings of experimentation. Slowly however, the Regalian Government is starting to realize that the practical findings of the Evocarorum may have ran dry, and the order is only using the Regalian state to its own benefit.


  • It is said that the original Baron who founded the order is still alive somewhere in the northern Kade lands, He is often referred to as “Baron Death Claw”, a monster that stalks the fields at night looking for prey. Sometimes a farmer will find a badly disemboweled sheep or a couple of beheaded cows in a field.
  • To some people in the order, even looking at the Primus is difficult. His body is so badly mutated that his lower body barely resembles a Human anymore while his upper body is gaunt and his skin almost appears like it has rotted off. He is still respected within the order as the most knowledgeable on Evocarorum however.
  • Despite the Evocarorum being tolerated in their headquarters under the Regalian Scholar’s Court, Black Mages are actually highly illegal and the Azure Order will hunt them if they practice their art outside of the deep halls of the Evocarorum. Just because the order is sanctioned doesn’t mean they are allowed to do whatever they want in Regalia.

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