Feathered Meadowfly

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Feathered Meadowfly
Official Name Feathered Meadowfly
Common Nicknames Meadowfly, Meadowmoth, Moon Moth
Classification Insect
Habitat Corontium and northern Daen
Domesticated No
Current Status Common

The Feathered Meadowfly is a species of moth commonly associated with the moon in Ithanian Culture, although references to it date back to the ancient Asha. Seeing one of these creatures in the daytime is a rather rare sight indeed, but traveling through Ithania in particular at night, the opposite is true. It is noted for its gender-swapped color pallet as unlike many other animals, the males are usually gray, with the females sporting the vibrant colors. The Feathered Meadowfly continues to influence Ithanian art today, appearing in paintings and poems in particular.


While it is unknown exactly when the Feathered Meadowfly was first found, recently uncovered artwork shows that the ancient Dewamenet Empire was aware of them, making this the oldest known reference to the Meadowfly. It usually found itself being used as a background element rather than the focus of the art, although one or two pieces are centered around the Feathered Meadowfly in association with the moon. The conquering Allorn Empire which soon destroyed the Dewamenet largely ignored them, not regarding the insect as anything interesting or magical. However, this was not the case for their Ailor slaves. Whether it was a late development or an early one, these slaves came to give great significance to the Feather Meadowfly. These various superstitions, like babies found with a Meadowfly perched on their face during a full moon would achieve greatness, eventually solidified around imagery of the moon and the Meadowfly together. When the Ithanian Ailor emerged and left servitude, they carried on this symbolism. Today, the Feathered Meadowfly is most commonly referenced in paintings and poetry, often being depicted as elegant, beautiful yet simple and sharing other such traditionally feminine traits, all with imagery of the moon and night sky included around it as well.

Physical Appearance

The Feathered Meadowfly has the standard four legs, two eyes, and two wings that most other butterflies and moths share. It has a wingspan of about four and a half inches, with their body being covered in small, black hairs, and generally measuring two inches in length. As can be assumed, it is not very heavy. Scholars have also discovered it shares similar features with other moths, like short, fuzzy antennae and that when resting, its wings are opened.


The general consensus is that there are slightly more males than females, although attempting to explain this to an Ithanian will not go over well. The females are more commonly seen since they tend to be seen in the evenings and early mornings, while the males go collect food in the dead of night. Therefore, the casual observer would conclude that females are more common since they are seen more, further feeding the Ithanian narrative of female supremacy. While most of the time in nature, the males are the ones with the vibrant colors while the females are dull and boring, the reverse is true for the Feathered Meadowfly. While the males’ wings range from grays to browns, the females can be anything from a deep blue to bright orange. Most females’ wings are composed of more than one color but are always identical to the other wing.

Life Span and Development

A Feathered Meadowfly begins as a small, hard-to-notice egg, before hatching into a caterpillar. Unlike moths and butterflies, these caterpillars are very fuzzy and this same fuzz like substance almost resembles feathers in both shape and texture, hence the name. After one or two weeks, the caterpillar will form a silky cocoon and then transform into the moth over the next eighteen days. When a Feathered Meadowfly emerges from its cocoon, it will live for anywhere between four to seven months and can mate at any point during this time. A Feathered Meadowful produces approximately 40 eggs at one time.

Mental Overview

The Feathered Meadowfly is a wild creature and taming it is considered to either be depriving it of its freedom or just a waste of time, so no one has ever bothered. They are not intelligent or dangerous to any creature and have no self-defense mechanism other than to run away. Both genders tend to rest in one spot from time to time and will make little effort to leave while doing so, allowing for considerably easier research of their behaviors.

Territory and Groupings

Feathered Meadowflies are solitary creatures, meeting only to mate. The females migrate constantly, moving to a new patch of flowers every night, while the males tend to be more territorial and stay in one general area. That being said, males do not fight over territory, they simply move away if they do not think there is enough food there for them.


  • In Ithanian culture, killing a female Feathered Meadowfly by accident is considered a sign of bad luck and killing one on purpose is frowned upon. Some activists even want the killing of these moths to be a crime, but the notion has been ignored by the government.
  • As stated previously, many Ithanians are deeply defensive of these moths and any attempt to downplay the feminine superiority they claim the species has will usually result in a heated argument.

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