Farran Cane

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Farran Cane
Official Name Farran Cane
Common Name Ulla Cane
Classification Reed
Common Use Utility
Origins Altaleï
Habitat Various

Farran Cane is a species of Reed that exists in the Ullaren Plains of Altaleï, a vast open region settled by the Maquixtl, but it is also grown and used by the nearby Eronidas territories. It is most commonly used for weaving baskets, which are occasionally outsiders, but does have some smaller uses in the make of certain saddles, and furniture objects. It serves as an example of a plant currently undergoing transformation by the Genos-focused Maquixtl, as it is not among the crops they hold in Westafar.


Farran Cane was first encountered millennia ago by the Allorn Empire during their mapping of the Ullaren Plains, though the plant was relatively ignored. As Allorn cities spread into the region, their grand estates came to cover and remove much of the grassland for the sake of agriculture. The slaves who worked on these vast operations were likely the first to use the Farran Cane, perhaps to make sleeping mats, or baskets for the storage of their own meagre goods. When the Maquixtl entered the region, initially the two parts who worked together, they rapidly took to learning all they could about their surroundings, including this plant. However, further Genos manipulation was put on hold with the migration of the Yanar, attacks by the Eronidas, and the division of the two Maquixtl groups remaining in Altaleï. Now separate, those who stayed in the Ullaren region quickly took to the reed as the old slaves had done before. While they prioritized the art of basket weaving, other uses crept into Ullaren life, and today, the plant remains used by the Maquixtl, but also among the slaves kept by Eronidas bordering this region. Farran Cane was recent exported to the south of Corontium as the reformation of the Allorn Empire steadily drives the Maquixtl population out, many finding a home in the fringe lands of that Ailor-dominated archipelago found in the west.


Farran Cane can grow to incredible heights, up to ten feet, based around a rounded, hollow stem that is anywhere from two and a half to three and a half inches in diameter. The Cane's stems are reddish-brown to brown in coloration and grow lance-shaped, pale green leaves up to a foot long and two inches wide. Farran Cane grows in clusters around a central, dense root system, and is usually harvested economically (that being a few at a time), as this root cluster, also known as a rhizome, can produce new shoots when or where needed.

Uses and Abilities

Farran Cane has no natural abilities, but it does possess various uses among the Maquixtl. Its most prominent is in the creation of baskets, the weaving of which is an art form much enjoyed by the Elves who learn it. Farran Cane also has a variety of uses; the cane portion of the plant specifically serves as good handles for a variety of tools and objects, in addition to certain uses in house construction and musical instruments. Mats and small furnishings are also possible to be created from the plant. The Eronidas use the plant in a similar manner, though rarely make the pieces themselves directly.


  • Farran Cane has seen limited use beyond the Ullaren region due to the much more populous Rundona species of Reed plant, which has long existed on most continents for centuries.
  • The Genos experiments of the Maquixtl are seeking to both enhance the plant's strength and size, as well as pairing it with other plants to create a symbioltic growth. Thus far, the results are modest, but progress is progress.

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