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Certain Faction Claim methods are called abuse. This is because these claim patterns are used by players with the malicious intention to disrupt the game play of other people, as well as bloat their claim beyond what is reasonable. Staff have specific responses to these kinds of claim abuse, which are all detailed below. Keep in mind, Staff do not patrol Dynmap every day. It is important for players and faction members alike to make in game tickets to report any claim abuse that they are aware of in order for it to get fixed. Staff are not omnipotent and aware of every claim abuse at all times, and need the help of the players to stay on top of it all.

As always, these rules are subject to change pending players finding ways to work around them. These rules apply for claims that are largely completed, meaning no-one is actively claiming currently to fix the claim. If a claim stays unchanged on dynmap for over an hour, it is considered not being actively claimed, and liable to staff intervention.

Claim Abuse Type Image Clarification Staff Response
Perfect Claims Perfecims.png These are perfect claims and there is nothing wrong with them, added to the list for contextual reference towards the other images.
Bridge Claim Bridgeclaim.png Bridge Claims are illegal because they make use of the lack of blobbing mechanics to extend the full Claim Near beyond what the faction normally. If staff verify such a Claim Bridge, a request will be sent to the faction to make sure such a bridge is at least 6 in 10 as wide as it is long. For example, if such a bridge is 10 chunks long, it needs to be 6 chunks wide. If it is 5 chunks long, it needs to be 3 chunks wide, and so forth.
Shotgun Claim Shitgunclaim.png Shotgun Claims are some of the worst Claim abuses possible. They lock down an entire area without the actual power to keep it up. If such a claim is found, Staff will not warn the faction, and simply unclaim all chunks away that are not connected to the /f home chunk.
Pincer Claim Pincerclaim.png Pincer Claims or Crab Claims can be seen as ways that players use to maliciously deny another faction from expanding to try and bully them out of the way of their desired faction location. Such claims can be identified with long thin arms wrapping around the Claim Near of another faction. Staff will not warn the faction in question and simply unclaim the offending chunks marked in red on the image.
Dither Claim Dither.png Dither Claims are used to falsely define a border between factions. They usually happen when two factions refuse to civilly resolve their border, so they just start claiming small one chunks as close as they can to prevent expansion. If such a claim is identified, Staff will not warn the faction and simply unclaim all chunks marked in red, which are essentially disconnected from the /f home claim, as well as some padding that is believed to be responsible for the Dither Claim.
Snake Claim Snakeclaim.png Snake Claims represent either factions which are long strings, or factions with long strings of claims sticking out of them in a Snake-like fashion. After identifying such a claim, staff will not warn the faction and simply disband the offending chunks marked in red.
Spider Claim Spiderlciam.png Spider Claims can be identified with long thin claims sticking out of the main body. If staff identify such a claim, the faction will not be warned, and the claims marked in red will simply be removed.

For any further Claim abuse not depicted above, for example: Surrounding another faction with claim land, surrounding an island's coastline with claim land but not its interior to create the illusion on Dynmap that the entire island is claimed, or unreasonable faction claim shapes, there are no instant punishment regulations. Staff will in such "grey zone" cases always contact the faction owner to come to some sort of solution to what we consider claim abuse, and will only resort to removing claim forcibly if the faction owners are un-cooperative. Keep in mind however, this only applies if such a grey zone claim is on an area that is considered the "home claim" in which the /f home is positioned. If such a grey zone claim is extended away from the main faction claim it will be treated as a spider claim. There will be no further punishments extended to faction members or owners for abusing claim power aside from the potential forced removal of their claims. If a faction however continues to push staff patience and renew claim abuse, the offending person who claim abused the world will end up banned.