Famassa Losso

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Famassa Losso
Notable Person
Full Name Famassa Losso
Race Slizzar
Date of Birth 100 AC
Date of Death 190 AC
Claim to Fame Inventor of Ssastfa

Famassa Losso was an ambitious aspirant of the alchemical arts, and a highly respected advisor in the early years of Allar in Hadaria. A soft spoken, yet clever individual who rose to prominence, he is most known for developing the drug Ssastfa largely used during Nessrassian practices. He attempted to keep the drug to himself but his teacher revealed it to others and the two never regained their friendship. With the collapse of the Essa Empire and supposed extinction of the Deep Sea Serpents, many Slizzar are glad for Ssastfa and begrudgingly respect Famassa for his great accomplishment.

Origins and Early Life

A hundred years after the Cataclysm, in 100 AC, when the Sendrassian Civil War finally concluded, did a young Famassa see daylight for the very first time in his life. Born into a thriving society of Al-Allar and Slizzar, Famassa quickly understood that the road to salience was none other than the path of Alchemy- in order to integrate into the Allar community. The northward fleeing Al-Allar millions brought immense knowledge of their own, also a whole new mindset and culture which were undergoing conspicuous changes. In 116 AC, a young Famassa met an open-minded Allar, who he came to know by the name ‘Llaio’. At first the two only exchanged their thoughts about the Allar migration, how it affected the Slizzar populace, then began to discuss basic concepts of Alchemy.

Several occasions later, after more and more the topic of alchemy surfaced during their conversations, Famassa subtly revealed his keen interest on acquiring more in-depth knowledge on Alchemy. Llaio saw the odd dedication within the youngling, she didn’t take long to accept Famassa’s request. Through her; Llaio Azzan, did Famassa tap into the Allar pool of alchemical expertise. Under Llaio’s tutelage the young Slizzar developed and after a few years, started upon a path of his own making by beginning a secondary project. Famassa was deeply connected with Nessrassian practices and, being a deeply religious individual, he sought for a way to enhance his link with the Sseptons. That is what this secondary project of his came to be- to create a substance which would allow him to be even closer to the gods he revered.


Already having knowledge of the properties of the Bloodthorn Vine, the alchemist focused on enhancing those effects. Through haphazard experimentation, he eventually achieved a substance which proved to satisfy the expectations of the concoction he set out to create. In the spring of 178 AC, the Slizzar finally achieved what he sought for. He named the substance Ssastfa. Yet Famassa did not share his success with a single soul. The existence of Ssastfa remained a secret until Lllaio Azzan discovered her apprentice's work in 182 AC. The Slizzar only found out that his work had been unveiled when Llaio presented it to the Soor-Rassa-Allar, in hope of bringing fame to her pupil. She betrayed her student not, when merit presented itself.

While the opportunity lingered, and she undoubtedly had thoughts of claiming fame for herself, the time spent with her apprentice won over the selfishness within- Or so to say, Famassa's short term manipulation secured ultimate victor in this moral conflict. While the Slizzar’s illicit and most mysterious actions achieved gain for himself, he by no means could prevent his mentor’s doings which were fueled by her very revulsion against stagnation. The Allar succeeded with acquiring fame for her pupil, yet also with the creation of such a gap between the two of themselves that, they would never be able to cross.

Later Life

Llaio's deed had never been forgiven by Famassa. Such a large rift grew between the two that they only spoke to one another when it was of utmost necessity. His remaining years were spent with furthering his connection with the Nessrassian Sseptons, and continuing his advisory role. Famassa became less and less social over time, then in 190 AC his life came to an end due to unknown causes, but likely old age.


Famassa was a devout Nessrassian, following his religion’s tenets to the very ends. He rarely ever showing true emotions, but rather reclining to the usage of clandestine fashion neutrality. He was soft spoken and bright and an ideal Spymaster who could easily acquire connections if need be. Their approach to most matters appeared to be careful, observant and delicate at first. If he encountered an obstacle, Famassa thoroughly examined the case and rested not until a solution of their taste they came up with.

His friends he treated well, and his enemies even better. A Slizzar at heart, blessed with a silver-tongue, and the knowledge on how to use it betwixt the many aged pillars of politics. It would be a petty lie to put pragmatic actions aside when discussing Famassa’s nature. He oft chose the easier path of gaining his peers’ support, but when dire need demanded drastic measures, said peers raised their daggers for his cause; especially when another Slizzar shown themselves to disrupt his work.


The drug Ssastfa acquired more and more renown thanks to the Soor-Rassa-Allar and it became the central aspect of Nessrassian practices throughout Aloria. Through the Court of Alchemists, Famassa’s name did not fade away like many other Slizzars’ did; On top of this alchemical achievement, his exceptional advisory role became widely known amongst the Allar, especially to those who rose to positions on the Court after his death. Not a single ill word was cast on Famassa Losso’s name, only respect and gratitude the members of the Council remembered of the Alchemist. Other Slizzar are often not so kind to Famassa, yet since the destruction of the Essa Empire, many are thankful to possess Ssastfa to help contact their gods.

Extended Family

His father, Essenir Losso, and Ssarslla Assrenssa his mother, both perished by the time Famassa became sixty years old and held minor government positions. He had only one sibling, his younger sister Zzellessi Losso. Shortly after her fortieth birthday, she left her family and seemed to vanish.


  • At an early age, the young Slizzar attained a ceremonial mask of Isskarno. It is said that this mask was the one found on his lifeless body.
  • Rumours tell of another Slizzar, who tried the path of alchemy at the same time as Famassa. They mysteriously vanished on a smaller expedition where both Famassa and themselves were present. When he returned, he said the other had abandoned their trip and run off somewhere.

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